Even when you live in a modern era with a minimalist house with modern touches, nature will always be a part of your life. It has the ability to bring the peaceful impression of actual nature to the house which will be a certain benefit for you having a cozy life. You can’t ignore the way nature can bring a welcoming atmosphere into the house. Don’t know how but the wood, rattan, or simply a woven lampshade looks way more welcoming than the steel or iron.

Besides the impression that we can feel, the nature elements that are brought into the decoration can also make your decoration be seen as aesthetic. Even simply the wood won’t be seen the same from one to another. It has a pattern, shape, and texture that can’t be the same from one to another. Those things can be the key to making your decoration looks aesthetic.

With all of those facts, what if you apply nature-themed decoration to your bedroom? As the main private room that you use to rest, the nature-themed decoration will be a perfect match for your bedroom. The ideas of making your bedroom into a nature-themed decoration will be listed below.

In the Wood!

Making your bedroom to be full of wood vibe is really worth it. The making of this woodsy bedroom won’t also be difficult. You just have to provide the wood material things as many as possible from the interior stuff, furniture, and even the ornament. To make the wood looks actual, it is better for you not to choose the one that is painted with some not earthy colors. We recommend you have it in the real wood color.


Nothing is more appropriate for a nature bed than wood. Hardwood bedroom frames are not only strong and durable, but they can also last a lifetime if treated properly. Plus, it will give your area a traditional design look; as a result, wood complements the classic design and creates a playful “cottagey” look. Wooden Bedroom from @kasldesignco

Unique Earth Tone Bedroom Color Scheme

You might already know some earth tones that can be applied to a decoration. What if you use it for your bedroom to make the room have a special earthy impression? Since there is a really wide range of earth tones, then you can choose some unique colors for a more aesthetic impression. For example, you can have misty blue, green forest, or terracotta.


Green forest color is the best earth color choice to create a natural feel in the bedroom. Since the green forest represents nature, this versatile hue is associated with freshness, growth, and balance. Green Forest Vibes from @inside_our_mirin

Rattan Accent

Rattan is another level of nature material that is commonly used for house decoration. Although as sturdy as wood, rattan has a flexible material characteristic that won’t be damaged easily by age. It is clear that rattan is durable and so much proper. You can find rattan material that is applied to varied products that you can see below.


As already explained, rattan is another material element that can be used to create a natural impression. You can use rattan for the headboard, side table, or lampshade in your bedroom. This material will present a new look that is not boring; the impression and texture are very unique. Rattan Headboard from @lifeatno5__

Earthy Room Accessories

Home accessories are the parts of the decoration that can be really worth it when you provide them. It won’t only be about the beauty but also its function. Examples of home accessories are vases, lampshades, baskets, and more. For the earthy touch, you can simply choose products that are made of natural material.


All the accessories in this bedroom are made of natural materials. From woven pendant lights to wooden headboards and woven baskets, these decorative accents all add texture, earth tones, and storage space with one simple accessory. Earthy Bedroom from @sylviatribel

Foggy Room Impression

The foggy room can be really calming. It will make you feel like surrounded by the fog in the misty morning with the fresh air. There is nothing like the fresh air in the morning, right? Then, the question is, how to make a foggy room impression? You can do this by applying some colors such as white, grey, silver, charcoal, a little bit of blue, and green.


Another easy option to create a misty forest feel in your room is to wallpaper it. Waking up with forest mist wallpaper mounted on the bedroom wall like this will feel refreshing, and the atmosphere will feel so real. Foggy Forest Wallpaper from @hausboth

Foggy forest wallpaper mural

The easiest way in creating a foggy room is by using the wallpaper. You will have it instantly without too much effort. This foggy forest wallpaper is easy to put up with adhesive. It is marked with a number underneath each section so that you can line up according to the number.

Evergreen Forest

The evergreen forest is quite easy to be made for your room decoration. You just have to put some evergreen here and there in the form of ornament or additional decoration on the furniture. Considering the material possibility, the evergreen will also be easy to find, especially in a certain season. You can have the real ones or the artificial ones.


Just putting a little evergreen above the headboard is enough to make a natural impression. Moreover, this headboard is made of wood, which gives a more rustic and natural impression. This is just a small overview; you are free to determine it according to your own style. Evergreen Decor from @housefenway

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