Under stair decor cozy under stair reading nook design ideas

Having a two-story house allows you to use the area under your stairs. Make every room in your home functional and attractive with the right décor. Instead of letting the space under your stairs just like that, you should use it for something else that is more functional. With a little thought, it’s easy to create a comfortable and relaxing under-stair nook in your home.

Usually, many people use the nook under their stairs to store things like winter boots, vacuums, and holiday decorations. But it’s your opportunity to give your home a unique look and feel. Whether you want to transform it into a library, home office, or a place to read, these under-stairs nook ideas are sure to inspire you. Just be sure to choose a design that suits your personal style and home décor.

But if you just want to dedicate an under-the-stair nook as a place where you spend time with your books, there are several things you can do. The most important thing to do is to create comfort in your reading corner even though it has a limited area. An interesting and cozy under-stairs reading nook will boost your mood and enhance your home decor for sure. Here, we have some ideas to create a cozy under stair reading nook. Let’s take a look at these ideas bellows.

Built-In Bookshelves

When tucked under a staircase, nooks offer convenient storage and an opportunity to create a cozy space with a view. To make the most of your space, install built-in bookshelves that blend seamlessly with your room’s design style. These shelves provide the perfect spot for storing books and displaying decorative knick-knacks.


The most important thing when creating a reading nook is providing a bookshelf. If you make a reading nook under the stair, you can opt for a built-in bookshelf. This bookshelf will save space while looking stylish at once. The size of the bookshelf can be adjusted according to your understair space. You can arrange your book collection there and add some other decorative items or house plants to get an interesting look. Built-in Bookshelf from @decoratorsdaughterinteriors

Comfortable Seating

Whether your nook is large or small, make your reading nook cozy and inviting with comfortable seating and soft textures. Choose a cozy chair, ottoman, daybed, or bench to create a reading space that’s both comfy and stylish. Plenty of pillows are essential for making it cozy. You can also add a side table for a cup of tea to further enhance the comfort.


When creating a reading space, providing comfortable seating is very important, wherever you create it, including the area under the stairs. There are many seating options that you can choose from. But if you want to get more coziness, you can use a daybed. The daybed will provide maximum coziness. Combine it with some pillows and blankets and enjoy your reading time all day long. Daybed from @marnieoursler

Throw Pillows and Blankets

A cozy reading nook is a perfect place to escape into the pages of your favorite book. When your reading nook is under the stair, making it cozy is a must. In addition to furniture like chairs and tables, a plush throw pillow and blanket are must-haves for any cozy reading nook. This is because reading often turns into an hours-long activity, and it can get chilly sitting in one position for so long.


Even though has a small space but you can make your reading nook comfortable as possible you can. Complete the built-in bench under the stair with a soft pad. But it’s not enough, you have to complete it with some throw pillows and blankets to add more coziness. It is because you will spend some hours reading your book. So, adding some comfortable things is a must. Throw Pillows and Blankets from @designsbykatylynn

Add a Rug

Make the under stair reading nook area more comfortable with a comfortable rug. The rug will add extra comfort underfoot. Adding a plush area rug also can define the space. There are varied rug types that you can choose from. It all depends on your needs. Some people choose a rug in a neutral color while others want to add color to the reading corner under the stairs with a patterned rug.


Make your reading time more comfortable by covering the floor with a cozy rug. A rug will add extra comfort underfoot. The rug option can be adjusted according to your need, taste, and your reading style. If you want to complete your neutral under-stair reading nook, a round woven rug in a neutral color is suitable for you. Round Woven Rug from @mnm.decor

Proper Lighting

An under-the-stair reading nook turns an unused space in the home into a cozy hideaway for catching up on your favorite books. A few essential ingredients include sumptuous soft furnishings, a tactile rug beneath the foot, and – of course – good lighting. Overly bright or dark spaces make eyestrain inevitable and distracting, while dim, indirect lighting is more efficient for reading.

For the best lighting for your under-the-stair reading nook, consider adding recessed lights to the ceiling or walls of the room. These are an ideal choice for small nooks with low ceilings as they stay out of the way and eliminate the risk of glare caused by overhead lighting. Alternatively, you can choose sconce or pendant lighting that is more minimalist and saves floor space.


To support your reading activity, installing proper lighting fixtures is a must. For your under-the-stair reading nook, install recessed lighting to illuminate your space. This light is suitable for the low ceiling in your under-the-stair. To add more light, a wall sconce is also suitable for the reading nook. Lighting Fixtures from @mymodhouse

Storage Ideas

To add a coziness spot under your staircase, use lower storage drawers to keep extra blankets and pillows nearby for added comfort and a plush reading ambiance. A small side table is perfect for placing a book or magazine and can easily be tucked into the corner of your nook.


The neat and tidy reading nook is important to create a cozy ambiance. Imagine that your reading space is cluttered, you won’t enjoy your reading time. Thus, providing storage is a must. It is not only to store your books but also to store other supporting components in your reading room, such as throw pillows, blankets, and more. In this case, you need low storage to add convenience. You can choose a storage bench for your under stair reading nook. For extra storage, adding a basket can be another option. Low Storage from @lodestonehomescanada

Add Decorative Items

If you’re going for a simple, understated reading nook, decorate it with some decorative items. It will add a pop of color to your understair reading nook. Frame art prints that are themed around literature—from library posters to dictionary art—for an instant reading nook upgrade. Prints for book lovers and framed dictionary art are perfect choices, but you can also personalize the space with your family photos or treasured knick-knacks.


Lastly, to make your under-the-stair reading nook more stand out, displaying some decorative items is a great idea. If not possible to hang it on the wall, you can put the decorative items on the shelves. And to personalize your reading nook, you can add your family photos and other knick-knacks. Framed Photo from @rachaellaureninteriors

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