Your bedroom is supposed to be the most cozy and welcoming space in the house so that it can be the private place where you release all forworn. Related to that, it is true that applying neutral tones can be a way to create a relaxing and serene ambiance. However, that will be only a start. What about putting some natural elements into the bedroom?

What is meant by putting natural elements here is the products that you commonly use in the bedroom that are made of natural elements such as the product that is made of wood, rattan, sisal, jute, etc. It could be in the form of furniture, ornament, home accessories, and more. By using this way, you can surely get a better ambiance than by simply applying neutral tones as the color scheme of the bedroom decoration. Anyway, since the furniture will be the dominant product that will be there in the bedroom, then what if we focus on the furniture here?

You may don’t need all kinds of furniture in your bedroom. However, there are some basic furniture that may all bedrooms will need that we will mention below for your reference. You can buy them from reputable physical or online furniture stores.

Wooden Bed Frame

For the bed frame in natural element material, there is nothing that will be more proper than wood. However, we recommend you choose a good wood quality that will be sturdy enough. It is true that it might be a little bit more expensive but trust me that it is so much worthy. Anyway, the wood material can be transformed into varied design style impressions. It can be seen from the color, finishing look, and detail. You can have it in white, black, brown, or in its natural color look without any polish. Then, for the detail, you can have it in carved product or other additional detail.

Choose a wooden bed frame made from sustainably sourced wood. Many manufacturers prioritize using renewable resources and eco-conscious production methods, making wooden bed frames a greener option.


As well as being strong and sturdy, a wooden bedroom frame can last several lifetimes if cared for properly. It will also make your room appear traditional in design; hence, the wood goes well with classic styles and gives a great ‘cottagey’ look. Wooden Bed Frame from @woodbegoodco

Rattan Headboard

For the headboard, since it won’t hold the load, then you can use another material except wood. Even when it is not sturdy enough, it won’t be too risky. Let’s say that you can use the rattan material for the headboard. This material will bring a new look that won’t be boring. The impression and the texture are really unique.

When selecting a rattan headboard, consider the quality of the rattan, the construction techniques used, and the overall design to ensure you choose a durable and visually appealing piece that suits your bedroom style.


Rattan is another material element that can be used to create a natural impression. While it may look flimsy at first glance, rattan is actually very durable and will really stand the test of time. Rattan Headboard from @moycorhome

Woven Lampshade

The lampshade is something that is used to beautify the lamp so that it won’t be too basic. There are many choices of lampshade and it is really possible for you to bring the natural element to the lampshade. You can have the woven lampshade with varied materials like rattan, sisal, or jute rope.

When choosing a woven lampshade, consider your space’s overall style and ambiance. The choice of material can help create a specific look and feel, whether it’s a coastal vibe with rattan, a natural and organic feel with sisal, or a blend of rustic and modern with jute rope.


Woven lampshades are a simple way to add a natural feel; they will add interest to a bedroom or even any room in your home, even if your budget is limited. Woven Lampshade from @wyldersomerset

Lampshade woven

This one is a bamboo lampshade that will be really aesthetic. The material won’t be too expensive but so much worth it when it is seen from the impression value that this lampshade has. You can install it really easily above your bed or in the center spot of the bedroom area.

Wooden Bedroom Storage

In providing storage, you should choose one with a sturdy material such as wood. However, if using the wood only will be too boring, then you can combine it with other materials such as rattan or sisal. Here is an example for you.


A wooden chest of drawers is another great way to add naturalness to a bedroom, provided you get the balance right. Add some minimalist accessories and a rug in a neutral color to draw attention. Wooden Chest of Drawers from @mybellwaychestnut_

Wooden Mirror Frame

The mirror is something that must be there in the bedroom. So, what about choosing a mirror with wood material to bring extra natural beauty to the bedroom? For this, you can choose a wood frame that is installed in shapes and patterns. How? Find the example below.

A wall-mounted wooden mirror frame creates a sense of openness and adds depth to the room. It reflects light and can make the space appear brighter and more spacious. It also allows for a full-length view of yourself, which is useful for checking your outfit or appearance.


Apart from their main use as a self-makeup medium, mirrors can also beautify the atmosphere in your bedroom. With a simple mirror design, natural wood frames will add beauty to your room and give a minimalist impression. Wooden Mirror Frame from @prettythings_and_coffee

Rattan Side Table

Although only in such a small size, but table side is an important thing to give you ease in putting some stuff you need while laying on the bed. Of course, it is really possible to provide the side table in material element. What about a rattan side table? You can choose the one that is combined with other materials and added colors for different impressions.

By incorporating wood and rattan furniture, you infuse your bedroom with natural elements that evoke a sense of calmness, authenticity, and connection to the natural world. These materials bring warmth, texture, and a touch of organic beauty that enhance the overall ambiance of your sleeping space.


The woven texture brings a natural, chic, and durable feel, perfect for a touch of style in the bedroom. Rattan is also lightweight, making it easy to shuffle. Rattan Side Table from @debwaaalks

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