Wooden blocks are timeless toys that kids love to stack, make structures and play with. But they can also be turned into creative and fun art projects! You can use the wood block to make some art for your home.

Wooden block art is a great idea for any home. The material is lightweight and looks good with most home decor color palettes. Plus, it’s affordable and easy to make yourself.

Moreover, wooden block art is a fun way to add a pop of personality to your home. It’s a perfect project for any child’s nursery or to add some flair to your kitchen. All you need is a few wood blocks, fun scrapbook paper, and a mod podge. Here are some ideas for creating your own wooden block art.

Wooden Block Photo Holders

Wooden block photo holders are a fun and creative way to display family photos in your home. This unique wooden wall art is simple to make and will add a personal touch to your space. You will need wood blocks, acrylic paint, mod podge, and images of your choice.


Simple and minimalist, a small wooden block to place and hold a foto. It makes the room look spacious. The idea of decorating wooden blocks will further beautify the corner of the table and room of the house. Photo memories become more valuable. wooden block photo holder from @jaxonbakerr_

Wooden block photo holders

Being creative with wood blocks is such an interesting thing, And there are several ways that can be applied. Wood blocks are not just stacked children’s toys but can now become a part of home decor. Well, one of them is, by making it a photo holder. A wooden block photo holder is a fun way to display photos of you or your family in a unique way. If you are creative, you can make it yourself. But if you don’t want to bother, some home decor stores sell it.

Geometric Wood Block Art

A fun and easy DIY project for anyone with a passion for quilting, this geometric wood block art is sure to add decorative flair to any room. The wood blocks are positioned in rows with gaps in between to mimic the woven style of traditional quilts. To keep the wood blocks secure, a few stacks of shims are added between each block on edge rows to elevate them above neighboring blocks and to provide some texture. This design works well in apartments and dorm rooms where heavier wood sculptures may not be appropriate.


Geometric wooden beams give an eccentric impression as interior decoration at home. This concept emphasizes a beautiful work of art. The brown accents on the wood give a natural feel to the corner of the room. geometric wooden block art from @chairishandflourish

Wood Block Candle Holder

These wooden block candle holders are a gorgeous addition to any room. They would look amazing in a modern or farmhouse-style home. The raw wood also adds a rustic aesthetic and it acts as an acoustic absorber in the room. The wood block candle holder can be used to decorate the dining table, fireplace, or living room. Choose your favorite style and enjoy your new home decoration.


Wooden block candle holders bring a magical element of beauty to a room. Artistic and natural impressions make it comfortable to look at. It works perfectly with a brightly burning candle blend. wood block candle holders from @csmcreative

Wooden Block Mosaic

Symmetry and color combine to create a striking focal point for your home. Made from birch plywood, this wood block wall art can be hung up quickly and with ease without the need for a drill or screws. If you don’t like the black and gold combination, the design can also be reworked with a different color scheme for a custom look to fit your decor.


Beautiful wood beam mosaic as home decoration. The walls of the house become artistic and memorable. Random combinations and brown accents on the wood give it a natural feel. The room looks varied and not boring. wood block mosaic from @re.dwell/

Photo Blocks

Make it easy to fill little spots in your home with smiles and memories using these cute photo blocks. What a creative way to display your favorite photos. It is also a beautiful gift for the beloved one. Give your friends and family a set of their favorite photos in these unique blocks that stand on edge. It doesn’t need framing and is ready to display right out of the box. All you need is just a square wooden block, mod podge, acrylic paint, glue, paintbrushes, and photo paper.


Wooden blocks as photo blocks are a smart choice for home decor. A minimalist and simple appearance makes the room not monotonous while creating great memories. The photos that display on the wood block can enhance the beauty of the room in a creative way. photo blocks from @memoriesinwood/

Wooden Block Letters

Whether painted as monograms, names of loved ones, or a quote, block letters offer endless craft possibilities for experienced artists and beginners. They are easy to paint with traditional or spray paints and can be decorated using decoupage, woodburning, and other mixed media techniques. This is a fun project to do with your kids and will look beautiful in any room.


Wooden blocks as a media for writing letters is a creative and interesting idea. This concept presents a classic oriental atmosphere in the room of the house. love letters make the whole space feel warm and full of love. This idea looks modern and elegant. wood block letters from @happyhomebaguiocity

Wood Block Vase

With a natural wood finish and elegant hand-illustrated design, the wood block flower vase will elevate your home decor. This DIY flower vase is a great way to beautify your home. The best part about this project is that it’s incredibly easy to make and can be done with very minimal supplies, including a pre-punched wood block, paint, and a small paintbrush to decorate the vase.


Simple and efficient. The wood block vase gives an eccentric look to the room. The decoration design becomes perfect with plants to make the house more beautiful. A brilliant idea so that the house feels comfortable to look at. wood block vase from @woodstorming

Wood Block Art for Nursery

Adding personalized wall art to a nursery can be as simple as painting some wood blocks and then adhering a print of a baby animal or any other image you wish. It is also a great way to teach kids about color tone and gradation, hue matching, linear ordering, and more! This cool wooden block art is inspired by Montessori learning toys and it is super easy to make. It can be made out of any kind of wood, but we recommend repurposed, solid wood for the best results.


a favorite decoration of wooden blocks for nurseries a unique and cute look of wood with animal pictures in the room. The baby’s room looks beautiful, stunning, and inspiring so it makes it feel comfortable and calm. wood block nursery art from @woodprintsbyjo

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