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Transform your bathroom into a lush oasis by embracing leafy companions. While we’re quick to populate our bedrooms and living rooms with plants, let’s not overlook the serene potential of the bathroom. Infusing your bathroom with plant life not only injects a dash of elegance but also brings about air purification and a tranquil escape from stress and anxiety.

If you’re seeking to inject oodles of character into your bathroom without undergoing a complete renovation, adorning every corner with plants presents a fantastic opportunity to revamp your space. However, incorporating greenery into your bathroom doesn’t necessarily require large, lush plants (although they can certainly work wonders!). Behold these awe-inspiring bathrooms teeming with vibrant foliage.

Incorporate a Dash of Greenery

If the concern of maintaining plant survival troubles you, contemplate choosing a succulent. Succulents possess a resilient nature, making them difficult to perish, and they add an exquisite touch when placed on vanities or positioned behind toilets.


Succulents are a great way to bring the beauty of nature into the bathroom. Add some to your bathroom. Succulents are drought-tolerant, extremely low-maintenance plants that look excellent in any environment and need little care. Succulent from @abodestylinggroup

Populate Your Shelf With Plants

If you lack vanity or floor space, think about incorporating a floating bathroom shelf as a display for a selection of houseplants. Add in a few canisters containing various bathroom products, and your plant shelf will seamlessly integrate into the overall aesthetic.


A variety of indoor plants will grow very peacefully on your floating bathroom shelf, providing calm green foliage or unexpected bursts of color. You can also save space there for various bath products. Bathroom Shelf from @numbertwentytwosomerset

Wall floating bathroom shelves

These wall shelves are ideal for showcasing and storing small items. In the bathroom, they can be used to hold toiletries and decorative items, offering storage solutions for the restroom. In the bedroom or living room, they are suitable for displaying a range of decorations, such as books, ornaments, and more. In the kitchen, they provide a convenient space to store various food items and condiments. 

An Extensive Exhibition of Plants

If you desire to prioritize your plants and make them the center of attention, you might want to consider using a hanging shelf. This type of shelf not only enables plants to receive ample light but also adds an enjoyable focal point to your bathroom. When it comes to incorporating plants into your bathroom, don’t limit yourself—get creative by using shelves, tables, or even ladders as excellent containers for your beloved greenery.

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Hang a ladder using a chain from the ceiling and hang pots on it! Ferns, Snake plants, and other vines will look amazing this way! They will not only receive ample light but will also become the main focal point in your bathroom. Hanging Shelf Plant from @comedowntothewoods

Shower Upgrade

What could be more advantageous than having low maintenance plants? It’s having low maintenance plants that essentially take care of their own watering needs. An ideal way to display your bathroom plants and provide a captivating sight while waiting for your deep conditioner to work its magic is by utilizing an industrial piping shower shelf. If you prefer not to install shelves, you can opt to position a few potted plants on the corners of your bathtub.


Placing plants on a shower shelf is very effective; you don’t have to bother watering them every time; they will magically be flushed by themselves. Most shower plants absorb moisture; in the shower, plants live much the same way they would in a very humid area. Shower Shelf Plant from @our_storybook_home


Arranging petite potted plants in proximity to your bathtub not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also contributes to your ability to unwind and find tranquility during your personal moments of relaxation.


Arranging tiny pots next to the tub is not only possible but also a great way to dress up this space. Moreover, some plants have the ability to give positive energy, which is very useful to add a sense of comfort when you take a shower to release all the stress and tiredness in your body after a long day of work. Potted Plants from @thesaltyherb

Fill the Awkward Space

In case you have a spacious bathroom that seems perpetually incomplete, incorporating a sizable floor plant can serve as a fantastic solution. Introducing a large potted plant not only establishes a captivating centerpiece for your room but also allows you to occupy unused space in a contemporary and invigorating manner.


Placing a large floor plant like monstera is a great way to add to the look in a bathroom. He will steal the show. It’s also easy to care for, they thrive in a humid environment because they come from tropical climates such as rainforests. Floor Plants from @victoriaplumuk

Don’t Forget the Ceiling

Transform your bathroom into a lush oasis by incorporating a combination of standing and hanging plants, thus evoking a jungle-like ambiance. If you find yourself limited in terms of available floor or shelf space, consider suspending several plant baskets from the ceiling. This clever approach allows you to infuse your bathroom with greenery without compromising valuable real estate.


You can still bring a real sense of nature into the bathroom even though you don’t have much space. Hanging plants on the ceiling is the solution; see, it works well, right? Ceiling Plants from @mamofboys


A pegboard offers numerous versatile applications throughout the house, and this includes the bathroom. All you need to do is cut a pegboard to your preferred dimensions and utilize it to hang baskets with potted plants. Alternatively, as demonstrated in this bathroom, you can opt for air plants, eliminating the need for pots altogether.


Adding pegboard to house your plant pots is a great storage solution for tight spaces or for creating interest on a blank wall. Pegboard Wall Plants from @most_lovely_things

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