There are some decoration tricks that you can follow to support the needs of an occupancy so that it can be proper enough to live there. It can be about how to make your spacious home space not be seen as empty or about how to make your small home space look spacious. The wide home space might not be as difficult as the small home space related to the furniture placement because we don’t need to think about how to make all of the furniture can be set well without giving a narrow effect to the space. Related to that, we are going to talk about one of the tricks that can effectively bring a spacious home space.

Did you ever hear about the function of the mirror in home decoration? A mirror is not only used to dress up but also to bring a spacious space impression. The interesting thing about it is that the mirror is really possible to be decorated so that it can be pretty enough to be added as part of your home decoration. With this, you can get double benefits which are to beautify your home decoration and to make your home space to be seen as spacious.

Arched wall mirror

This wood-framed window mirror is designed in white color to offer simplicity. However, it is not boring at all with the arch shape giving an aesthetic impression. It is designed to be opened and closed like a real window. You can DIY your ideal space with this creative window mirror. This window mirror will fit well when installed in entryways, living rooms, dining rooms, or other spaces.

Well, when you might focus on the mirror frame, but here we are going to show you the window mirror that will be surely aesthetic and effective to create a spacious effect on your home decoration. Take a look at the following ideas and choose the one that will fit your home.

White Classic Design


Natural lighting creates the impression of a wider space. Window mirrors can reflect light in the area of the house. An effective idea with a cream window mirror that blends into the home interior. Looks aesthetic and futuristic. window mirrors from@home_at_owl_cottage/

Curvy Design


Different home styles with window mirror accessories. It makes the house more spacious. With curved shapes and flexible colors, the home decor will look elegant and attractive. It provides a positive function in the room. window mirror curved from@kayleighandbetsy/

Black Modern Design


Eccentric with box-shaped window mirrors. The black color on the mirror frame emphasizes a modern and luxurious style. It is a great visual as a home decoration. window mirror box from@bertiesplace_

Industrial Design


Mirrored windows make a home both classic and contemporary. The gray color of the mirror frame blends in perfectly with the walls of the house. A basic element so that the house looks spacious and comfortable to live in. windows mirror frame from@coxandcox

Fireplace Area Decoration


A surreal visual effect and expansive view from the mirror window above the fireplace. An effective concept for creating country-style home decor. It’s just a matter of layout and a few extra plant accessories in front of the mirror. Aesthetic and gives a natural feel. mirror window from@maisonsdumondeuk

Console Table Area Decor


A bright and fresh impression with window mirrors makes the home interior even more perfect. The house space looks wider. This decoration concept provides maximum function so that the home area is memorable and comfortable to look at. rectangle window mirror from@mylittlehomeatnumber1

Modern Country Design


Artistic and elegant from the window mirror near the dining table. A futuristic touch gives a visual effect to the area of the room. A warm and relaxed impression is combined with a plant vase on the dining table. Simple home decorating ideas to implement. window mirror futuristic from@a_house_and_its_chows


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