Chosen colors to make your room feel brighter and bigger

The ideas below are presenting favorite shades to use to make your room feel brighter and bigger. The colors below will be extremely wonderful to be your inspiration.


A light wall color like off-white will allow natural light to move around the space. It also creates an illusion of a brighter and bigger space. Meanwhile, you need to consider the size of the room to decide how much light color you need. This color will give the opportunity for light reflection and a feeling of comfort at the same time.

Mid Neutrals

When the white room feels a little stark to your style, you are suggested to play with mid-neutrals. It can pick up hints of our lovely accent colors too. You may consider one color on every surface when you have low ceilings or small spaces. The ton of mid neutrals will be great to play the early morning light and create the most gentle pale aqua. Your room will feel spacious with warm light neutrals to create a harmonious and elegant space.

Earthy Pinks

Earthy pink can be a smart great way to enhance your space. An earthy pink is calming yet bright. A subtle light dusty and chalky paint that will go amazing with deep gray. You may apply it to the walls of a small room to give a new feeling of calmer, brighter, and bigger. After that, you can paint the window frames and shutters in a similar tone but the darker also will be expected to extend the space.

Rich Hues

Since a neutral color scheme is not for everyone, it is recommended to choose a bolder look that still integrates color in a small dark room by presenting rich shades. Richer hues will create an embracing statement that draws your eye to the color. Choose tones that work as calm, elegant, and beautiful when they are together like in the picture above. Moreover, the rich colors with the luminosity that comes from a full spectrum paint which does not contain black, can often dull or over-saturate color.

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