Unexpected decorating ideas to pair with on-trend pink hues

Although pink can be matched with almost any other color, you still need to consider what color combination to go with.

Pink Feat Gold

The combination of pink and gold is an iconic duo for much more longevity. Make sure you pick the right tones of both colors and the deeper the better. So, if you want to go bright and shiny with gold, you may pair it with a more muted blush pink shade. Just like the powder room above with the gold of the mirror that will come to the fore to make the space a wholly pampering experience.

Pink Feat Red

Take a pink and red combination for a contemporary twist or pair neutral pink with earthy terracotta and shades of clay will give you an on-trend tonal room presentation. As long as you play with a close friendly tone to pink like red and red-orange, it will create a harmonious space. Besides, you may also d├ęcor with blush, baby pink, and old rose.

Pink Feat Yellow

Look at this gorgeous sunny bedroom. The bedroom looks so colorful and fun with the combination of pink and yellow. After that, you can balance all the looks with a blue accent to feel always fresh and light. Since yellow is the color of optimism while pink brings positivity to a room so the combination will never go wrong. You may go with chalky dirty plaster pink and then slice with a zinging almost neon yellow for a standout look. Last, add natural textures like rattan and rope for a lovely layered look.

Pink Feat Grey

It is a classy combination where pink and grey meet. Grey is a symbol of coolness so it needs the warmth of pink to create a friendly and hospitable space. Therefore, you may play with a bright pop of bold fuchsia or a pale pink blush. Those will work beautifully with a grey tone.

Pink Feat Blue

Pink is great to pair with blue for a luxurious look. The coolness of the blue here is warmed up by the heat emanating from the red of the pink. On the other hand, the rose look of pink is toned down when contrasted with the blue. So it is all a beautiful combination, right?

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