When you are asked about the most private space in the house where you can recharge your energy and rest, then it will be the bedroom. It becomes the reason why you should take your concern in decorating the room. You can’t do the mistake of the decoration concept for the bedroom. To let you able to fulfill that need, we recommend you choose a neutral color as the scheme concept of your bedroom decoration. The neutral color scheme will reflect a softer, quieter, and less busy atmosphere so that you can really calm down your body and mind in your bedroom.

Additionally, in the application of the neutral color scheme, you should not only do this for the wall, floor, or ceiling. You should also apply the color to the furniture, ornament, and decoration accessories. Of course, you can combine some colors together as long as the colors are in the same tone so that you won’t lose the concept that you have chosen.

Then, you may also combine the tones and the texture of the things in the bedroom to make everything looks more aesthetic and not boring. You can also play with the shades of colors by layering them. Here are some neutral color ideas that you can take for your bedroom with the application of the decoration provided.

Light Grey


The back of the bed is adorned with a luxurious gray textured wall, adding a touch of sophistication and elegance to the room. To enhance the visual appeal of the backrest, the profile lamp creates a soft, warm glow, introducing a natural and organic touch to the room. light grey bedroom from@shahien001

Dark Grey


This gorgeous bed in dark gray provides the perfect blend of a classic look redefined with a modern twist. The classic and elegant look of the dark gray floating table furniture blends perfectly in the room. A favorite place to rest. dark gray bedroom [email protected]


Brown Earthy Color


This bedroom features an earthy color palette that includes everything from rich browns and calm beiges. Earthy brown dressing touches around an upscale bedroom decor scheme, in which modern fixtures have sophisticated finishes, resulting in a streamlined look. earth brown color bedroom from@cadlohardaga



Light and airy colors convey a mood. A soft color palette for the bedroom and adding subtle pops of color through the blankets and pillows. The ivory color calm and serene is the mood we want to convey. ivory color scheme bedroom from@hardyrealestateteam



The aesthetics of beige beds appear from a combination of colors and patterns. The use of cream tones, along with wood on the furniture, fabrics for the headboard, and cushions provides a perfect balance as well as a comfortable minimalist feel. beige color scheme bedroom from@designsbydivyap

Pale Yellow


Pale yellow creates a bold and serene interior, making it perfect for bedrooms. Blending subtle patterns in this light color creates the perfect balance. Wall color adds that extra bit to a room’s grand scheme of things. pale yellow bedroom from@homesdotcom

Honey Color


This bedroom is so sweet and bright using honey tones on the back of the bed and long pillows are the perfect and stunning accent. honey color bedroom [email protected]



A neutral color palette with white walls and a clean black bed is such a creative idea. The decoration is sweet, and warm where the accents add depth and warmth to the space, evoking a sense of comfort. white bedroom [email protected]



A perfect black-and-white bedroom scheme has a sleek look that makes the space delightful with the combination of white furniture and white bedding. This is a classic look that looks chic all day long. black and white bedroom from@fayettestudio

Floating nightstand side table

This black floating nightstand will be the perfect one for your black and white bedroom decoration. Since black and white has a modern impression, the design of this floating nightstand fits really well with the style. It is really simple yes aesthetic. The floating design also allows you to have a more spacious impression.

When you look at the different bedroom color schemes above you’ll find out that each color scheme has a different impression. In this case, you can choose the one that fits your home decor so that it can be seen as harmonious. You can also choose the color scheme that will represent your character. Don’t forget to apply the color not only for the interior but also for the furniture!

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