Knowledge of interior design is what is needed to create a beautiful home and feel comfortable in it. There are many styles of interior designs that can be applied to your home. One of them is a farmhouse style. This style has been around for centuries. The farmhouse style seems classic, antique, and traditional, but warm. But that doesn’t mean that in accordance with the meaning of “farmhouse,” you will have chickens in your backyard and apply gingham motifs on your windows curtain. And in its development, this farmhouse style began to be in great demand and became the center of attention thanks to Joanna Gaines of “Fixer Upper” who was able to make people flock to see the design which is able to present a modern look to the farmhouse style. And known as a modern farmhouse style.

Modern Farmhouse Style

Modern farmhouse style has a rustic charm that can feel cozy, comfortable, and homey. A popular design style that combines classic comfort with modern flair, a modern farmhouse epitomizes rustic elegance and simple sophistication. Modern farmhouse design allows you to embrace tradition while surrounding you with decoration that can make you feel good but with a modern touch that reflects the times.

Farmhouse style is all about bringing a bit of nature in, and textures are key to the overall aesthetic. While a classic farmhouse carries the use of antiques and traditional fabrics, then a modern farmhouse style is simpler. Modern farmhouse style adds a more contemporary touch, uses neutral color schemes, and clean and smooth lines, and also embraces simplicity. Done right, it can also look chic and timeless, rather than dated or outdated. However, if you aren’t careful, it can easily fall into shabby chic territory or even look more like a craft project than an elegant home design style.

Due to the coziness that can be obtained from a modern farmhouse style, it is possible for you to apply it to your home. There are several ways to incorporate modern farmhouse styles into your home. Take a look at these ideas below.

Natural Colors

Natural colors are one of the keys to the modern farmhouse style. The look relies on a neutral color palette that allows the rustic elements to shine, and mixing wood finishes can add a hint of warmth. Neutral shades like whites, creams, and soft grays offer the contemporary freshness that this design requires while allowing you to easily add pops of color.


The bright and light white color choice defines the modern farmhouse style. It looks natural and fresh to look at. This method is very simple and cost-effective. natural color from @mikestevenshomes

Metal Accents

Metal accents are another element that can be used to create the modern farmhouse style in your home. Whether you choose to incorporate a modern farmhouse metal light fixture or a rustic metal wall sconce, these accents will add just the touch of industrial flair that your space needs. In terms of inserting metal accents, there are things you should pay attention to. The key is to limit the number of metals you mix in your room — too many can quickly overwhelm and look chaotic.


Hanging metal light elements accentuate the whole side of the house. A classic feel for a modern farm-style decor. The atmosphere is warm and makes the room look bigger. metal elements from @thefarmhouseinterior


Exposed Beams

Incorporating exposed beams in a modern farmhouse plan is an easy way to add classic cachet. Whether you choose natural wood or metal beams, this feature can make your home feel cozy and inviting. However, it is important to keep in mind that this decor style can come off as arts-and-craftsy or overwrought if not done correctly. To avoid overdoing it, keep the exposed wood in a light tone and use the more rustic elements as accents.


Additional wooden beams on the ceiling of the house give the room a more cheerful atmosphere. The beam element emphasizes the visual effect of modern farmhouse-style home decor. Unique and still natural to feel. wooden beams from @myiowafarmhouse

Mix Old with New

Modern farmhouse decor focuses on blending elements to create a cohesive look that feels natural and comfortable. You can blend old and new elements. Keep in mind that you can’t go overboard with well-worn items because too much can have the opposite effect, but antique wooden pieces paired with modern-looking couches, for example, work beautifully together.


A well-balanced combination of a modern sofa adjoining a wooden table. Two sides gained, farm country style and elegant modern style. Exotic to look at, comfortable to gather in one room. modern sofa from @farmhouseismystyle

Black Accents

Adding black accents can help elevate this design trend and make your home stand out from the crowd. Black is a versatile color that blends well with many different shades of white and other neutral colors, making it the perfect choice for modern farmhouse styles. You can add black accents through metal doors and windows or industrial hardware. Black lighting fixtures, such as a large black pendant lamp will take your space to become a modern look. Another simple way to add a black accent is by bringing furniture with black accents, such as a coffee table with black legs, a black fireplace, and more.


Coffee table with exotic black accents. The perfect piece of furniture to accentuate a modern farmhouse style. It gives freshness to the view in the corner of the room as a whole. black accents from


When it comes to the modern farmhouse style, simplicity is key to the modern farmhouse look. A lack of clutter, clean lines, and a simple color palette all work to create an airy, open feel in your home that’s easy to live in. The neutral color scheme can be easily broken up with the use of contrasting accent colors like midnight blues, deep greens, and charcoal gray. However, it’s best to avoid introducing too many dark elements as it can quickly go overboard and give off a more arts-and-crafts vibe rather than the intended farmhouse feel.


The key to this design is simplicity. With charcoal gray accents on the chairs, it looks natural and keeps the color balance in the room. The best way to show modern farmhouse-style home decor. simple design from @elitylee

Rustic Elements

For a true modern farmhouse interior design, incorporate rustic elements in the form of wide plank wood flooring, and barn door hardware. Also, consider adding texture to your space by incorporating shiplap or beadboard walls, woven wall hangings, and distressed furniture pieces.


The striped pattern on the wall emphasizes the architectural style of the modern farmhouse style. This type of interior will make the room look spacious. It looks classic but elegant to feel. striped pattern from @farmhouse4010

Tempaper shiplap white wood planks

Incorporating shiplap walls for a modern farmhouse style can truly add rustic charm. If applying to the whole of your walls is a big project, you can take an inexpensive way. You can install a wallpaper that resembled the shiplap look. It is easy to install and remove if you want to change it. This removable wallpaper is available both offline and online store.

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