Space saving hallway bathroom decor references

The hallway bathroom is not the one that is attached to the bedroom or other room in the house. It is located off of the hallway and is mostly smaller than the other bathroom type in the house. Being seen from the location, it is clear that the hallway bathroom is a shared bathroom that can even be used for guests. Anyway, although the space is only a small one, the hallway bathroom can also be stylish and functional just like the other bathroom you have in the house.

There are some things that you should consider when building a hallway bathroom since the space will be a little bit different from the others. Check and learn the following ideas.

1. Layout

The space of the hallway bathroom can be random based on the house’s condition. It may be rectangular, square, or irregular. You should check on the space and then make a plan for the layout. It should be clear about the furniture choice, size, and placement before you purchase them.

2. Storage

Since the hallway bathroom will be mostly used by the guests, then storage is important. Your guests will need the storage to put their toiletries, towels, and any other items they need for their bathing routine.

3. Design

The small space won’t obstruct you to apply something stylish and aesthetic. Your hallway bathroom can be designed with the most pretty decoration just like other bathrooms. You can install decorative mirrors, artwork, pretty lighting, and more.

Now, it’s time for you to see the following hallway bathroom decoration that will be varied from the simple one to the stand-out one. Make sure to adjust the design with your space layout when you find the design that you like and want to copy for your bathroom.


This bathroom has a sleek black bathtub, toilet, and vanity. They are shining which will give a luxurious impression yet bold in their black color. You should also see the green color that will be a good match to make a fresh welcoming impression. Then, the white color is applied to calm down the tone so that everything can be such a balance decoration. Luxurious yet Bold Decor from @sidneyrobinlowe


If you have a very small home space, this hallway bathroom decor is the one that can fit your room. This bathroom uses a glass shower door not to make it looks narrow. The color scheme is white which will be able to create a spacious impression. Also, look at how this decoration can still be functional since it has a complete facility even in a small space. Small Space with Glass Shower Door from @design.tile


This bathroom looks tight but still, be functional since the things installed there are all the right choices. Look at the small rectangular sink that can fit the room really well. You should also see the lamp installed over the mirror that can create a spacious impression elongated design. The shower space is also compact but still, be enough for you to shower there. Compact yet Functional Design from @aipvonisha


Clean and sleek is the impression of this bathroom. The color scheme choice makes it has those impressions that will be functional to create a wider space impression at once. There is some reflective lighting installed in the bathroom to create a certain beauty to the decoration. Not to make it boring, the wooden vanity with storage under is provided there. Such a perfect combination! Clean and Sleek Design from @united_chicago_builders


Let’s play with the pattern! There are some patterns applied in the bathroom from the tile, rug, pot, and ornament. You should also see how the colors blend really well which makes the varied patterns applied there not to be seen as crowded. This one is an example of using the pattern in a small space without making it looks narrow. Design with Pattern from @lotzeofdesign

280407373_693427061730483_4446914623086415575_n (1)

Bohemian is the first thing that crosses in mind when looking at this decoration. There are some Boho items that can be seen from the pattern and style. The tile pattern is the one that represents Boho style, also you can see on the curtain that has tassels. Those two things are enough to represent the style. This Bohemian decoration is the one that uses a soft earthy tone for a calming impression. Bohemian Design from @ameliadesignandcompany


If you want a modern and masculine bathroom decoration, then this one can be a good reference for you. It uses black and grey colors to bring a masculine impression. Another color to be combined together is the white color not to make the decoration be seen as too dark. Then, the wood element is applied here to bring a welcoming atmosphere so that the decoration doesn’t seem as too rigid. Modern and Masculine Decor from @red_river_living


The focal point of this bathroom decor is the different tiles application. For the wall, you can see that it uses marble which will be luxurious. Then, the floor has a stylish pattern that could be a good match with the marble. You should also look at the unique vanity that is customized with the toilet installation. The mirror and sink design are also unique which makes this bathroom even be seen as more stylish. Bathroom Patterned Tiles from @jennymartyn_


The blue subway tile applied to the bathroom looks stand out yet soft not to make the bathroom be seen as irritating. The brushed gold faucet and handles let this bathroom have a luxurious impression. To balance the decoration, this bathroom applies white color for other items. Soft Refreshing Design from @magdalenarepala


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