In the modern era, the loft apartment is quite popular. It is a residence for modern people who love simplicity and effectiveness. When talking about the design, the loft apartment will be about the industrial style with a sleek look. It has a high ceiling and a top floor that is called a mezzanine which is used for the bedroom. It can’t be doubted that the loft apartment is really interesting to have.

We do believe that creating a decoration for your indoor loft apartment won’t be a difficult task as long as you have known the concept where the top part is used for the loft apartment bedroom or your private space, then the downstair is the open space for your daily activity. Anyway, what about the exterior part of your loft? To really characterize the loft apartment, you should know some basic things about the exterior parts that will be mentioned below.

Has Many Windows

When you see the building from the outside, the loft apartment must have many windows, and mostly it has a wide window. So, it becomes the point for the loft apartment. When it is seen from the outside, the window should be seen clearly and becomes the focal point.


Apart from having lots of wide windows, loft apartments also have a strong industrial character. The most authentic lofts are in spaces that were once industrial or commercial buildings but have been abandoned or sold. Loft Apartment with Many Windows from @haushomessheffield

Using Brick Wall

Since the loft apartment has an industrial design style, then using the brick wall can characterize the building. You can apply the brick to your outdoor wall. You can let it in its natural red color or you can paint it in white, black, dark grey, and other color choices.


The first impression of the loft apartment is its industrial style. Exposing the brick walls gives the loft apartment an industrial look. With red, they will make the room warm and cozy, or any other color according to your style needs. Red Brick Loft Apartment from @urbanspacesuk

Applying Metal Material

The metal material that is applied to the exterior part of the loft apartment is not intended to be used in all parts of the wall. You can use it for some parts which are for ornamental purposes.


Take a look at this loft apartment! Having a metal frame on the outside succeeds in presenting a simple yet real industrial look. Not entirely using metal, but combined with glass walls to make it look classier and manage to steal the show. This loft apartment is perfect for industrial-style decorating ideas. Loft Apartment from @luxurymansions__

Adding Wood as the Wall Part

There are some possibilities to add wood to your wall. It can be for the wall itself or it can be for ornamental function just like the metal material. For industrial design, brick, metal, and wood materials are those that can characterize the design well.


Apart from metal and brick, wood is a suitable material for industrial-style decorating ideas. This time you can apply wood to the outer walls of your loft apartment so that it will bring a natural touch. To get a more real industrial look, you can combine it with a brick wall so it looks perfect. Wooden Apartment Exterior from @viewsfromanyctaxi

Simple Yet Unique Roofing

There are surely many roofing styles that you can apply to the loft apartment. But, in this case, you should choose the one that is simple yet unique so that you can get the beauty even in a simple design. Let’s say that you can have a flat roof, shed roof, or saltbox roof.


A flat roof is one of the right choices for an exterior loft apartment. The reason is quite simple but still perfect and suitable for apartment buildings. This type of roof has a slight slope to drain water so that it will be free from damage caused by stagnant water. In addition, this type of roof also succeeds in presenting an attractive visual appearance and looks aesthetic. Flat Roof Loft Apartment from @azevedo_carpentry

Corrugated Siding

The corrugated siding with its shape and texture can bring a certain beauty that you can’t get from other ideas. Besides, it can create a style to characterize the loft apartment really well.


Quite interesting! The outer wall of this apartment is made using metal corrugated sliding so that it will present a quite real industrial appearance. Meanwhile, the resulting texture succeeds in presenting an interesting visual appearance. Meanwhile, glass window accents will make your exterior stand out more and also provide natural lighting in your apartment. Corrugated Siding from @rusafova_markulis

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