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When the word “cottage” crosses your mind, you likely associate it with fairy tales or your grandmother’s home. There’s an unmistakable sense of nostalgia attached to the concept of a snug cottage, evoking images of freshly baked cookies and the sound of crisp air gently swaying through nearby trees. The contemporary cottage style encapsulates all of those sentiments while incorporating a touch of relevance to the present moment.

Although the modern cottage style doesn’t strictly imply a physical cottage, it represents a particular ambiance and encompasses several essential elements. This decor style exudes a warm and inviting aesthetic that evokes a nostalgic charm reminiscent of bygone eras. The modern cottage trend is expected to gain even more popularity in the coming years.

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Modern Cottage style has moody colors, natural materials, comfortable spaces, daily tea rituals, warm woods, and nods to the past. Sound familiar? The Modern Cottage style has all of these things, and it embraces its warmth and tries to emphasize comfort. Modern Cottage from @ amycarmandesign

To achieve a modern cottage style in your decor, take into account the following elements that contribute to its overall look. However, it’s important to note that this decor style allows for personalization and flexibility.

  1. Embrace cool, neutral color palettes: Begin with a foundation of calming neutrals like white and gray, then introduce vibrant accents where appropriate.
  2. Highlight exposed beams: If feasible, uncover and showcase natural beams to create a rustic and cozy ambiance.
  3. Prioritize the hearth or fireplace: Fireplaces and wood-burning stoves play a significant role in modern cottage style, as they provide warmth and become focal points in the space.
  4. Incorporate vintage fixtures, such as farmhouse sinks: When possible, integrate vintage-inspired elements with a country aesthetic to add character to your design.
  5. Utilize white beadboard and wood paneling: Whether adorning the walls or ceiling, white-washed wood paneling imparts a charming and snug cottage atmosphere.
  6. Opt for open kitchen shelving: Modern cottage style embraces a humble and relaxed vibe, and open shelving in the kitchen complements this aesthetic perfectly.
  7. Decorate with woven textiles: Enhance the coziness of your space by accessorizing with warm throws and pillows, preferably handwoven for an artisanal touch.
  8. Incorporate arched doorways: Cottage-style homes often feature arched entryways and interior doorways, which add a touch of charm and elegance to the overall design.

Remember, the modern cottage style is open to interpretation, so feel free to adapt and personalize it to suit your own preferences and tastes.

Common Materials

In traditional cottage-style homes, natural materials like wood and stone are typically used. However, in modern cottage style, it is important to emphasize natural materials over synthetic ones. Focus on incorporating authentic wood pieces, exposed brick, and stone elements, especially in the bathroom, to achieve the desired aesthetic.

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The use of stone and wood materials in the bathroom will create an aesthetic in a modern cottage. Even with a small bathroom, it’s simple yet packed full of contrasting textures and materials. Natural Bathroom Materials from @squiffy.mill.interior

Vintage pieces play a significant role in modern cottage style, with an emphasis on blending the old with the new. For instance, consider pairing a vintage lamp with a modern leather sofa or chair. Modern cottage style can sometimes exhibit an eclectic mix of materials and furniture, but all should contribute to a purposeful and cozy atmosphere. It is advisable to avoid colder materials such as metal and plastic, opting instead for warmer and more inviting elements.


The combination of vintage table materials with more modern sofas creates a more inviting warmth that creates a comfortable and purposeful atmosphere. Cottage Living Style from @cottagerenovationcwmrhys

The beauty of modern cottage style lies in its adaptability to individual preferences. It is more about evoking a nostalgic atmosphere and a sense of warmth rather than adhering to a rigid checklist of features. This allows you to incorporate the common elements of the style into your home in a manner that suits your personal taste and vision. Feel free to customize the style according to your preferences, ensuring that it reflects your unique interpretation of modern cottage aesthetics.

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