Showering with nature inspirational ideas for plants in your shower

Want to add some calming green plants to your bathroom or wet room? Great idea! Your bathroom can transform into a vibrant space with houseplants, like a lively conservatory. But which plants thrive in such an environment, even in the shower?

Several houseplants flourish in highly humid conditions. You can grow ferns, pothos, air plants, bromeliads, and even orchids successfully, bringing the allure of the rainforest into your shower. These tropical plants are well-equipped to thrive in the steamy, humid environment. Luckily, we’ve discovered several shower plants that can thrive in the low-light, humid setting of your bathroom.


Versatile and ideal for a variety of indoor plants, Earthling pots offer a touch of uniqueness with their charming plastic design. Elevate your living space with these distinctive plant pots that infuse character into any home setting. Whether as gifts for housewarmings or birthdays, these pots are guaranteed to spark engaging conversations and elicit joyful smiles. Infuse your living space with delightful decorative elements that exude boho vibes and enhance the beauty of your lush indoor greenery.

Air Plant (Tillandsia Spp.)

Air plants are the top choice for bathroom houseplants because they thrive in very humid air – in fact, they need it! These unique and exotic “floating plants” are perfect for the shower because they absorb nutrients from the air and water, which is why they prefer humidity levels above 65%!

With numerous species in this genus, air plants showcase a sculptural appearance with pointed leaves that come in various colors like green, silver, blue, or purple. They often take on intriguing shapes, resembling nests or “quiffs.”

Being bromeliads, air plants, under the right conditions, can bloom and display exceptionally vibrant modified leaves in the world’s brightest colors. Growing an air plant in your bathroom promises a stunning and exotic spectacle.


Under optimal conditions, air plants have the potential to blossom, revealing brilliantly vivid modified leaves in the most brilliant hues imaginable. Cultivating an air plant within your bathroom ensures a captivating and exotic showcase of natural beauty. Air plants from @ mycottageproject

Pansy Orchid (Miltonia Spp.)

The pansy orchid is one type of orchid that thrives well in bathrooms. It gets its name from the shape of its labellum, which is the large central and lower petal that distinguishes orchids. The labellum is flat and broad, resembling a pansy flower, and it often displays a different color towards the center, similar to violas.

These orchids have very showy flowers with two or three colors, typically in the white, pink, or purple range. Some varieties, like Miltonia goodale ‘Moir’ and Miltonia castanea, also feature yellow parts in their flowers.

Being epiphytes, they have roots that absorb nutrients from the air. Pansy orchids are considered a more unique and distinctive choice compared to moth orchids.

Philodendron (Philodendron Spp.)

Philodendron, a classic houseplant, is a perfect choice for growing in your bathroom’s shower area! With its beautiful exotic leaves, it can transform your bathroom into a tropical forest, giving you that delightful “feel” you desire.

Unlike orchids and air plants, philodendron is not an epiphyte, but it also possesses aerial roots. There are numerous varieties available, ranging from those with broad, heart-shaped leaves to others like Philodendron bipennifolium, which have segmented leaves.

With a staggering 450 varieties of philodendron to choose from, you can find one that suits your bathroom in terms of size and shape. Enjoy the lush and tropical vibes with philodendron in your bathroom!


Embrace the classic charm of the Philodendron, an ideal candidate for flourishing in the sanctuary of your shower! With its captivating exotic foliage, this plant has the magical ability to metamorphose your bathroom into a lush tropical haven, bestowing upon you the delightful ambiance you’ve been yearning for. Philodendron from @ house.and.plants

Dragon Plant (Dracaena Spp.)

Another houseplant that thrives in the humid atmosphere of your bathroom is the dragon plant. It’s a common yet exotic-looking plant with an intriguing role in the history of botany, famously featured in the book “The Secret Life of Plants” by Peter Tompkins.

The dragon plant boasts long, fleshy, waxy, and glossy pointed leaves, often adorned with stripes. There are around 120 different species, varying in size and appearance. Some have a single color, while others display stripes in different shades of green or a combination of green and cream. With such diversity, you can easily find a dragon plant that suits your bathroom’s space and matches your preferred colors or color patterns.


