Dining Tables That Can Double As Work Desks In Small Spaces

When your home becomes an office and in small spaces, you can arrange your space with double-function furniture like a dining table can double as a work desk. In this case, there will be some variations of the dining table that you can choose from the designs with varied specifications to the materials. It can be said that the material will have a big impact on the function of the table so you should be careful about this. Let’s say that you can have it in wood material, steel metal base material, glass additional material, etc. For your reference, here we have compiled the ideas.

Chic Wood Rectangle Dining Table

You can create a casual yet aesthetic look in your dining room with this wood rectangle dining table. It is simple yet functional with two generous drawers. Moreover, it also has a sturdy rubber wood construction that ensures strength and resiliency for every meal. Besides, you can use the rubber wood table for work during the day and to tuck away your work items when the clock strikes five.

Bar Dining Table

It is 2 personal dining tables that will outfit smaller rooms with functional surface space and sleek in style. With 27.5” wide and 41” tall, it can work for home bars and kitchen counters. Moreover, the scaled-down look of a minimalist steel metal base of the table looks so captivating with a solid wood square on the top. So this table is ideal for homes tight on square footage and adds a vertical dimension to a room.

Opal Dining Table In Boho Style

Your boho vibes at home will be perfect to be paired with this table. This table is small but spacious pieces that have a laid-back look. Besides, it also has natural colors, and the rounded top and base add to the soft chill feel. After that, you will never go wrong with rattan that creates an eye-catching pedestal design.

Smart Box Frame Drop Leaf Expandable Table

This table looks so pretty that doubles in width when you extend the side leaf. Therefore, you can keep it small while you plug away during the work week and unfold it as needed at any time.

Modern Farmhouse Paramus Dining Table

Modern Farmhouse Paramus dining table is mentioned as a modern-yet-rustic table. With its circular shape, it makes family conversation run easier, thereby creating a more special intimate dining experience. Then, the tabletop has natural wood grain color variation that becomes a highlight. This table can fit four people but if you need to use it for work, it is got all the room you need to spread out and get your job done.

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