Using dry steam cleaner to sanitize floor carpet.

For a carpet to last many years, it requires maintenance, specialised cleaning products, and carpet cleaning equipment. It might seem less costly to use DIY solutions or methods when you stain your carpet, but this could result in further costs and irreparable damage.

For professional carpet cleaning services, ICE Cleaning can take over and restore your carpet. Its technicians are qualified cleaners with years of experience in cleaning carpets, and they will thoroughly remove all unsightly stains in the fabric.

Read further to learn about common mistakes you could be making when you clean your carpet.

The importance of carpet cleaning

Fibres and threads form carpets, which are highly absorbent and can retain moisture, providing a hiding place for undesirable spores. Over time, carpets collect dust, pollen, and bacteria that could spread across your home without proper cleaning.

When carpets get clogged with these spores, they can decrease the airflow quality in your home and make it feel stuffier than it should. If you own pets, their hairs will cling to the fibres and house fleas, leading to an infestation.

Common carpet cleaning mistakes to avoid

Using the wrong cleaning product

Certain cleaning products have varying pH levels depending on the material it was made to clean. This solution effectively breaks down dirt whilst maintaining the structure of fibres. By using incompatible products, you risk destroying your carpet permanently.

Overcleaning the carpet

Although you should clean your deep clean your carpet where possible, you should not do it too much. If you frequently use solutions and specialist equipment on a carpet, you could loosen the fibres, making it more vulnerable to dirt.

Not hoovering before using cleaning products

A common mistake when deep cleaning your carpet is using carpet shampoo immediately. The process needs to be more meticulous, where you hoover the carpet first and then use the solution. This ensures that dirt does not spread across the surface.

Scrubbing stains

If you spill red wine all over a brand-new carpet, it is easy to forget that you should not scrub – you must take the time needed for effective cleaning. Do not scrub too hard, as it can cause the stain to expand and embed deeper in the fibres. Instead, firmly blot the stain and let it soak into a cloth.

Overusing cleaning products

Cleaning products like shampoos and deodorisers are very helpful, but overusing these can degrade the look of the surface over time. Coloured carpets will lose their colour, and the fibres come loose, creating patches and streaks.

Using incorrect cleaning equipment

Various rentals like Rug Doctor are available for deep cleaning your carpets, providing specialist cleaning equipment. However, always thoroughly research what you could use and how to use it. By using incorrect equipment, you could cause more damage.

Not using entryway mats

Entryway mats are excellent ways to capture dirt and dust coming in from the outside. If people enter your home with dirty shoes, they leave traces on your carpet. Without these entryway mats, you will be cleaning more often than you should.

How ICE Cleaning can help

If you need professional deep cleaning, ICE Cleaning’s team of experts can help. Their solutions and equipment ensure the best results for your carpet, effectively restoring its integrity and quality. With their state-of-the-art methods, your cleaning needs will be met and fulfilled.

To learn more about ICE Cleaning’s industrial cleaning services, you can browse its service lines here.

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