Alternative ceiling design and material references

It is true that the ceiling is not something that becomes the main thing in home decoration. However, it can surprisingly help your house to get its maximum value. Even when you only provide something basic and common, when you can install the right ceiling design, then you don’t need to worry about the beauty of your home decor. So, when starting a new home or you just want to change your ceiling, make sure that you consider it well because it is not something that can be replaced easily.

When you are commonly only familiar with gypsum as the ceiling material and adding lights as the decoration, then you should check the following ceiling designs that will give you an alternative for your ceiling project. In this case, it won’t be only about the material but also about how you can install the ceiling in its best way.

Metal Ceiling

The metal material is not that familiar to be used as the ceiling. So, what about trying this for your ceiling? It has the ability to light up the room especially when you install the right lamps in some ceiling spots. The metal material will reflect the light really well.


Look at how pretty this metal ceiling reflects the water. Here, the ceiling is applied in the bathroom but this will be surely possible to install for your other rooms. The water reflection on the ceiling will bring you into a calming and refreshing ambiance. Adding it with proper lighting will let the water impression be seen as more dramatic. Metal Ceiling from @tecdeco_com

Shiplap Ceiling

The shiplap is the kind of wood pallet that can be good when installed for the ceiling. The shiplap can be created in many ways. You can paint it, burnish it, or simply let it in its natural color and condition. The flexibility of the shiplap makes it possible for you to apply this material to any home decor that you have.


This ceiling applies the shiplap in two different ways those are by painting it in white color and the other one is by letting the natural wood material color be exposed. The combination is really adorable and not boring at all. You can even look at the patterned shiplap in different tones that becomes the center of interest for the ceiling. Shiplap Ceiling from @farmhouseismystyle

Stary Ceiling

Your night will be adorable when you install the stary ceiling in your bedroom. Just like its name, this ceiling design will let you see the stars dancing on your ceiling. Anyway, even though this ceiling works well in the bedroom, you can surely install it for other rooms to create an impression as if you are on the outside under the stars.


The color scheme of this stary ceiling is blue which is suitable for the sky color. The dark blue color represents the night sky color. The white light color installed there makes the ceiling not to be seen as too dark. Then, the stary lights that blink on the ceiling are the focal point of this ceiling. The combination of the color scheme choice, the light additional color, and the fairy lights spread around the ceiling are so much perfect. Stary Ceiling from @customfibreoptics.

Corrugated Ceiling

The corrugated ceiling is commonly installed in industrial decor style. This corrugated is really eccentric that will be good for you who want something fun and different. You can give a certain treatment to the corrugated ceiling such as painting it with colors to fit your home decor.


The corrugated ceiling here is colored white which can blend really well with the concrete unfinished wall design. The combination makes it looks aesthetic and not cheap at all. Here, the corrugated ceiling in metal material can fit really well with the wooden floor which is great. Corrugated Ceiling from @loadingdock5

Glass Ceiling

Some of you might need to think twice to install the glass ceiling and worry about the glass cracking. Anyway, you should know that there are some glass materials that will be so much more durable and won’t crack easily. You can choose the best glass quality and make sure that you are secure. Since this glass ceiling is really pretty and functional to spread out the light effectively, then you should try to have it for your house.


This glass ceiling is designed in mosaic. We all know that mosaic has a pretty design impression which is great when it is applied to the ceiling. The colors that are used are also varied and fun so that when the light is on, the colors will create a pretty ambiance around the room. For this, we recommend you install a white lamp so that the ceiling colors can work really well. Glass Ceiling from @elnaznamaki_studio

Bamboo Ceiling

Bamboo material is another one that can bring the nature atmosphere besides wood. The bamboo will cool your house during the summer and help you save electricity. If you look for a cheap yet work-well material for your ceiling, this one can be your choice.


This house uses two different sizes of bamboo which are the small diameter and the big one. The small bamboo is arranged as the pallet then the big one is used to lock the arrangement so that it can be sturdy and fit well. You may color the bamboo but look at this bamboo ceiling. It is there with its natural color without any touch and still looks calming, welcoming, and fresh. Bamboo Ceiling from @asalibali

Grass Ceiling

The grass ceiling will be unique and make you feel like live in a jungle. However, we don’t recommend you install it all around the house because the maintenance will be difficult. You can have it to add beauty or to give a focal point in the house.


This grass ceiling looks like a living grass on the ceiling. Such a pretty one if you install it in the right portion. You can see from this reference that even when the grass ceiling is only installed in a small portion but it is already able to steal attention. Make sure not to install it too much because that will make the house looks too crowded. Grass Ceiling from @yellowtrace

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