Unbelievably adorable bedroom design for couple that will make your love feel warmer

Whether you want to take the next step and move in together with your couple, or a married couple for decades, the bedroom design for a couple is necessary to make your love goes to the next level. And sometimes is very hard to decide which design you want to choose. Afraid not because we already compile 5 best bedroom designs for couples that will make you amazed.

1. Using Differences Lifestyle

The room is designed by Max Sinsteden, we love this room because it’s featured feminine prints and fabrics with Masculine fabrics such as Plaid Sheets. Moreover, the separate nightlight helps the couple to do different hobbies before bed such as playing games, reading books, etc.

2. Easy for Keeping Clutter Tucked Away

Since you will be sharing a bedroom with your couple, then you need to be prepared for sharing your storage space. In this design by Studio DIIA, you can get a lot of storage space with a fantastic design. You can make a layer on one wall with a bookshelf, or you can also make a row that stretches along the bedroom perimeter. And with this design, you can keep the bedroom clean and tidy.

3. Seating Area with Amazing View

A Designer Kylee Shintaffer designed the bedroom not just as a place to sleep, but it can also be used as a space for seating while chatting and enjoying the mountain views. This will be a perfect place to spend quality time with your couple.

4. Put a Fireplace

A Casual Elegant Bedroom is the best, but Designer April Tomlin adds a Fireplace anchor in the middle of the wall that separates the sleeping area from the lounge. With this, the fireplace will also help to connect both spaces visually. Moreover, the fireplace will add a warm feeling to both rooms.

5. Let’s Add Your Personal Touches

Adding a personal touch to the bedroom is a must, but what’s more, is to add the couple’s touch to make the rooms officially yours both. Just like how Ellen Niven does in this design, the Monogrammed Pillowcase plays the best part in giving the touch. We also love how the headboard and the wall have the same pattern and blend very well in this design.

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