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Teenagers are at an age when they go through changes quickly. One day your little boy or girl is tiny, the next they hit a growth spurt and suddenly look a foot taller. You have to prepare for their need, including their bedroom decorations. A teen’s room should be prepared for these rapid changes with some adjustments. This is because maybe the existing decorations are no longer suitable for the needs and tastes of those who are not kids anymore.

As your teen grows up they’ll want their space to reflect their personality. The key is to strike a balance between letting their tastes shine and creating a classic base that will last. This can be done by letting them take the reins on the more inexpensive and easily interchangeable items like bedding, rugs, and window treatments and keeping more permanent elements like the wall color and furniture classic and timeless. And with IKEA-inspired decoration ideas, you will find a lot of ideas and items to create a cool teenage bedroom. But before that, you have to know what should you do to prepare a teenage bedroom. There are several things that need to consider.

What Should Do to Prepare Teenage Bedroom

  • Proper Storage. As they get older, teens will likely accumulate more clothes than when they were younger. Ensure they have ample closet storage options to prevent a floordrobe situation and add extra shelving for shoes and other accessories that will make their room feel more curated.
  • Choose the Right Furniture. Since their age and body are growing up, the selection of furniture must also be adjusted. Both in terms of design, size, and material. So, choosing the right furniture and other items is very important to create cool teenage bedroom decor.
  • Reflect Their Personality. When designing a teen bedroom, it’s important to consider your child’s evolving tastes. They might be craving a sense of maturity and professionalism, or they may still secretly fancy some playful elements from their childhood. It’s also a time when they want to establish their own unique identity and find their niche in a group of friends.
  • Incorporate Their Hobby. Incorporate their favorite hobby into the bedroom to make it feel truly theirs. This will make them feel comfortable in their room and can show their passion.
  • Involving Them in Every Step. Ultimately, decorating your teen’s room should be a collaborative process that is both productive and fun. Involving them in every step of the process will make them feel invested in the outcome and will ensure that their design choices reflect their unique personality.

Create a Cozy Sleeping Area

Teenagers often want a cozy place to sleep, but they’re also looking for a space that feels cool and expresses their personality. The comfortable bedding set is a must. In IKEA there are a lot of bedding sets that offer comfort with attractive colors and patterns. Use their favorite color as a unifying design theme for a fun look, or go with a trendy polka-dot bedding set to add an eye-catching twist.


Make the teenage bedroom more comfortable with a set of bedding that can provide coziness. With IKEA-inspired decoration ideas, you can adopt some IKEA products. To personalize their tastes and styles, you can choose a bedding set with an attractive pattern. Usually, teens like abstract patterns and neutral colors. Making it looks to match the color scheme of the bedroom will create appealing look. Bedding set from @ikeausa

Cozy Reading Nook

If your teen wants to chill out with friends, introduce a lounge area using IKEA furniture. Create a cozy reading nook with a comfy chair and a floor cushion, then finish the look with throw blankets and a coffee table. Layered lighting, such as adjustable lamps on the bed and desk, will prevent eyestrain while they’re glued to their screen.


Facilitate your teen with a cozy space to read their books or just chill out. Instead of letting the nook unused, you can provide a comfy chair in the corner of the bedroom. Meanwhile, install some shelves in the nook to display their books or other accessories. You can also add some indoor plants to freshen up the bedroom look. Reading space from @ikeausa

Proper Storage

Aside from a comfortable bed, there are lots of other IKEA furniture pieces that can make the perfect teen room. Try to choose furniture that is not only stylish but also functional. This means the furniture that can be used as storage. It is because, as teens, they will accumulate more items so you need to provide proper storage to avoid cluttered situations. For example, a wardrobe that also has roomy drawers, or a bed with plenty of under-bed storage. Plus, adding some shelving to the room can be a great way to display artwork or other decorative items. Also, you can buy some stylish baskets as extra storage.


Since your teens are growing up, they will tend to collect more items, such as clothes, shoes, accessories, and more. Related to that, you need to provide proper storage to make the bedroom still neat and comfy to use. You can buy a simple drawer cabinet and nightstand. Installing some shelves on the walls can also be used for storage space. Moreover, under-bed storage and basket will help you to avoid clutter situations. Storage ideas from @ikeausa

Cozy Study Space

Well-designed study space can help your teen stay focused on homework and school projects, but the right decor can make it even more appealing. Try a bold, eye-catching wallpaper or paint color that will encourage them to get work done, but also incorporate soft seating options and cozy floor coverings so they can relax when the study session gets too tough.


Try to design the study space with attractive decoration. That is not only pleasant to the eye but also comfy to use and neat for sure. Well, the study room in your teenage bedroom can be decorated with a simple desk, a comfortable chair, and a pegboard as a place to organize your teen’s needs, such as their schedule or just to hang their earphone. Study room from @ikeausa

Add Artworks

If you can’t agree on a single theme for the room, try focusing on one large element to act as a focal point. This could be an art print, a piece of wallpaper, or a gallery wall. It’ll be the main feature of their space and will draw the eye, but it’s not so overpowering that they can’t switch things up later on without major redecorating.


Don’t let your teenage bedroom is plain. Let’s decorate the wall of the bedroom with attractive things. There are wide options to choose from, but if you want a simple thing and can elevate the room instantly, hang an art print. Such as this a teenage girl’s bedroom decorates the walls with a framed art print in a strawberry theme. The large size of the wall art will create a statement in the bedroom. Wall art from @ikea_id

Use Their Hobby as A Main Theme

Incorporating their hobby will make it feel truly like their bedroom. You can decorate the teenage bedroom with some of their collections. This theme is easily adaptable to other interests as their passions change over time. Whatever the hobby is. It could be their favorite music, their favorite sports equipment, or something else. If they have a natural flair, fill the room with plants to bring in some life and help them connect with nature.


Incorporating their hobby as the main theme of bedroom decoration is such a pleasant thing. Whatever their hobbies can be used as a teenage bedroom theme. For example, if your teen likes a natural flair, you can decorate the bedroom by inserting some plants and using a bedding set with a plant theme. Combine it with a neutral color scheme to feel close to nature. To make it look more attractive and stylish, you can Polkadot pattern on the wall. But make sure it’s not too overpowering so it doesn’t look clash. Nature theme from @ikea

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