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With summer upon us, it’s time to kick up your feet and sip a cool glass of lemonade while refreshing your home decor. When summer arrives, it is a great time to make your home more alive and vibrant than in previous seasons. Unlike the dark greys and moody neutrals of winter, bright colors are back with a vengeance this summer.

And in this season of sunshine and warm weather that brings a relaxed feel to our homes, it’s worth celebrating. With just a few summer home decor ideas, you can refresh your living spaces with a fresh summer look that’s light and bright. Whether it’s a vibrant rug or a sentimental wall hanging decor, fresh summer home decor brings your space to life. Luckily, making these changes doesn’t require a complete redesign. And here, we’ve collected some ultimate design trends for summer home decor that might inspire you. Let’s check it out!

Bright Colors

A bright, airy aesthetic is perfect for summer, and light colors help create that vibe. Repainting a room in a lighter shade is one way to make a big impact, but even smaller changes can have an equally powerful effect. Swapping dark curtains or rugs for lighter options can instantly make a space feel refreshed. Even swapping out a dark vase or piece of wall art for something white can brighten up a room and make it feel summery.

If you’re looking for a more subtle change, try adding accent pieces in bright hues. From candles and vases to picture frames and knick-knacks, there are plenty of ways to incorporate vibrant shades into your home decor this summer. Colors like charming coral, deep turquoise, or hot pink can instantly uplift a room. Or, if you’re looking for something more subdued, try sage green or muted yellow to add warmth and summery flair.

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This would be one of the best, a room decorated in natural sage green tones. Collaboration with a pretty flower vase makes the summer scene look real. It doesn’t need a lot of furniture, it’s just about the best color to choose from. natural sage green from @kathykuohome

Embrace Natural Light

Natural light is a summer design trend that brings the outdoors in, both indoors and out. Replace heavy drapes and blinds with woven wood shades that allow natural light to filter in. Then, combined with lighter wall colors. Banishing bold block colors for neutral whites that make a space feel bigger and brighter. This summer home decor trend is a great way to incorporate earthy colors and soothing greens, which have been proven to improve mood and reduce stress.


An aesthetic, natural, and bright design is found in the curtains and blinds with shades of white woven wood. It makes the atmosphere calm when summer arrives. The selection will bring natural light into the room. wooden blinds from @swiftdirectblinds

Incorporate Houseplant

Another popular summer decor trend involves the natural outdoors, with houseplants and botanical prints a popular way to bring greenery indoors. There are many kinds of houseplants that can be added to your summer home decor. From ferns, snake plant to monstera, bringing nature indoors offers many benefits for your health and well-being. Whether you go for large houseplants as bold statement pieces or smaller potted plants to fill in empty corners, these botanical accents will add an airy freshness to your home while also purifying the air and reducing stress levels. You can also incorporate flowers into your home to add color to your home.


Botanical houseplant ornaments are one of the best designs to face the summer season. The room looks filled and still gives fresh air and fresh eyes. Balanced light levels give a room an elegant and natural impression. botanical houseplant from @posterstore

Beach Vibes

Bring the beach inside by introducing a coastal aesthetic into your home with rattan furniture, a terrarium, or sea-inspired paint color. Colors like deep blue bring a coastal vibe to a space and work well with a variety of other hues. But, to bring the beach vibe, you can combine this color with a white color. The combination of deep blue with pure white will create a beautiful classic coastal style. However, those who are nervous about taking on a whole room in a bold color can try an accent wall. It’s the perfect way to experiment with a deep blue without having to commit to the color for an entire space.


The use of blue combined with rattan furniture will make you feel like you are on the beach. With additional decorations from rattan wood, it gives a relaxed, natural, and fresh impression throughout the room. beach vibes from @beach_life_living

Moroccan Style

For a fun twist on traditional summer styles, consider incorporating a Moroccan-inspired pattern. This style features geometric patterns with palm trees, pineapples, and other tropical motifs that can be incorporated into pillows, rugs, and even removable wallpaper options. You can also adopt the vibrant color of the Moroccan style to liven up your summer home decor and make it look eclectic.


Exotic Moroccan style for home design in summer, it becomes perfect with a combination of rugs on the floor. The small details of the pillows bring a tropical atmosphere. The combination is warm and comforting. moroccan style from @thestellabluegallery

Boho moroccan area rug

Moroccan style is known for its interesting pattern. The pattern is able to liven up the interior design. Then, this summer you can incorporate this style into your summer home decor. In addition to using vibrant colors, you can adopt Moroccan-style patterns to the rug. Completing your summer home decor with Moroccan-style patterned rug will make your room more alive. The stylish design of this Moroccan-inspired rug adds a modern and chic look.

Bohemian Style

Bohemian style is all about a free-spirited lifestyle, so it’s ideal for adding a playful, artistic touch to your summer home. Mix and match bold colors, textured fabrics, and patterns to create a one-of-a-kind aesthetic. Embrace large-scale, eye-catching prints and choose ones with vibrant hues that emphasize color contrasts. These designs are more versatile than tiny florals, which can be a bit granny-chic. If you’re not ready to go full-on boho, try a more neutral print like a two-tone geometric rug or a large-scale line drawing. Alternatively, you can opt for a more subtle boho look by pairing funky floral patterns with jute, cotton, and other sustainable materials.

The bohemian style with a measured combination of two-tone rugs gives the home a warm and bright design. It looks simple, but effective for organizing space. The addition of fresh greenery gives a tropical feel to every corner. bohemian style from @shopclassycasita

Natural Textures and Materials

Natural textures and materials are another popular design trend this summer. These two are also making a comeback this summer, thanks to the rising interest in sustainability. Natural wood, rattan, and ceramic accents will give your home a classic yet comfortable feel. While linen throw blankets, jute rugs, and rustic wood elements add a homey feel to any space while also keeping it cool. And, if you want an attractive design look, try blending these elements with Moroccan-inspired decor, like low-carved coffee tables and traditional metal lanterns.


A summery vibe for natural home décor is evident in the immaculately carved coffee table. Moroccan style is very clear, but this is the beauty of home design in the summer. In every corner, there is coolness and comfort. coffee table from @pilgrimagespaces

Paint the Front Door

An eye-catching front door is another easy way to refresh the look of your home this summer. Whether in a vibrant yellow or soothing turquoise, your front door can serve as a welcome invitation for your friends and family. Choose a hue that perfectly reflects your personality.


The key to the design of this house lies in the blue door. It looks simple, but it’s enough to bring a summer vibe to home. There are other alternative colors if you want to look bright. It makes the house more beautiful. blue door from @shopstylesquared

Curvy Shapes

Organic, curvy shapes are also on trend this summer. This season’s interior design trends are taking on a curvy shape, with rounded edges, smooth textures, and organic shapes that harken back to the great outdoors. Consider turning squared doorways into arches or replacing rectilinear furniture with pieces that have a more rounded shape. It will soften your home interior design this summer.


The detail of the curved table adds great value to the summer house design in the space. The alloy feels perfect with the right color selection. Simple tricks with high quality. curved table from @ashleyhomestore_uae

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