Paint Tricks For Small Rooms To Have Tiny But Purposeful Space

There are many options for how to paint when you are dealing with a tiny space. The ideas below will be your inspiration for a feeling of a bigger room, brighter, and cocooning.

Reflective Paint Finishes

Presenting reflective paint finishes will help a small space feel a little brighter and give a sense of depth. This bedroom with semi-gloss paint helps to reflect light back into the space but will not highlight any imperfections. Besides, you may also consider a bolder approval like metallic paint or wallpaper for a little reflective element like the sun is shining right down.

Match Paint Color With Furniture

Think about the idea of color drenching when decorating small rooms like choosing the furniture to match the room color palette. Furniture-wise is a recommended way to style either for a complementary or contrasting color to make sure natural breaks are present all over the room. As in the design above where a dark green sofa is a dominant feature of the space, it looks balanced with a dark green wall as the background.

Camouflage The Awkward Architecture

When small rooms have awkward architectural elements, the paint can minimize them. For example, the awkward corner fireplace that seems misaligned or has unattractive tile will disappear with paint on the wall with a similar color to the tile.  Thus, you can minimize asymmetry with careful paint application and add illusion on the width or height side.

Half Painted Walls For Skew Perspective

A half-painted walls either combine with panels or just the paint, it is fundamental to know how the height you choose the color will affect how you perceive the dimensions of the room. The key point for this idea is to keep the color bottom heavy. Therefore, you may just simply paint the bottom third of the room in one shade and the remaining two-thirds a light shade. It will make your wall seem much taller than it is.

Paint The Ceiling The Same As The Walls

Make the boundary disappear by enveloping a room in color and unifying architecture. You may try to match your walls and ceiling for clever optical illusion and look bigger with the same paint color.

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