Chic Vertical Decorating Technique To Make Small Rooms For Forever Stylish Home

There are many ways to add height to a room. One of them is by using the vertical decorating technique. Check the inspirational ideas below.

Mount Shelving Slightly Higher Than The Eye Level

Shelving is a popular simple way to draw the eye upwards and make a space feel taller. Here you can keep the shelving just above eye level and use decor on the shelves to create height too. The collection of tall vases will not only add color and texture but also create vertical lines.

Go Low With Furniture And Go High With Wall Decor

It is a logical idea that the height of the furniture in a room will have a big impact on vertical decorating. As we can see in the picture above, the furniture works to make those ceilings seem higher. Next, the low coffee table and sofa create acres of wall space. As good news is the room with a dark color offers no definition between the ceiling, walls, and floors. So it will allow the color to bleed from one space to the next. The low position of the sofa and coffee table gives the room a higher space.

Books For Vertical Decoration

Giving a reason to look up to everyone who comes to your house is interesting. You can go with architectural details that can be highlighted and use meaningful pieces to highlight them. If you have thousands of book collections, it can be a great spot to display them on bookshelves with a vertical arrangement.

Clear Line Within The Whole Room

Look at this beautiful dining nook that creates an illusion of height and space. The vertical details are contributing to the present natural light. The vertical elements here are all working to draw the eye upwards. This room has obviously conscious of capturing the maximum amount of light as it is quite closed in. Thus, it creates a sensation of height and space as important aspects. Besides, you may copy-paste the idea of drapes instead of blinds on the windows to create elongated folded lines. Last, use a large artwork above the banquette to help explode the space in a small room.

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