Roof colors house color ideas that go with brown roofs

The exterior of a home is the most important thing to pay attention to. Having an interesting exterior design will elevate and add value to your home. To make it happen, it can be started by applying interesting colors to the home exterior. The color of your home’s exterior paint can have a major impact on the way it looks. Not only for the color of the walls but also for your roofs. Especially, if you have a brown roof.

Applying a brown roof can give a natural hue and earthy feel to your home. A brown roof can add a natural touch to your house but it needs to be paired with the right color to get a matching look. A well-coordinated color scheme can do wonders for your home’s curb appeal. But choosing a hue that goes with a brown roof can be tricky. If it’s not right, it can look out of place.

If you have a brown roof, there are many options for a beautiful color scheme. It pairs well with a variety of exterior colors, both neutral and bright. Neutrals such as white and cream work well with brown roofs, while other colors can be more dramatic and add contrast. So, choosing the right color combinations for your house exterior with the brown roof is a task.


In order to match your brown roofs with other colors, there are some important tips to be considered.

  • Choose a color that complements your brown roof and blends well. You can choose colors that make your home’s exterior look not overlapping or overwhelming. The better the pairing, the better the final look.
  • Pay attention to the trim you use for your exterior. Use a color that contrasts with your brown roof and siding color for more depth and a balanced look.
  • Brown comes in a variety of color schemes, from soft to bold. Choose the brown tone that you will use and match it with the whole of your exterior house design.
  • When you’re choosing exterior paint, it’s important to think of the whole team. You want to have a dominant ground color, an accent color that brings life to small details like doors and shutters, and a trim color that creates contrast.

Here, we have some house paint colors that go with brown roofs to inspire you. Let’s check it out!


Beige is one of the best colors to go with brown roofs because it’s neutral enough that the roof won’t stand out too much. It also has some warmth in it that will complement the earth tones of a brown roof. It’s also a great color to use for houses with brick features, as it will highlight the texture of those details.


To pair your brown roof with other colors, you can choose a beige paint for your exterior. This neutral color goes well with brown roofs. This color combination will create an earthy look and warm to your exterior design. Beige Exterior from @bnkpainting


Brown paint with brown roofs brings out a variety of styles and creates the perfect neutral backdrop for a wide range of design elements. Dark tones of brown are often associated with rich wood finishes and earthy inspiration, but the range of shades from light tan to chocolate offers something for every style.


The shade of brown you choose for your home can set the tone for your entire style, so it’s important to decide on a color scheme that will work with your home’s architecture and design features. The use of brown paint and brown roofs with different shades creates a harmonious look while bold and elegant at the same time. Brown Exterior from @totalproroofing


Green is another natural color that works well with brown roofs. It is because both colors can be found in nature. However, you must be careful not to choose a shade that is too dark or it will detract from the beauty of your roof. For example, a deep green will compete with the rich tones on your roof and could overpower it. While the mossy tones of green blend well with the rich earth tones of most brown roofs and can look especially beautiful on homes in a rural setting. A light to medium green is a better option because it will complement rather than contrast with the brown shingles. You can also combine it with white trim to get a contrasting look.


Nowadays, green color is a popular color choice for exterior design. This color can create a natural look while elegant and warm, especially, if paired with your brown roofs. You can choose the green color from light to dark shades. If you want a bold appearance on your exterior, you can choose a deep green to be paired with your brown roofs. Dark Green Exterior from @designbylisamarie


Black houses with brown roofs can look edgy and sophisticated, but they also work very well for sleek modern, and rustic styles. If you choose dark charcoal paint, you may want to add some white trim and contrasting colors for the gutters to make sure your home really pops.


Your brown roof also looks great together with black exterior paint. It can create an edgy look. To make it look balanced and not too dark, applying a white trim for the window is a great idea. The white color will break down the dark shade of the exterior design. Black House and Brown Roof from @thathomebirdlife


Blues are another classic color that works well with a brown roof. Sky blue gives your house a fresh and cheerful vibe, while dark blue can create an elegant essence for your home’s exterior. It is a classic and versatile shade that can complement many types of homes, from sleek modern to elegant rustic.


This blue exterior looks great with a brown roof. Both are classic colors, so it’s easy to pair together. The shade of sky blue in this house will make the exterior look fresh. But, if you want a classic look, you can pair it with white trim and a white door to balance the look. Blue House and Brown Roof from @colorchelle


The color of your roof plays a big role in the overall look of your home. It’s important to take this into consideration when choosing an exterior paint color. While neutral shades like white, cream, and tan are typically used to go with brown roofs, it is possible to use warmer hues for more vibrant results. Red is another warm color that pairs nicely with brown roofs, and it adds a bit of spunk to the home’s exterior. If you prefer a more muted finish, consider choosing a darker red with cream-colored undertones.


If you want a striking look of the exterior design, pairing a brown roof with red paint is a great idea. Although red is a bright color pair nicely with brown roofs. Pair it with a white trim to work well. Red House from @newhavencthomes


Yellow, with its varying hues and reddish undertones, works well with brown roofs, as do terra-cotta tones. This classic combination is often associated with Spanish-style homes, but it can work on any style of home. It’s also a great option for those looking to create a more monochromatic palette, as it helps the home blend in with its surroundings.


To get a nice color combination, pairing the yellow paint with brown roofs can be your option. Yellow comes in a varied shade, and if you want a bright look, you can choose a light yellow. It will look great on the exterior. Furthermore, to get a contrasting look, choose a green color for the window trim ideas. Yellow House from @porsediscoveringnature


A white house with brown roof is a great choice for homeowners who want a natural, warm, and inviting look. The neutral tones of white can blend in with many shades of brown, creating a simple yet sophisticated aesthetic.


Since a white color works well with other colors, so, you can pair it with brown roofs. This combination of colors can achieve a traditional or modern look. You can choose a white crisp to get a clean and still keep the brown roof stand out. White House from @corieraedesigns


Grey is a neutral color that is great paired with a brown roof. This color resembles a stone color, it’s great together with a brown roof and creates a natural look. To add more depth, you can go with light or dark grey to be paired with brown roofs. A light gray is a classic choice for house paint with brown roofs, and it works well with a variety of window styles and trim colors. It’s also easy to coordinate with other light colors, such as taupe and beige, for a beautiful home exterior.


Grey is another neutral color that can be paired with a brown roof. Especially, light gray is a classic choice for house paint with brown roofs, and it works well with a variety of window styles and trim colors. And to make it looks bright, choose a white trim for the windows and doors. Grey and Brown Exterior from @jill_house_home

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