Yet another indoor plant that flourishes within the humid environment of your bathroom is the dragon plant. With approximately 120 diverse species, each differing in size and visual traits, you can effortlessly discover a dragon plant that harmonizes with your bathroom’s dimensions and complements your favored hues or color schemes. Dracanea from @ veronka_mate

Boston Fern (Nephrolepis Exaltata) 

The Boston fern is an ideal houseplant, especially for small bathrooms. This undemanding little beauty can fit into fairly tight spaces. It thrives in warm and highly humid environments, making it a great choice for growing on top of bathroom cabinets.

Despite its small size, the Boston fern has a lively and playful personality. Its lush, glossy, and light green fronds form charming clusters of greenery. The segmented fronds create a rich texture in the foliage. As the fronds grow, they tend to arch, giving the plant a trailing appearance, making it suitable for hanging baskets or placing on top shelves.


Meet the Boston fern, a superb addition to your home that truly shines in cozy, compact bathrooms. This unpretentious gem has a knack for adapting to snug spaces. Flourishing in the embrace of warmth and abundant humidity, it emerges as the perfect contender for gracing the top of your bathroom cabinets. Boston fern from @ private_fireweed

ZZ Plant (Zamioculcas Zamiifolia)

The Eternity plant or ZZ plant is a perfect fit for fairly small and even dark bathrooms. It exudes a lovely and sweet presence, thanks to its glossy and rounded leaflets (segments) that grow regularly on the sides of green stalks, resembling steps of a ladder. These stalks grow straight from the ground in beautiful clusters.

During blooming, it showcases yellow-brown spadices (plural of spadix, similar to those of a peace lily or anthurium), surrounded by shiny green spathes (modified leaves resembling petals). If you want your bathroom to stand out from your neighbor’s, this unique plant is an excellent choice.


ZZ plant, an impeccable match for those snug and possibly dimly lit bathrooms. With an aura of elegance and charm, it owes its allure to the glossy, rounded leaflets that sprout rhythmically along the sides of its green stalks, creating a mesmerizing ladder-like arrangement. These stalks emerge in picturesque clusters, rising gracefully from the soil. ZZ plants from @ wildwood_plantlife

Snake Plant (Sansevieria Spp.)

The snake plant is one of the world’s most popular houseplants and can be easily grown in the shower. Unlike other succulents, it thrives in humid air and requires very little light. You can place it near your washbasin or next to your bath, enjoying the unique “tongue-shaped” leaves of this famous plant.

There are numerous snake plant varieties available, many featuring beautiful color patterns with combinations of dark and light green, sometimes in stripes or patches, or even both.

If you’re looking to add an extra dimension to your “bathroom gardening,” consider learning how to braid your snake plant. This can turn it into a living sculpture, and its smooth and shiny texture complements marble and granite bathrooms perfectly.


Bucking the trend among succulents, the snake plant thrives on humidity and demands only a modest amount of light. Imagine it nestled by your washbasin or keeping you company by the bath, showcasing its iconic “tongue-shaped” leaves in all their distinct glory. Snake plants from @ teenytinyindoorgarden

Golden Pothos (Epipremnum Aureum)

The golden pothos, a favorite trailing houseplant worldwide, is also a perfect choice for the shower. If you’re wondering which plant would fit well above your shower, look no further – the golden pothos with its heart-shaped leaves in shades of yellow and bright green can beautifully trail down your bathroom cabinet or shower. It thrives in low light and high humidity, making it an ideal candidate for your bathroom.

One great advantage of this plant is its low maintenance nature. You can grow it even if you don’t have much time to care for it or if you tend to forget about watering it. Don’t worry; even if you neglect it for a week or two, the golden pothos can handle it just fine without any issues.


Golden pothos is a low-maintenance plant. Even if your schedule is jam-packed or your memory for watering is a bit wobbly, you can still nurture it. No fretting necessary – should you happen to give it a little less attention for a week or even two, the resilient golden pothos will take it all in stride, never skipping a beat. Golden pothos from @






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