Get a unique home decoration with these hexagon objects at home

Hexagon is one of the most interesting shapes to use in home decorations. Adding unconventional decor elements is always a good idea if you can make them look attractive and unique. Nowadays, the hexagonal shape is one of the most interesting home decor ideas. It is also very popular with many people. It is used in different kinds of stuff, like floor tile, wall tile, mirror, and ornament. It is very unique and beautiful in appearance. You can use them to create a focal point in your room or add a pop of color. Moreover, it can be easily found in the market. Even, a hexagon is popular in DIY projects. So, you can make some crafts and ornaments in hexagon shapes or patterns.

All About Hexagone

Hexagons can be found all around us. You can find the shape in stop signs, honeycombs, and even soccer balls. Hexagons are also found in the cross-section of pencils, nuts and bolts, and the James Webb Space Telescope. The hexagon is a good shape for many things because it is a strong, durable, and flexible shape that easily tessellates.

A hexagon is a six-sided polygon with six sides and six angles (also called vertices). It has a closed two-dimensional structure, which means it can’t be folded in half. Hexagons can be regular or irregular. A regular hexagon has all the same side lengths and equal interior angles.

Irregular hexagons have uneven side lengths and different interior angles. A hexagon can have one, three, or six lines of symmetry. To see if a shape has a line of symmetry, you can fold it to see if all the matching edges are identical. You can also look at the vertices of the hexagon to find its lines of symmetry.

And some hexagon objects that you can find at home are below. Let’s have a look!

Hexagon Shelf

Hexagon shelves are the perfect way to add some style and character to your walls. They can hold a variety of items and are easy to clean. They also make a great display for collections of mugs, dishes, photo frames, or candles. They can even be used to hold your favorite books. Furthermore, the wooden hexagon floating shelves are a unique design that will stand out on any wall.


There is nothing more pleasant than having a home decoration that can add style and character to your home. And it can be done perfectly by hexagon shelves. This shelf is not only can be used to display your decorative items but also the unique shape of the shelf can be used to decorate your walls. It sounds very interesting. Hexagon Shelf from @chelsmechellejones

Hexagonal Mirror

Mirrors can have a powerful effect on the appearance of your home decor. They can make rooms feel larger, tone down dark areas, and add depth to shallow walls. They can also be a great complement to other geometric decor items, such as rugs and wall art. There are plenty of choices when it comes to shape and style, but one particular design that’s been popping up lately is the hexagonal mirror.

Hexagonal mirrors are incredibly versatile and can be used in many different types of homes, from glam to contemporary. They look particularly good in spaces with a lot of straight lines, such as hallways and entryways. But they can also be a fantastic accent to any room that features a bit of a twist, such as bathrooms or bedrooms.


Elevate your bathroom vanity area with this hexagon mirror. The geometric shape of the mirror is able to create a modern look for your bathroom. The brass accent of the mirror frame makes it look sophisticated. The addition of hexagon tiles in the vanity area fits perfectly with your hexagon mirror concept. Your bathroom decor will awe everyone who sees it. Hexagon Mirror from @simplyangelanicole

Hexagon Patterned Tiles

Hexagon tile is one of the hottest trends in home decor. These symmetrical tiles have an enigmatic energy that can elevate the style of any space. They work well for walls, floors, and even backsplashes. You can use them in a pattern or alone to create a bold statement. They also come in a variety of color options, so you can choose a style that suits your design style.

You can use hexagon tiles in a herringbone pattern on the floor for a dramatic look. You can also pair them with geometric patterns for a modern feel. They also look great with warm wood and minimalist frame mirrors. You can also try a black hexagon tile with white grout for a softer look.


Applying a hexagon pattern to your bathroom is an interesting way to complement your home decor. You can apply the hexagon tiles to the bathroom walls. The patterned part of the tiles can be matched with plain parts so that it will look more attractive. This is a perfect idea for those who want to add a little bit of color to their home. Green Hexagon Tiles from @naturallyofearth


The beauty of geometric rugs is that they can take on either a bold or classic look depending on the pattern and colour choice. Straight lines in vibrant hues command attention while soft curves in neutral tones create a timeless elegance. And if you want to add an attractive look to your home decor, you can opt for a hexagonal carpet. A hexagonal carpet is the perfect way to add a textured touch to your home.


Accentuate your corner space with a hexagon carpet. The geometric shape of the carpet can add an interesting look to the room. Even though the shape of the carpet is small but the colorful pattern of the carpet will add a splash to your small corner space. Patterned Hexagon Carpet from

Candle Holder

Add a warm glow to your home decor with this beautiful hexagon candle holder. Perfect for use at weddings, special events, or centerpiece ideas. These holders can be used alone or grouped together in different configurations. The hexagon candle holders can be made from varied materials, such as wood or metal. These candle holders are sure to impress your guests and will surely create a memorable atmosphere.


Create a geometric accent for your home decor with this stylish hexagon candle holder for tea lights. This wood candle holder features a popular hexagon shape with cut-out triangles that create an interesting look when adorned with a tea light candle. This is a great way to elevate your tabletop decor and can be used for both indoor and outdoor decorating. Wood Candle Holder from @millysgiftshop01

Wall Decoration

Hexagon wall decor ideas for home decor are not only a creative idea but also quite interesting to see. The hexagon shape has an enigmatic energy that is often found in nature. The symmetry of this shape can elevate the style of any room.


Hexagonal wall art is a unique way to add texture to the walls. It can be another option for wall decoration ideas. You can buy it at the store or make by yourself. Such as this hexagon wall decor made from wood material. By grouping some hexagon wall art on the bedroom wall, it will elevate your bedroom look. Hexagon Wall Decor from @katiesteckly

Coffee Table

A hexagon-shaped coffee table is a great way to add an attractive touch to your living room decor. It is also a perfect choice for those who want something different from a traditional coffee table. Moreover, it can be easily incorporated into your modern home decor.


To add a bold statement to your living room, use different and unique furniture. And hexagon coffee table can answer your needs. The shape of the coffee table is able to give a contemporary vibe to your space. But, if you want a modern look but warm, choose a hexagon coffee table made from wood materials. Pair it with blue armchairs for a contrasting look. And the geometric chandelier is in line with the living room concepts. Hexagon Coffee Table from @sgredesigned

Wall Sticker

You can add a Hexagonal design to your home decor by using hexagon wall stickers as they are easy to apply and they are very affordable too. You can stick them on your walls or even on the window glass to give a colorful appearance. It can add texture to your walls and is also available in many colors that can make your home look more interesting. You can also use them to complement your other decorations.


You can add a touch of uniqueness to your room by placing some hexagon mirror wall stickers. These are very easy to put up and can make your wall look interesting. Besides, they are made of high-quality felt materials that are durable and stick well to the wall. Its mirror-like surface reflects light, making the room appear bright and attractive. Hexagon Wall Sticker from @youruniquedeco

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