Fence mounted pots

For you who have only a small garden, it is confusing sometimes to grow greenery and flowers in there because of space limitations. Especially if you want to be able to use the garden to chill by providing some chairs and BBQ tools there. It is even more difficult for you to grow plants. Anyway, no need to worry because there are still surely some ways for you to deal with this and one of them is by having the planter fence.

We do really recommend you have the planter fence because it is such an effective one. You can get more growing space that won’t need any space around the yard land so that you can maximize it for other utilizations. Basically, the planter fence could be varied where you can grow the plants on the fence. It means that the plants also function as the fence. Or, you may hang the pots on the garden fence you already installed before. In this case, if you live in such a safe environment, then you can have the plants as your fence. However, if it is too risky and you should protect your house space, then we recommend you install a sturdy fence and then simply hang the plants there.

Fence Mounted Pots

This is the most common one for the planter fence and has many possibilities related to the arrangement. It is because there are so many different kinds of pots that you can use from shape, material, color, and more. What you have to do is just find the pots that are possible to be hung on the fence.


A neat and simple layout of pots hanging from a planter fence. This planter fence idea is easy to pull off. Choosing the right shape and color of the pot makes the fence more beautiful. planter fence from@ourlynnhome

Fence mounted pots

Here is another example of the mounted pots. The difference is in the material. This one is the metal iron hanging flower pot. It has a rectangular shape that is designed to maximize inside growing space allowing dirt and roots to grow strong and deep. It is ideal for brightening up dull brick walls and sheds with your favorite flowers, herbs, or plants.

Shelve Fence Planter

What is meant by shelve fence planter is about installing the shelve to the fence. It can be any shelf whether it is made of wood, metal, bamboo, etc. Then, you also need to provide some pots to be put on the shelf. If you want to beautify the decoration, then you can use the decorative shelves to be installed on the fence.


Wooden shelves in the form of blocks as the main idea for decorating a planter fence. This provides extra space for live plants. The brown accents of the wood give off a natural, forest-like feel. wooden shelves from@earlyyearsonashoestring

Box Mounted Planter

It can be by simply hanging boxes on the fence. In this case, you can use the box to be the planter or use it to put the pots. Making it with a DIY project will be really possible. You can make it by using a wood pallet. Or, if you have boxes that are not used anymore, you can utilize them for your box-mounted planter.


This decoration looks simple but functions optimally. A wooden box hanging from a fence can be an aesthetic object. Practical and cost-effective. Another good thing is that the plants can continue to grow normally. wooden box fence from@rachelmoriartyinteriors

Window Box Fence Planter

I do really sure that you are already familiar with the window box. The good thing about it is that you can use it for your fence planter. The way you use it is exactly the same as when you have it for your window. You can grow plants like greenery, herbs, and flowers.


Window boxes make the perfect combination for a planter fence. Unique and efficient. A simple concept with high usability. A mixture of herbs or flowers provides refreshment in every corner of the planter fence. window box from@saltairenantucket

Wire Vine Planter

Are you interested in having the vines for your fence? If yes, then make sure that you have to proper media for the vines to grow well. Here, you can use the wire. You can install it on the fence wall and let the vines grow beautifully there.


Wire becomes an effective medium as a planting fence. This decoration is perfect for vines. When the plants surround the wire, the shades that emerge are cool and green. planter fence wire from@diy_for_knuckleheads

Gutter Fence Planter

Just like the box, you can use the gutter for the fence planter. It is a cheap way to grow plants there. If you have a damaged gutter that can’t be functioned anymore, you can utilize it for your fence planter. To make it looks proper, you can paint the gutter or coat it.


Practical and cheap, the concept of planting a fence with gutter media. Plants will survive along the gutter. The brown gutter coating gives it a classic and natural look. Minimalist and comfortable to look at. gutter fence planters from@thegreatnatski

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