Variations of shower curtain for your bathroom upgrade project

It can be said that the shower curtain is the centerpiece of a bathroom. The existence is not a must but important. For the shower curtain itself, when you have it in your bathroom, it will help you to minimize the water splashing around the space. Then, when you provide the right curtain that fits well with the decoration around, or the one that can be a focal point, then the shower curtain can beautify the bathroom decoration. Even when you want to do a bathroom upgrade then by simply installing or changing the shower curtain with the better one can surely create a big difference.

In choosing the right shower curtain, you should know the variation of the curtain. It can be based on the material, pattern, color, and design style. For your reference, you should check the following ideas that we have gathered for you.

Tie Dye Curtain

You can’t ignore the beauty of tie-dye products where the design is unique and limited. It means that the detailed design will be different from one to another. There won’t be any of the same tie-dye products because the making is not printed. So, using it will guarantee you not have the same product as other people.


This round tie-dye design is the most popular. It can be interpreted as a flower or the sun just based on your imagination. The color scheme is purple which looks sweet and pretty. Look at how the bathroom has a focal point with the shower curtain existence around the empty bathroom decor. Tie Dye Curtain from @ithacatiedyes


If you don’t want to have the mainstream tie-dye design, then this one can be your choice. The pattern looks unique and artistic. The color combination is also perfect where it combines red, black, white, and a little bit of yellow together. Tie Dye Curtain from @ithacatiedyes

Kids Theme Curtain

If you have kids, then don’t only think about your own perspective of beauty. Here, installing a kids-theme curtain will be great. You will make your kids love their bathing activity and even without being asked, they will go to bath by themselves. Look at how cute this kids-theme curtain reference we give to you.


This shower curtain is unisex so that you can use it for both boys and girls. The colors and patterns are cheerful so that they can create a fun bathroom atmosphere. You can even use the curtain to learn about animal names, plant names, and any other stuff around the environment. Such a must to have! Kids Theme Curtain from @urbanoutfittershome

Nature Theme Curtain

For home decoration, the nature touch is something that should be provided to bring a calm and welcoming impression into the room. Then, what if you have it for your bathroom? Look at how it works really well from the images below.


The foliage pattern in green color on the ivory fabric color looks authentic. With the all-white decor around, the nature theme curtain looks stand out and really effective to bring a warm ambiance around the space. This one is really simple but able to give a big impact. Greenery Curtain from @urbanoutfittershome


You should know that nature is not only about the greenery, even the sun, clouds, and moon, are also part of nature. Look at how adorable this cloud curtain is when applied to your bathroom. The blue color of the sky and the white cloud look really peaceful. Are you interested in applying it to your bathroom? Clouds Curtain from @urbanoutfittershome

Ruffle Curtain

What makes the ruffle design interesting is its detail which will be unique. It has layers and creases to make it different from other curtain fabric products. The impression will be simple and girly. So, if you want to have a masculine decoration, this ruffle curtain might not be the right one for you. If you need more stand-out things for your empty bathroom, then the ruffle curtain is the recommended one.


This ruffle curtain is in white color around the white color scheme decor. Will it be seen as boring? Not at all! The ruffle design with the piled-up layers makes the curtain looks stand out so that the decoration around can be balanced. The curtain uses black rod and hooks that will be a great combination to give a sturdy look. Ruffle Curtain from @ukrainianlilyhome

Transparent Curtain

For the small bathroom space, the transparent curtain will be useful not to make the space to be seen as narrow. Sometimes, we are in doubt about installing the shower curtain because of the space impression effect. But now, you can choose a transparent curtain to deal with your space problem.


Installing only a transparent curtain without any detail will be boring. Anyway, you can see how this transparent curtain works really well. It is a shower curtain with linear drains. The first layer is the waterproof curtain material to prevent the water splash. Then, the second layer is the pretty curtain design for the beauty need. Transparent Curtain from @saraxchildress

Luxurious Curtain

Is it possible to bring the luxurious curtain to your bathroom? The answer is ‘yes’. You can have it from the curtain material, color, pattern, and accessories added to the curtain.


This green curtain represents the emerald that can be used to bring a luxurious impression. It is also added with a tassel for an extra luxurious impression. Also, look at how the curtain opened that will be different from the common curtain. It uses two sides curtains that are commonly applied for a luxury home. Luxurious Curtain from @canonanddeandesign



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