As the days grow hotter, Spring has made room for the arrival of summer, prompting the need to shift our interior design focus from the trends of the previous season to something more suited to the heat. With summer at our doorstep, it’s time to make adjustments, both big and small, throughout our homes. To assist you in determining where to start, the summer interior design trends of 2023 will serve as an invaluable resource.

Although many individuals claim to disregard interior design trends, we all tend to incorporate small elements of these trends to infuse our own unique style into our spaces. To motivate you to break free from inertia, we have carefully chosen six sizzling summer interior design trends for 2023 that are guaranteed to bring life and revitalization to your living environment. Let us explore what the interior design market has in store for our dwellings, whether they are cozy tiny houses or more traditional homes.

Bold Color Trends Superseding Traditional Whites

Get ready to uplift your spirits with one of the exciting summer interior design trends for 2023: the incorporation of bold colors. For far too long, white has dominated interior designs, but now it’s time to introduce vibrant and daring hues to replace the dull and monotonous white. There’s no need to completely overhaul the color palette of your entire home. By simply adding a few lively accents, you can elevate the overall aesthetic and bring life to the otherwise mundane white surroundings.

According to industry experts, it is recommended to embrace a vibrant color palette inspired by sunny days and relaxing beach vacations. Consider incorporating soft and soothing blues, gentle pastels, and earthy tones to create a serene ambiance that white often lacks. This summer, darker shades like navy blue and turquoise, along with mint green, pale yellow, and baby blue, have emerged as popular choices to evoke the nostalgic feeling of beach holidays.


Creating a vibrant color palette adds an element of fun to summer living rooms. The current trend in decor for this season is centered around a chic and effortless coastal style that exudes elegance. Living rooms from@citrineliving

Finding Comfort in Minimalist Warmth

In recent decades, minimalism has remained a prominent feature in home interiors. With its emphasis on clean and uncomplicated aesthetics, minimalism creates a sense of serenity and openness through straight lines, spacious layouts, and understated color palettes. Currently, a trending style known as warm minimalism has emerged, combining the principles of minimalism with warm, earthy tones, natural materials, and captivating organic textures. This fusion creates an inviting and calming living space that resonates with the latest interior design trends.

Introducing this fresh iteration of minimalism brings an instant warmth to the space while maintaining its inherent simplicity and comfort. By incorporating soft and subdued hues, decluttering the area, and keeping possessions to a minimum, you can create a clean and serene ambiance. This summer, consider adding layered textures through elements like throw pillows and rugs, introducing indoor plants for vibrant pops of color, and incorporating wooden accents to enhance the overall aesthetic.


In the bright and breezy living room, the walls are adorned with understated picture frames, adding texture to the space. The presence of cozy pillows and rugs creates an ideal atmosphere for relaxation and leisurely pastimes. Home interiors from @ellisonmade

Blending Softness and Modernity in Design

Similar to the rise of warm minimalism, the current season has witnessed the emergence of the captivating soft modern design. This design approach is characterized by its subtle sophistication, comfort, inviting warmth, and clever utilization of color, texture, and pattern. Soft modern design incorporates furniture and decor with softened and curved lines, bringing a striking visual element. This style also adheres to a no-clutter philosophy and places simplicity at its core, resulting in a harmonious and uncluttered aesthetic.

Although not everyone may be an enthusiast of this particular interior design style, soft modern design offers something for everyone. Whether you prefer incorporating clean straight lines, opting for a neutral color palette featuring shades like brown, taupe, and cream, or embracing minimalistic decor, there are various ways to integrate this style into your living space. Consider using furniture crafted from light-colored woods with subtle grain patterns, along with textured fabrics, to accentuate the overall interior ambiance.


Nature’s influence is evident in nearly every aspect of the house, with the living room showcasing a harmonious blend of colors that exudes elegance. Additionally, the inclusion of a table and textured fabrics adds a touch of soft modern design, imparting a warm and inviting ambiance. Modern design from @jw_construction_

Go Biophilic

Biophilic interior design, a timeless style, revolves around incorporating elements of nature into indoor spaces. A quintessential biophilic interior exudes tranquility and relaxation, with lush greenery interspersed throughout, providing a multitude of benefits for both the body and mind. To enhance the connection with nature, consider integrating oversized potted plants that infuse the space with a profound sense of natural harmony.

Biophilic interior design, an enduring style, revolves around the integration of natural elements into indoor spaces. A true biophilic interior creates an atmosphere of serenity and calmness, adorned with abundant greenery that offers numerous advantages for the body and mind. To further strengthen the connection with nature, consider incorporating large potted plants that imbue the space with a deep sense of natural harmony.


Designed with relaxation in mind, this living room perfectly caters to my affinity for nature-inspired aesthetics. The use of neutral and earthy tones, such as the sofa and the plants positioned in the background, contributes to the creation of a tranquil and calming environment. Biophilic from @99maaly.milhem

Designer Laundry and Mudroom

This summer, designer attention turns to laundry and mudrooms. While no other room in our home may seem as modest as the laundry room and mudroom, they certainly deserve ample love and care. Serving as family or back entrances, mudrooms experience constant use, requiring thoughtful organization and impeccable design to ensure smooth functionality and a harmonious blend of practicality and style.

If your home features a combined mudroom and laundry room, it is essential to have adequate storage solutions to meet the needs of your family. By addressing the potential clutter and disarray in these rooms, whether they are combined or separate, you can make informed decisions to enhance organization and simplify the cleaning process. This summer, designers are prioritizing the creation of stylish, low-maintenance, and user-friendly mudrooms and laundry rooms.


The objective is to design spaces that are bright, joyful, long-lasting, and functional. The inclusion of a washing machine and an adjacent mudroom not only enhances the overall aesthetic during the summer but also contributes to the cleanliness and maintenance of clothes.  Laundry and mudroom from @interiorsstorageanddeclutter

Strips are Back!

Throughout the years, stylish stripes and retro checkerboard patterns have consistently found their way into home accessories. However, in the summer of 2023, these simple yet striking designs are taking center stage. Stripes, in particular, are a timeless summer trend with the power to create captivating layouts and add a touch of charm to any space.

What’s intriguing is that stripes offer a versatile option for decorating various areas, such as living rooms, bedrooms, and more. Introducing striped pillows, throws, rugs, or artwork can infuse any room with a refreshing and summery vibe. However, it’s important to exercise caution and avoid going overboard with stripes, as an excessive amount of this pattern can disrupt the overall style you’re aiming for.

In Conclusion

After the dormant winter period, it’s time to revitalize the layout of your home. To achieve a fresh and summery appearance, there’s no need to undertake a complete overhaul. By incorporating a few revitalizing touches inspired by the aforementioned trends, you can infuse brightness throughout your living space. The diverse range of styles presented above ensures there is something to suit everyone’s taste. Here’s to a delightful refreshment!

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