With the advancement of technology, objects that were once considered ordinary and useful often transition into the realm of being fashionable, nostalgic, and ornamental. Take, for instance, record players, rotary phones, typewriters, and even clocks.

As smartphones become increasingly prevalent, traditional clocks and analog wristwatches appear to be fading into obscurity. Although this shift is not entirely novel—large wall clocks were also in vogue during the early and mid-2000s—the current trend extends beyond the rustic farmhouse aesthetic of previous years.

Contemporary approaches aim to integrate timekeeping devices into our home decor with deliberate and thoughtfully curated designs, rather than appearing antiquated or outmoded. Explore the following advice on incorporating clocks and other time-related motifs into your living space in innovative and captivating ways.

Scale Is the Key

Scale is crucial when incorporating clocks into your decor. Consider the size of the wall and the overall style of the room to find the right scale. For spacious walls, a large clock works well, while smaller areas benefit from tabletop clocks on shelves or desks. Smaller clocks can also serve as functional and artistic pieces on bookcases. It’s possible to have multiple clocks, but it’s best to maintain one prominent, large clock. Keep the purpose and location in mind as you choose different clock sizes. Large clocks suit expansive spaces, filling them effectively and addressing empty walls. However, in confined areas, avoid disproportionately large clocks to prevent a cramped atmosphere. In bedrooms, opt for small clocks that promote relaxation, avoiding oversized ones that may disrupt tranquility.


Hanging a large clock above your fireplace can give a room a touch of elegance. With its large size, it will work well and be a focal point there. Clock on The Fireplace from @fridleyhomes

Large modern metal wall clocks

Enhance the style of your living room, office, bedroom, kitchen, school, classroom, or any other space with a stunning decorative wall clock. Crafted with precision and featuring a high-quality quartz movement, this clock boasts a unique design that eliminates the traditional sweeping movement of the hands. Not only does it exude elegance and charm, but it also conserves energy, operates almost silently, and produces only a faint ticking sound. So go ahead and place it anywhere you desire, without any worries of disturbance.

Think Beyond Wall Clocks

When envisioning a clock as an addition to your room, it’s natural to think of wall clocks or ones for your desk or shelves. However, there’s another option worth considering: standing clocks. Don’t overlook the potential of open floor space, as there are plenty of stylish standing floor clocks available that can complement any decor style. They also make excellent additions to entryways. For instance, hallways are particularly well-suited for the presence of a grandfather clock. They bring a sense of gravity to the space and create a captivating sight when placed near an elaborate staircase in an entrance hall.


This tripod floor clock has an antique style but with a modern twist and will bring sophistication and beauty to any area. Placing it in one of the spaces means you can manage your time better and always have a clock nearby. Floor Clock from @chadulam

Integrating Clocks in Gallery Wall Designs

However, wall clocks are still relevant and have their own unique purpose. Large-scale wall clocks can serve as captivating focal points in a room, while smaller ones can be seamlessly integrated into larger displays. With their typical circular shape, wall clocks are an excellent addition to gallery walls, adding a touch of variety to the square and rectangular shapes created by picture frames. Additionally, clocks come in abstract and organic shapes, offering an opportunity to introduce some dimension to your wall decor. When incorporating clocks into a gallery wall, it’s essential to consider the overall style. You can either stay within the existing style for a harmonious look or mix different styles to create an eclectic and dynamic atmosphere.


With the clock in the center being the main focus, you can surround it with pictures, photos, paintings, frames, or abstract wall art. This makes for a lot of eye-bouncing and can be very interesting to watch even if you’re not trying to tell the time. Gallery Wall from @running2thecastle

Spots to Skip

When contemplating the addition of clocks to your decor, it’s important to identify certain areas where they might be better left out. One such area is the bathroom. While clocks can enhance the overall design, their functional purpose is not well-suited for this space. Furthermore, it is advisable to skip placing clocks in your bedroom or dining room. The ticking sound can be disruptive during sleep, and frequently checking the time while entertaining guests may come across as impolite. Moreover, if you experience difficulties sleeping, having a clock in the bedroom may not be ideal, as it can inadvertently amplify the focus on the hours of sleep you’re losing.

Mix and Match with a Hint of Moderation

When contemplating the inclusion of multiple clocks in a single room, it’s crucial to be mindful of their placement and scale in relation to one another. Avoid having two or more clocks of the same size unless they are intentionally displayed as a cohesive art piece on a larger wall.

Creating a gallery wall of clocks can make a powerful statement but requires careful planning. Start by considering the appearance and scale of each clock to determine the desired aesthetic, whether it be eclectic, modern, traditional, or another style.

Additionally, take into account the sound produced by the clocks—whether it’s the simple ticking of a wall clock, the chime of a grandfather clock, or the whimsical sounds of a cuckoo clock—as this can influence their optimal placement in your home, ensuring they do not cause annoyance while watching TV or sleeping.


Wall galleries are precious works of art and a wonderful thing to make at home. Wall galleries often depict our favorite things or things that mean something special to us. Sometimes art doesn’t have to function to be priceless. Gallery Wall from @chelseaboroughhome

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