Greetings, summer has arrived, signaling the moment to remove the dust from your patio furniture and ignite your grill. Ensuring that your outdoor area is well-prepared for the summer season is crucial for maximizing the pleasure and utilization of your backyard or patio. However, this endeavor requires careful planning and organization, which is why we are here to assist you.

From tidying up the deck or patio to preparing the pool and rejuvenating your furniture, our step-by-step guide will swiftly guide you towards a backyard that is ready for the summer festivities.

Day 1: Deck (or Patio) Delights Await

To prepare your outdoor space for the summer season, it is crucial to prioritize cleaning your patio or deck even before arranging plants or furniture. This initial step involves thoroughly removing dirt, debris, and any lingering traces of winter. Additionally, it is essential to inspect and address any damages caused by the harsh winter conditions. This includes promptly repairing any issues to restore the structural integrity of your patio or deck. Furthermore, if required, applying a protective sealant will help safeguard your deck from the potential damage caused by weather elements. By undertaking these maintenance tasks, you can ensure a pristine and well-protected outdoor area for enjoying the summer months ahead.


Performing regular maintenance on the terrace, including rearranging the seats and thoroughly cleaning the furniture to remove any lingering dust, can significantly improve the terrace’s appearance. This upkeep not only enhances the overall ambiance but also ensures a comfortable and enjoyable experience during the relaxing summer months. Deck from @precision_outdoors_tx

Day 2: Get Your Pool Summer-Ready

Now is the perfect moment to unlock the full potential of your pool as you embark on the summer season. Whether you have grand plans for lively pool parties or simply desire serene relaxation by the water’s edge, it’s time to prepare your pool accordingly.

Prepare for unforgettable moments of splashing, laughter, and refreshing dips by ensuring your pool is in pristine condition. This involves a series of essential steps, including cleaning the pool thoroughly to remove any debris or winter residue. You’ll want to pay special attention to skimming the surface, vacuuming the pool floor, and brushing the walls to maintain optimal cleanliness.

Equally important is ensuring the pool’s chemical balance is just right. Test the water’s pH levels, chlorine levels, and adjust them as necessary to create a safe and inviting environment for swimmers. Additionally, inspect and clean the pool’s filtration system, ensuring it is functioning effectively to keep the water crystal clear.

To maximize your enjoyment and safety, take this opportunity to check and repair any pool equipment or accessories that may need attention. This includes inspecting and replacing worn-out pool toys, floats, or cleaning equipment.


Bid farewell to dirt and debris in your swimming pool. With the help of advanced pool cleaners equipped to suction all the impurities from the pool’s floor, you can now prepare for a summer filled with joyful moments under the sun. Pool cleaners from @chriso_ash

Pool cleaning kit

The pool vacuum head cleaning operates without any need for electricity. Instead, it relies on the force of water pressure to create a suction action, effectively drawing debris and leaves into its mesh net. Assembling and using it is a breeze due to its straightforward design.

With the pool expertly prepped, you’ll be ready to relish the joys of the season, from energetic pool gatherings to tranquil moments of unwinding on lazy summer days. Dive in and savor the endless delights that your well-prepared pool has to offer!

Day 3: Revitalize Your Outdoor Furniture

It is important to assess the readiness of your outdoor furniture as the summer months approach. Regardless of whether you possess furniture made of wicker and fabric or a wooden dining set, taking proper care of these items is crucial. By keeping them clean and maintaining their overall condition, you can enhance their longevity and derive enjoyment from them for many years. Regular cleaning, proper storage, and occasional maintenance will help ensure that your outdoor furniture remains in great shape and is ready for use whenever you wish to bask in the warm summer weather.


Regularly inspecting outdoor features is essential. This practice ensures that furniture items like wooden and wicker chairs remain clean and sturdy throughout their use in the summer season. Outdoor furniture from @worldmarket

Day 4: Remember Your Roots

To truly prepare your outdoor space, it is essential to give special attention to your garden. Without nurturing and caring for your garden, your outdoor area will not be fully ready. By providing a little bit of tender loving care (TLC) to your garden, such as watering, weeding, and pruning, you can ensure that it is in optimal condition and contributes to the overall appeal and enjoyment of your outdoor space. A well-tended garden adds beauty, vibrancy, and a sense of tranquility, completing the readiness of your outdoor area.


Create the ideal summer garden by remembering two simple steps: watering and pruning your plants optimally. By doing so, you can achieve a beautiful garden that exudes serenity and completes your outdoor space. Garden care from @designermumetc

Day 5: Shape Your Space

After completing the necessary preparations, it’s time to have some fun with outdoor decorating. We firmly believe that your outdoor space deserves as much attention to design as your indoor areas. By applying these creative decorating ideas, you can transform your deck, patio, and backyard into visually striking and impressive spaces. With a touch of style and careful arrangement, your outdoor areas will exude charm and become a delightful extension of your living space.


Embrace the summer outdoor style by taking it outside. The key to capturing attention lies in the arrangement of outdoor table and chair furniture. With a smooth and relaxed setup, you can create a memorable outdoor experience that will stay with you long after the season is over. Outdoor decorating from @amazonhome

Day 6: Bid Adieu to Troublesome Pests

Unwanted pests have the potential to ruin the pleasant atmosphere of outdoor environments. Although we cohabit with various beneficial insects in our outdoor habitats, there are specific types of pests that you would likely want to eliminate—specifically highlighting the spotted lanternflies as a prime example. These pests can disrupt the tranquility and enjoyment of outdoor spaces, making it necessary to take appropriate measures to control their presence.


Shield your plants from pests during the summer by applying garden spray, ensuring a peaceful and undisturbed downtime. This protective measure keeps pests at bay and maintains the tranquility of your outdoor spaces. Pests from @aromatools

Day 7: Let’s Get The Party Started

The true essence of a well-decorated outdoor space lies in the company of guests who can appreciate and relish its beauty. Without the presence of friends, family, or loved ones to partake in the experience, even the most stunningly adorned outdoor area may feel incomplete. The joy and fulfillment derived from an outdoor space are enhanced when it becomes a gathering place for social interactions, conversations, and shared moments of relaxation and celebration. So, what are you waiting for?


A simple way to create a comfortable outdoor space is to make it feel like one is at home. Soft lines, a mix of textures, natural materials and soft outdoor colors create a warm atmosphere for loved ones to enjoy during the hot summer season. Outdoor summer from @amyepeters

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