Is it needed to provide storage for your toilet? The answer is ‘yes’ even though you already have the most advanced toilet design. In case you only have a small toilet space, then you can put a small storage on the toilet tank. In this case, you can even have it by using your old tray or any tray that you have in your house. You don’t need to be afraid that it won’t be stylish because there are varied kinds of trays that have different impression designs. You can even choose the one based on your toilet decoration concept to make everything looks harmonious.

To let you get the idea, here are some possible tray designs that you can have for your toilet tank storage based on the material. Then we will show you the possible utilization of the tray for your toilet.

Kinds of Material

It is clear that different kinds of material will bring different impressions. Let’s say that the wood material or the ones that come from nature will bring a rustic and farmhouse impression. For the metal material, you will get a modern or industrial impression. There are still so many ideas for this. Go down for the complete ideas.

1. Wooden Tray

For the wooden tray, if you want the simple one, then you can choose the one without any indentation or pattern. However, if you want something more detailed, then choose the carved one with some colors if possible.


Trays made of wood are the right choice for storing toiletries. White accents on the wood provide a classic and natural style. Brilliant idea for an eccentric bathroom impression. wooden tray from@kristin_es_loca


Natural wooden toilet tank tray

Having a handmade product doesn’t mean that the quality will be bad. Look at this handmade toilet tank basket. It is made of acacia wood that will last and look good for decades. It has a well-finished result with a 3 times varnish coat, smooth surface, non-porous, and won’t fade easily. The cleaning is also easy as you just need to clean it with a damp cloth and wiped the dirt part.

2. Acrylic Tray

Acrylic with a clear glass product can be a good replacement for the glass material. It is way better than glass because it won’t crack easily. Even when it is cracking, it won’t be too risky and hurt you. It can be a good fit for your toilet tank tray storage.


Functional and exotic from acrylic as a tray in the bathroom. This creation is simple, but elegant to fill the beauty of the bathroom space. The room becomes artistic and pleasing to the eye. acrylic from@lifelovelarson

3. Marble Tray

In case you want to have a luxurious or glamorous toilet impression, then adding a marble tray is a great idea. The material will surely add a high value to the toilet. The pattern and the color of the marble material are also unique for your aesthetic decor impression.


Marble tray with maximum modern value. It gives a luxurious feel to every corner of the bathroom. The black color with the pattern looks modern, aesthetic, and adorable. marble trayfrom@cozyandme


4. Metal Tray

The impression of the metal material is strong, durable, and modern. Especially if you have it in black or white material that will make it looks modern. However, it is also able to be used for industrial decoration since those two decors have a few similarities.


Metal tray with a glossy color gives a modern and minimalist value. It gives an elegant feel to the bathroom. Bath tools will look clean if stored in trays with metal. metal tray from@angelicamyoung


The Utilization

There will be varied utilization of the toilet tank storage. There won’t be much stuff there but you can put some basic needs there that will give you ease and comfort while using the toilet.

1. To store toilet Paper

This one is the basic need for your toilet. So, storing some extra there is such a must. Don’t risk yourself to run out the toilet paper while you already there doing some stuff. You can use the tray to store some extra in the toilet tank.


Creative and unique wooden tray on the toilet tank. A practical idea and adds to the function of bath tools. Storage space becomes larger. Toilet paper just got tidier to organize. toilet paper from@catitude_mom


2. To put fragrance

There might be a bad smell in the toilet that will be annoying. Here, putting fragrance will help you to deal with the smell. You’ll be more comfortable doing your activity there.


From a functional aspect, trays are storage media for fragrance tools. It gives a fragrant feel in every room. An easy trick to make the bathroom feel comfortable to use.fragrancefrom@allthingshome_with_manyembe

3. To store soap

Trust me that you will need the soap sometimes. So, even when you think that you don’t need it in the toilet, just simply put soap there. It is always better to prepare things well rather than need them while it is not there.


A good toilet doesn’t have to be expensive. This is just a tray as a means of storing soap. This idea embraces simplicity, maximum functionality, and gives off an elegant impression. tray holds soap from@lamaccraftsuae



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