Get ready to make your home in Austin a work of art! Curb appeal is more than just a marketing buzzword. It’s a show-stopper that significantly raises your property’s worth and makes people gasp in awe. 

Thumbtack’s survey on curb appeal placed Austin, a city recognized for its lively energy and creative flair, in second place. And you won’t believe how much money Austinites are ready to spend to improve their home’s curb appeal. Up to $5,524! 

You’ve found the ideal spot if you want to learn how to make your home’s exterior stand out from the rest. Here are six incredible methods to improve your home’s curb appeal, which won’t cost you a fortune. 

Everything from a new, beautiful front door with guests feeling right at home to enchanting outside lighting will be taken care of. Don’t stay in the dark about Austin’s most intriguing facades; let’s dig in and make your house the talk of the neighborhood.

1. Utilize A Tree Cutting Service

If you want your home’s exterior to look its best, hiring a tree-cutting service is necessary. Estimates put the number of trees in Austin’s urban forest at 33.8 million, with a tree canopy that extends over 30.8% of the city. 

When well-maintained and pruned, trees are an asset to any property, increasing its value and aesthetic appeal.

A property’s aesthetic value and security are both jeopardized by overgrown branches and potentially dangerous trees. Look up tree cutting service Austin TX on any popular search engine to find reliable help, but make sure you ask about their safety procedures and get quotes before making any commitments. 

Moreover, be wary of unusually cheap costs since honesty is crucial in business dealings. Making an educated choice is the surest way to maintain healthy tree growth.

2. Employ A Lush Landscaping

Invest in lush landscaping to make your Austin house more in tune with the lively Texan environment. Flowers and plants from the area provide vibrancy and texture to the setting. This natural space is a respite from the heat of summer, offering protection from the sun and a breath of fresh air. 

Your home’s worth will increase due to the increased foot traffic and positive attention you’ll get from tourists and locals alike. 

Smart gardening, which embraces sustainability, helps to reduce water use, boosts local biodiversity, and adds to your home’s aesthetic value. Thanks to the rich landscaping that produces a refreshing atmosphere among the urban and natural combination, your house will be a colorful retreat in this outdoor-loving city. 

3. Make Use Of A Porch Makeover

Make your porch a relaxing retreat by adding comfy couches, potted plants, and other beautiful furnishings. In Austin, Texas, front porches are all the rage since they add character to your house, welcome guests, and serve as a gathering place. 

Wrap-around, two-story, screened, and front-stoop porches are just a few of the porch varieties available. There are advantages to both open and covered choices. Install strong rails and inviting stairs to ensure everyone’s safety. 

Get professional help creating the ideal porch. Invest in a porch makeover now, and you’ll have a place to hang out with friends for years.

4. Consider An Eye-catching Front Door

The fourth fantastic method to increase your Austin home’s curb appeal is to install a show-stopping front door. Choose a dramatic hue that pops and makes a statement to welcome guests to your house. Instead of being functional, your front door should express your taste and attention. 

The perfect layout may increase your home’s resale value by drawing in more prospective purchasers. Your commitment to the upkeep of your complete house will be evident in the condition of the entrance door. 

Choose from wood, steel, or fiberglass based on your preferences and the local climate. Make the door your own by tailoring it to the style of your house.

5. Increase Value With Exterior Lighting

Adding beautiful landscape lighting to your Austin, Texas, property is a method to increase its aesthetic appeal and market value. Differentiate yourself in the competitive real estate market by installing LED lights to accentuate your home’s walkways, fire pits, and water features. 

Research shows that over 40% of Austin home buyers agree that well-lit walkways and porches make a house more desirable to potential purchasers. Well-lit homes are more secure and desirable because they dissuade would-be robbers. 

Get on the bandwagon and increase your home’s curb appeal by installing stunning outdoor lighting that makes your property stand out.

6. Use A Fresh Exterior Paint

The outside of your Austin house will look much better when a new coat of paint has been applied. If you want your home to stand out in a good way, paint it in on-trend or timeless colors. It’s not simply a cosmetic upgrade but a smart investment paying off handsomely. 

Painting the outside of your house may save you money in the long run by preventing problems like water leaks and insect infestation, according to the National Association of Realtors reported. 

Remove the causes of premature siding replacement, such as rust, mold, and mildew. A fresh coat of paint may defend, improve, and refresh your property.


There you have it; six fantastic ways to increase your home’s visual appeal. You should pay as much attention to the outside of your home as you do to the inside. A healthy tree, beautiful landscaping, and an inviting porch can make a huge difference. 

Refreshing the outside with paint may make it seem brand new, attracting more prospective buyers and increasing your return on investment by 43%. 

With all the tips and stats presented in this article, increasing your home’s curb appeal shouldn’t be hard. We hope you learned something from this article; if we missed something, please tell us in the comments below. 


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