Display ideas of furniture as room divider for cozier living room

Separations will give you an opportunity to introduce different spaces for different functions and tasks. Besides, it will also add a special taste to home design. Thus, you need a room divider for your home. But, it doesn’t mean you have to buy a room divider. Even, you can display your furniture as a room divider for your living room.

Double Sided Furniture

Presenting double-sided seating furniture will become a perfect way to zone your space. It will create two socializing spots. Besides, you can have one place as a lounge and the other for working. After that, you may place a TV on one side and a fireplace on the other side so it will offer you two different yet functional areas in one room. Next, you can add a console or a bookshelf in the middle of the space on both sides.

Dining Space As A Smart Way To Divide A Room

This room has everything in one from the rug placement to the dropped lighting. It will help divide the dining table from the living space with the same tone. The room does not feel overcrowded with a clean paired back palette of natural materials. On the other hand, the fittings, bronze fixtures, and art add warmth to the tranquil space. A custom tan leather banquette sits perfectly in the alcove featuring a walnut dining table and antique cloche pendant. After all, it creates a warm glow for intimate dinner time. The window is a perfect way to show the world while eating with family.

Bench In The Middle

Do you have a large living room with lots of small seaters? A long sleek bench placed in the middle of the room is wonderful as a room divider. The bench is a versatile piece that can be used to sit on, to place throws, cushions, and other things when not in use.  Last, this flexible furniture can be picked up and moved around the house according to your need.

Sectional Sofa

A sectional sofa is famous as a perfect piece of living room furniture to divide your living room. It will create cozy seating although in a large space. The sectional sofas can be customized to fit your living room layout. It can be used for entertaining with armrests, back heights, ottomans, and ledges that provide a timeless look. This idea is undeniable for an open-plan living room design.

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