Repurposed furniture clever ways to repurpose a dresser for your home

Do you find old furniture in your home? If so, don’t hurry up to throw it or put it in the garage. With some creativity, you can repurpose it to be something new. What furniture is not used in your home? Is that your dresser? Well, this can be a treasure that can be transformed into another functional form. Your dresser can be turned into several functional things for your home. It can also be a good solution if you have a limited budget for buying new furniture.

New furniture is expensive, but repurposing an old dresser can give you the functionality you want at a fraction of the cost. These clever ideas will transform your old dresser into something useful and pretty.

Repurposed Furniture Is

Whether it’s a chair that needs new upholstery or an old dresser that has become too small, there are many creative ways to give second-hand furniture a new life. This process is known as repurposing or upcycling, and it can help to save money, reduce waste and make your home more beautiful.

Depending on the piece of furniture and your skill level, upcycling can be as simple as repainting or refinishing. Or, you can be more ambitious and transform your furniture into something completely different. You can find inspiration for upcycling projects by checking out local thrift stores and garage sales, or by looking on social media sites.

There are some ideas to repurpose a dresser for your home. Some of them are below. Hope it inspires you.

Turn it into a TV stand

New furniture can be expensive. But repurposing an old dresser is a cost-effective way to get the style you want without breaking the bank. Plus, it’s a fun and rewarding creative project that lets you express yourself. Turn a dresser into a TV stand by opening up the middle row of drawers and adding new hardware fixtures. The result is stylish and functional. To make it look new, you can coat the dresser with new paint.


If you find your dresser is getting old and unattractive anymore, don’t throw it away. Repurpose it to become something new. Creating it into a TV stand is a great idea. You can have new furniture without spending much money. All you have to do is just remove some of the drawers in the dresser and then repaint it to get a new look. TV Stand from @brodymccarthy

Turn it into a bookshelf

Turning a dresser into a bookshelf is an easy way to add some extra storage to your home. You just need to replace the drawers with shelves and secure them with brackets. You can paint the new shelves to match your decor.


Whether you want to have a bookshelf or add extra storage in your home, your old dresser can be put to good use. You can turn the old dresser into a bookshelf. Both large or small, it can be repurposed into a bookshelf. Just replace the drawer with shelves and it’s ready to use. You can also smooth the surface using sandpaper and then repaint it. Bookshelf from @outofthisgalaxy111

Turn it into a seat

A dresser can be turned into a bench seat in a foyer, mudroom, or kids’ bedroom. This project requires a little sawing and drilling to remove the drawers, but it’s worth it for the finished product. Cut wood shelves from 1/4″ plywood to fit the space where the drawers were, then glue them in place. The back, bench seat, and inside sides of the cabinet can be finished with paint if desired.


Do you need a new seat for your foyer or entryway? If so, don’t hurry to buy a new one. You can turn your old dresser into a seat. Remove the top and some of the drawers below of the dresser and shape it into a chair. Leave the two bottom drawers that can be used as storage. Seat Dresser from @kinz_and_river


You can also turn the dresser into a bench for adding a seat to your home. Use two or three drawers for the dresser to make a bench. To add a soft texture, you can add a soft pad to the surface of the bench. Bench from @tatteredthistle1989

Use it as a Cabinet

There’s nothing more satisfying than reusing old pieces of furniture to make DIY home decor. Rather than throwing out that rusty dresser, consider turning it into a cabinet to complement your dining room or kitchen. Removing the drawers and adding open shelves can completely transform a dresser into a cabinet. Then, you can change the hardware to get a new look and be more functional.


Repurposing old furniture to be something new is such a pleasant thing. Such this cabinet is made from an old dresser. It looks great to store some kitchenware. You will have a new cabinet without spending much money. But first, you have to replace the drawers of the dressers with shelves. Kitchen Cabinet from @shabbyaccentliving

Turn it into a desk

A desk is an essential part of any home office. A dresser can easily be transformed into one with a few key modifications. Just add a few shelves, paint the top and the drawers white and you have a new, custom desk. The results are stunning.


It looks great if you can transform old furniture to be something new. Such as this, a desk is made from an old dresser. With some creativity, you can have a new desk for your home office. Maybe you just need to make a few changes, fixes, and adjustments to get a proper desk. Desk Dresser from @rockycanyonrustic

Coffee Station

An old dresser is a great piece to use for a coffee bar because it has drawers that can be used to store different items. For example, you could have a drawer for your mugs and another for the actual coffee. You can also add other decors to match the piece of furniture that you are using.


For those of you who like to drink coffee, having a coffee bar or coffee station is all you need. You can make it from furniture that is already your home. If you have an old dresser, you can use it as a coffee station. You don’t need to make any changes to your dresser. Leave your dresser drawers in place for storage. You may just need to add hooks to hang the cup. Coffee Station from @chaptertwointeriors

Sink Vanity

Whether you’re remodeling your own bathroom or building a house, you can add some personality and storage with a unique sink vanity from a repurposed old dresser. First, you’ll need to find a dresser that’s the right size. Look for a dresser that’s at least 17 inches deep; this will ensure there is enough space for the sink and plumbing. The drawers may be able to be removed; you’ll need to box in the cutout for the drain and plumbing pipes behind the false drawer fronts. And then, sand the dresser thoroughly to remove any bumps or rough spots on the surface and repaint it again.

Once the dresser is painted and ready to install the vanity, started by making a template for the sink hole. You can use a piece of cardboard, but you can also make a template out of an opened bag or a piece of butcher paper. Place the template on the dresser top and trace around it with a pencil. When you’re done, you can use a jig saw to cut the sink opening. Don’t forget to add a faucet to complete the feature of the vanity.


Repurposing a dresser into a sink vanity will add personality to your bathroom. It will bring a new life to your old furniture. You can do some adjustments to create a proper sink vanity. Such as making a place for sinks, removing some drawers for plumbing pipes, repainting, and adding faucet features. It would be a nice project this weekend. Sink Vanity from @rustandrefind


A nightstand is a must-have for the bedroom, giving you a place to set your phone, book, or drink as you wind down to sleep. But it’s not always easy to find a piece that fits your style, space, or budget. The good news is, almost any piece of furniture can be used as a nightstand with some creative modification. You can give your old dresser an unexpected makeover. This idea will help you turn that one-of-a-kind piece into the perfect bedside companion.


Don’t hurry up to throw your old dresser, repurposed it into a nightstand. You have nothing to lose doing this project because you can have a nightstand without having to buy one. You may just need to repaint it to make it look new. Nightstand from @balltownbits

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