Placing one or two living plants in the bathroom is such a great thing since it will be able to bring a fresh impression with the nature element provided inside. However, it can be a problem if there is not enough sunlight inside your bathroom because no matter what it is, sunlight will always be needed for the plants. Then, what will it be if what you have in the house is a windowless bathroom that won’t let any sunlight enter the space?

Well, before we move to the solution, let’s talk about the windowless bathroom first. What is meant by windowless here is the bathroom condition that doesn’t have any windows so that there won’t be enough ventilation or natural light. In this case, the bathroom will be seen as gloomy and dark. This condition will make the living plants that you put there are living in a too humid space condition and doesn’t get enough natural light.

Anyway, no need to worry because there is still a solution to this. You can simply choose the right plants that can live even with a little light exposure. Check the following plant references that will fit your bathroom well.

Lucky Bamboo

The lucky bamboo is quite popular. This plant is easy to grow and has a high possibility to live in a humid area since it grows in water. What you should do to make it healthy is by changing the water regularly.


The lucky bamboo in this bathroom does not require direct sunlight and can be placed in water or soil and is easy to care for, bringing good luck and good health. lucky bamboo from@planthelphaven

Aloe Vera

It is true that aloe vera is a tropical plant but it is easy to maintain so you can put it in your windowless bathroom. You just have to keep it in the sunlight once in 7-10 days for maintenance.


The beautiful plant in the corner of the sink aloe vera is great for the bathroom, thrives in damp places, cleans the air, and can be used to treat the skin. The perfect little addition to this space. aloe vera from@ourvibe25


This plant grows in the soil but can grow in the water as well. The foliage pattern is unique with a shade of yellow and green. Pothos is a plant that can survive in low light and humidity conditions.


The beauty of hanging pothos plants in the bathroom looks fresh and fun. The long branches and green leaves add beauty to this plant lover. pothos from@thistlegrass


We all know that succulent is an easy-maintenance plant. You don’t need to water it regularly especially when the succulent doesn’t exposed to the sunlight. You need to water it only when the soil is already dry.


Easily add a touch of green to any bathroom with these succulent plantings on custom shelves that look fabulous. Simple maintenance only needs to water it when the soil is dry. succulent from@thespruceofficial

Spider Plant

The spider plant has a unique shape so it can be a good choice for your bathroom. Additionally, it can survive in many conditions such as in a room with a lack of sunlight and high humidity.


Spider plants are easy to care for and live in a variety of environments. make the perfect bathroom plant. One of the best air-purifying plants can purify the air and add that perfect touch to any room. spider plant [email protected]

Snake Plant

We do really recommend this plant for you because it has such a good benefit. The snake plant has the ability to purify the surrounding air. Additionally, this plant needs a humid environment which is fits with the windowless bathroom.


Snake plant grows in indirect steady light and requires very little water. This little plant has the power to filter indoor air. snake plant

Costa farms snake plants

Buying a snake plant is really possible since this plant only needs low maintenance and can grow easily. You can buy the snake plant in Costa Farms without worrying about the plants on the way to your house. It will be well-packed with care instructions so that your plant will be safe. 

Boston Fern

The Boston fern will be seen really pretty when it grows well. Although it needs a sunlight source after some days, it is worth it and still possible to be placed in your windowless bathroom.


The Boston fern with its masses of lush green foliage is one of the best air purifying house plants. This prolific plant loves moisture and bright, indirect sunlight. This beauty brings good luck and prosperity. boston fern [email protected]


This plant is a vine plant that will beautify your bathroom decoration with a good growth arrangement. It has a heart leaf shape which is pretty and unique.


This beauty loves natural light and filtered moisture, the philodendron plant has a unique heart-shaped shape on the leaves adding to the lovely look of the bathroom. philodendron from@laetitiafleur_

Peace Lily

What is interesting about the peace lily is that this plant has attractive foliage. It can grow in low light conditions so you don’t need to worry about the growth possibility when placing it in your windowless bathroom.


The peace lily likes moisture to stay in rooms with natural light. This plant is very easy to care for, requires low light, evenly moist soil, and also has beautiful white blooms. peace lily from@carolinefhood

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