Are you a fan of a classic look for your home decoration? If so, you can bring it to your home through the furniture. The existence of furniture is very important. It not only serves to complement your home but can also be used to represent a style in home decor. So, if you want to present a classic but elegant impression in your home, the choice to use a leather couch is the right step. A leather couch can make a room look classic yet elegant at the same time regardless of the color. Especially, if you choose this furniture for your living room or family room.

Using a leather couch is a classic choice for any living room. It is a great choice to elevate the room’s look. But the important thing is you have to find the right complement to complete and side by side with the leather sofa. It means you have to find accent chairs that go well with a leather couch. Because there is no way you only place one leather couch without being equipped with other chairs.

But, what are the other best chair options to go with that amazing leather couch? Of course, you have to be careful when pairing your leather couch with an accent chair. If it is not appropriate and complementary, the elegance possessed by a leather couch will be gone. Don’t let the charm of your leather couch be covered by the wrong choice of accent chair. So, what accent chairs go with a leather couch? Look at these different accent chairs with different features below to coordinate with a leather couch. Here are some ideas for you.

Matching Leather Chairs

A leather couch with accent chairs is a common option for many living rooms. Choosing an accent chair that matches or complements your leather couch can help create a harmonious look. To complete your leather couch, first, you can opt for a matching leather chair. It will create a cohesive look. For example, if your leather couch is in brown color, you can complete it with a leather chair in the same tone.

Or, white leather couches are a bold choice, and you can make them even more eye-catching by pairing them with accent chairs in the same shade. This creates a coordinated look without a monotonous color scheme. Then layer it with accent throw pillows and blankets to balance the visual weight of leather furniture.


Completing the leather couch with a leather accent chair will create a cohesive look. Especially, both of them have the same color which will create a matching look. Like this black leather sofa that blends harmoniously with black leather chairs to make your living room decor look more edgy and bold. Matching Leather Chair from

Different Colors of Leather Chairs

When selecting a color to complement your leather couch, go for one that’s not exactly the same shade but a few shades darker or lighter. This is another idea for an accent chair to coordinate with your leather couch. If your leather couch is a darker shade, try accent leather chairs in a neutral tone that’s a shade or two lighter than the couch. This creates a subtle contrast that doesn’t overwhelm the room. If you’re looking for something bold, green accent leather chairs can also look beautiful with a brown leather couch. Choose an emerald green or grass green for a subtle yet stunning effect.


You can also complete your leather couch with a leather accent chair in different colors. But if you don’t want a too flashy look, you can choose a leather accent chair in a similar shade. For example, this cream leather sofa is great together with a brown leather chair. Even though it has a different color, it is able to create a matching look. The combination of these two brown shades can make the room look classic. Brown Leather Chair from @thedesignory

Wooden Chairs

If you’re going with a warm leather couch, consider pairing it with accent chairs that complement its color and texture. Wooden chairs add a rustic and cabin-like feel to your room and look great with a variety of different styles. Rattan chairs can also be your option. However, it is important to choose a chair that matches the height of your sofa so it does not feel out of place.


A leather couch also goes well with wood furniture. This brown leather couch is great to be paired with wood furniture. The combination of two materials will make your room warmer. To soften the look of the interior design and make it cohesive, you can add a soft rug in a neutral color, like this gray rug. Leather Couch and Wood Chairs from @hoursinplace

Patterned Accent Chairs

Another way to add a touch of elegance is by using patterned chairs. If you want to take a risk in your living room, pair your leather couch with patterned chairs. The patterned chair will bring attractive flair to your room. These can be in a variety of styles, such as tartan patterns. Also, choose from another variety of patterns, including striped designs and floral prints. They can also be textured and unique. You can use a textured design to create a softer look. This will make the leather couch and accent chair a harmonious and attractive pairing.


Usually, a leather couch comes in a plain look and neutral color. And, to add an attractive look to your living room, you can pair your plain leather couch with a patterned chair. Like this classic decoration with a black leather couch, it will be more alive with this striped accent chair. Among the neutral decorations in this room, the presence of a striped chair will add an attractive flair to your room. Patterned Accent Chair from @alisonroseny

Fabric Chairs

To combine an elegant leather couch with a modern look, you can pair it with fabric chairs. Fabric chairs work well with leather couches. You can choose fabric chairs that are close to or the same tone as the color of your leather sofa to create a subtle look. For example, if your sofa is brown, you can combine it with light brown or tan fabric chairs. But, if you want a contrasting look, you can choose fabric chairs in contrasting colors. Such as the lighter shades of gray go well with a brown leather sofa. A beige accent chair can provide a soft contrast with the red sofa and make it stand out. Or, you can pair your brown or tan leather couch with a blue velvet chair which creates an elegant look.


As we know that a fabric chair can be paired with any other furniture, including a leather couch. It is suitable if you want to combine the elegant look of a leather couch with a modern touch. To add a striking look to your interior design, pair your brown leather couch with blue velvet chairs. The combination of different materials and colors makes your living room looks more standout. Blue Velvet Chairs from @ouremporium

Benches, Poofs, Ottomans as Seating

Lastly, a leather couch also goes well with a bench, poofs, or ottoman as additional seating in the living room. Whether they come in any material, they will work and blend well with your leather couch. You can choose any of them to be paired with your leather couch.


Even though poofs are usually only used as extra seating in a room, this is also very suitable to be combined with a leather sofa. The simple look of poofs won’t make it look full or overwhelming when combined with a leather couch. So that your leather sofa remains the main concern. Regardless of the material and color of the poofs. Leather Couch with Poofs from @homestaginggals

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