Serene meditation room decor to provide balance

Having your own meditation room will give you many benefits. Also, doing meditation in your own house is so much more comfortable. If you want to have it, you should be able to create a serene decoration so that you can reach the balance while doing the meditation. You have to make sure that the room is proper and supports your meditation well. You don’t need to have a wide space for this just as long as the space has the specification for your serene meditation then it will be ok.

There are some things that you should consider in creating a meditation room from the decoration concept and the things you should provide. Although the main concept of the meditation room is clear, that it should be calming and serene, there are also some possible choices that you can take just based on things that can make you feel the most comfortable.

Here is the complete considerations list that you should check:

Decor Concept

Some of us can get the most calming feeling from the empty space without any details that will distract our concentration. But, some of us feel more comfortable when there are additional items such as pillows, fragrances, or ornaments to make us feel the beauty. Even the lighting choices will be different from one to another. Here are some decoration concepts for your reference.

1. Facing the Natural Light

To let the sunlight pouring our body while doing the meditation is the best feeling that you can take. You can feel how nature creeps into your body which is really peaceful. This kind of decoration needs a wide window to face. No need for a spacious area just make sure that the window is big enough.


This window has a big size that will allow you to get enough natural light. You can also see that window facing the right spot where there are greeneries outside to add a serene impression. The window design is also not boring. It has a classic design with a dome on the upper side. Facing the Natural Light Decor @from delahrose.roobie.myer

2. Under the Natural Light

This one also lets you get the sunlight pouring into your body but in a different way. If facing the light will distract you, you can choose this kind of decoration concept. You can still get the light into your body without being annoyed by the light in your eyes.

224240791_1165287467291820_1407652285273005854_n (3)

The glass roof here is wide enough for you to get the natural light under. You can do the meditation right under the glass roof. It will be perfect as you can feel the balance between your body, soul, and nature. Here, the glass roof design is simple but nothing should stand out for your meditation room because that will only distract your concentration. Under the Natural Light Decor @from domna_chanoumidou

3. Empty space

What is meant by empty space here is that the space doesn’t have any furniture or additional items to add comfort such as mattresses or cushions. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get comfort from this decoration because each people can get comfort and serenity from their own characteristics and types.


The design here is like a dome with minimum details to give a serene atmosphere. The dome makes the room impression to be seen as high and glorious. There are minimum details for you who don’t feel comfortable with too many items around. You won’t get any distractions since there are only lamps and a statue there. Empty Space Decor @from ayushkasliwal

4. All-Natural Material

The all-natural material decoration should be really all-natural material. From the building, the furniture, ornament, and all other items are in natural material. Is it possible? You can see in the example below.


This meditation is built by using compressed mud for the wall. The table and seating are in stone and the mattress is in straw material. This kind of meditation room might not be that easy to have but will be so much more proper since you can bring yourself into the real nature space while meditating. All-Natural Material Decor @from thefragrantsun

Things to Provide

Considering the items to be provided in the meditation room should be careful because you are not allowed to put something that you don’t really need there. Your concentration will be distracted if there are too many items. Anyway, each of us will have a different need for a meditation room, you may choose some of the following references.

1. Mattress

The mattress is used to give your comfort while seating for a long time. Also, it can give you a warm feeling during the winter. There are varied mattress choices that you can take. Just choose the one based on the weather and your need in comfort.


This mattress has a black color which is a neutral color. When the white color gives you a pure impression, then the black color will give you strength. You can also look at the mattress placement where it faces the window for the sunlight to pour your body. Mattress @from

2. Cushion

Just like the mattress, the cushion is also there to give you extra comfort. In this case, the cushion is the seating cushion that will be more tender than the mattress.


There are two different cushions here, those are the rectangular one and the round one. Both are in ivory color which has a warm impression. It will allow you to sit in a higher position. You can use them together or choose one of them based on your need. Cushion @from blackdoveinteriors

3. Fragrance

The right fragrance can bring a serene atmosphere. Don’t put something with a too strong smell. You can choose a calming smell such as lavender.


Basically, there are varied different kinds of fragrances. It can be from the candle, diffuser, and from the liquid that is propagated. You can put the fragrance on the table if you have it in your meditation room just like what we have here. Or, you can simply put it on the floor in front of your seating position. Fragrance @from joshuasmithinc

4. Dim Light

The dim light is more recommended than the white bright light. It will be able to bring you balance and serenity way more effectively. There are some choices for dim light. It can be from the lamp, lanterns, and candles.


This meditation room uses candles and reflective light on the ceiling. Look at how the lighting color brings a warm atmosphere into the room. The application of the lighting is also balanced and symmetrical which is great for a meditation room. Dim Light @from thespacelessgallery

5. Singing Bowl

The singing bowl can provide a calming sound and can recharge the energy really well. You can provide one or two singing bow in different size since the sound produces is different.


Prepare the singing bowl in front of your meditation seating position so that you can reach it easily. Look at this meditation decoration with a singing bowl provided in different sizes. Such a functional and reachable. Singing Bowl @from sfshowcase



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