Common Mistakes To Avoid When Planning A New Patio

A new outdoor living is always exciting. You can use this place to relax and do another fun outdoor activity. Therefore, you have to think carefully when planning to build a new patio and avoid common mistakes. Check the ideas below to avoid common mistakes when planning a new patio.

Forget About The Sun

People may like a space to enjoy the last of the evening light with a glass of something chilled or a sunny alfresco brunch spot. One of the main mistakes is that homeowners forget to consider where the sun hits during the day. Therefore, you must take not the path of the sun on your plot and decide how you wish to utilize it. Then, you can add a louvered pergola for a spot of respite when it is needed.

Choosing The Wrong Materials

It is always essential to ensure the material you choose will both look stand up and good to the elements. Stone, concrete, and wood are popular choices for patios because they are cost-effective, durable, and weather-resistant by carefully choosing materials with textures and colors that harmonize with other existing features around the room to create a more stylish and cohesive scheme.  Besides, cleaning and maintenance at least a few times a year is a must.

Overlooking The Power Of Lighting

Actually, lighting is a small addition to make an impact on both the experience and functionality of your patio. So layering your lighting is the key to having a gorgeous patio look. You may consider hardscape lights to illuminate from the ground up to provide a soft feature. It will also add a safety measure to your space. Last, wall lights are another practical option for a super stylish look.

Meanwhile, the accent outdoor lighting like solar lanterns and festoons will be great for ambiance. Do you have planters on your patio? You may consider adding spotlights in the soil too for the drama to the plants when night falls.

Not Hiring A Pro

Unless you have experience with landscaping, you are very recommended to hire a professional. Installing materials like hardscapes is challenging depending on the scale and size. Proper knowledge and tools are needed in the movement and placing of materials. Therefore, hiring a professional to help with installation and design will maximize your space.

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