Shelf choices for your indoor plants display

Simply putting the indoor plants on the floor will ok. However, if you want to put many plants in the house, then not using any shelves will make your floor area to be seen as crowded and not organized. Since there are many shelf designs that can be used to display your plants, then we recommend you have them. Even when you have a spacious area for the plants, using the shelf is so much better than putting it on the floor.

The use of the shelf can be adjusted based on the needs and the house space condition so that it will be beneficial. If you only have a small home space, then you can pick the design that can help you deal with the space problem. For example, you can install a shelf on the wall or something floating. But, if you don’t have any problem with the space, then you can choose the design that is put on the floor. This condition will give you many choices in choosing the shelf design.

We will show you some shelf references that you can choose based on your home condition and need. You will see how the shelves can be really varied and able to beautify your plant display without losing its main function to offer proper space to put the plants.

Window Shelf

The window shelf can be used to beautify your window decoration. If you want to add privacy to the window, then this idea can be a pretty solution. However, you should consider the display arrangement so that you can still see the outside scenery through the window.


The shelf design here is really simple where it is installed on the window and added with jute rope to add a pretty touch. All things applied for the rack are in white color to match the window design concept. You can see how the shelf can also be used to display books and ornament which makes this shelf way more functional. Window Shelf from @mcmasterofthehouse

Metal Wire Board Shelf

Metal material is chosen because of its durability. So, for your plant shelf, metal material can be a good choice. The metal shelf can come in the form of a wire board as you can hang the plants there by using the hanging pots or installing an additional shelf there.


With the wood rack added on the metal wire, this plant rack looks more warm and welcoming. It can be useful for you who are afraid of using metal material because you may lose the natural impression. The wood rack here is designed in different sizes so that it can be used to put pots in different designs and sizes. Such a functional one! Metal Wire Board Shelf from @plantredo

Metal Floor Shelf

If you have a blank spot in the house, then putting a floor shelf won’t be any problem for you. The metal floor shelf can be a sturdy choice for your plants. You can paint the metal material in any color that fit your decoration style.


The combination of the white wood material with the black metal material looks good. This kind of rack will fit many decoration styles such as modern, Scandinavian, and even industrial. The addition of the lamp there will make it even prettier during the night. You can make the plants the focal point day and night. Such a good thing to have! Metal Floor Shelf from @iansfurniture

Ladder Shelf

If you need something unique but are still on a budget, the ladder shelf will be the right choice for you. Its anti-mainstream design will let you get a unique impression. Also, different breadth will let have a more organized plant organization because you can classify the plants based on their size.


Even when the shape is not symmetrical, you can see from this picture that the ladder shelf can also be sturdy. As long as the pedestal is sturdy, then you don’t need to worry that it may collapse. For the rack, this one is using a wood pallet that won’t be expensive but functional yet proper. Ladder Shelf from @plantdaddynz

Macrame Shelf

Although it will have a limitation, but the macrame shelf can also become your choice to display your indoor plant. However, you should consider the load of the pots, whether will it be too heavy or not. If you can choose the right plants, then the macrame shelf can be an interesting choice because the macrame will be seen as aesthetic.


This macrame shelf might have a Boho impression but you can use it for any of your home decor styles. The color is white which makes it proper to be applied for any home decor style. The macrame that is combined with wood material looks really natural and will be able to create a natural impression in the house. Macrame Shelf from @knots.and.hilo

Round Shelf

The round shelf will be another unique shelf that you can have. It will give your house a different look. When your home decor is a simple one, this round shelf can be a focal point in the house. So, make sure that it is clean, sleek, and proper.


The gold color that is applied to this round shelf makes the shelf looks luxurious and valuable. To give another impression, this round shelf uses white pallets as the shelf that can calm down the gold. Using it as an additional ornament to your home decor will be so much worth it. Round Shelf from @hanginghouseplants

Zig Zag Vertical Shelf

The zig-zag shelf is simple but can be unique at once because the design is not boring. Presented in a vertical design, this zig zag shelf will fit well in your small home space. The material can be varied, but if you want the on-budget version, you can choose the wood material.


Basically, this zig zag shelf is functional since you can use it not only for your plants but also for your books or other utilizations. Look at how the shelf can be proper enough for the plants and books. This shelf can also be used for the vines by putting it on the top part of the shelf. Zig Zag Vertical Shelf from @_iwetmyplants__

Lighted Shelf

The lighted shelf is great for you who want to use plants as an additional part of the home ornament. Well, not all of us have indoor plants because we love plants. Some of us just want to beautify the house, right? That is why the lighted shelf is the one that we recommend for you so that you can still see the beauty of the plants during the night.


The simplest lamp that can be installed anywhere in any condition is the string light. This one is an example of the string light application where you can even form a certain shape by using the string light. So, whatever the shelf type that you choose, you can always use the string light to be applied. Lighted Shelf from @graceshouseofplants

Honeycomb Shelf

We all know how amazing the honeycomb shape can be to be installed in any part of the home decoration including for the furniture. The honeycomb shelf will be one of the possible shapes that you can have for your plants’ shelf. It will be surely unique and aesthetic.


In white color, this honeycomb shelf doesn’t look too much. Since the shape is already outstanding, so we recommend you calm down the color. This honeycomb shelf won’t with for big size plants because there is a space limitation. If you have vines, this honeycomb shelf will be perfect. Honeycomb Shelf from @thosepositiveplants

All Wire Shelf

If you love something industrial, the all-wire shelf is a good choice for you. It has a tight space between the wire making it looks detailed and special. The design will be simple but worth it to have.


The industrial impression is clearly seen on this shelf. The material and the design are really valid. The black color that is applied there represents the bold and industrial impression. If you have a modern home decor, this one will also proper. All Wire Shelf from @hiltoncarter

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