Stylish yet functional tv divider designs

It is true that television is not something a must anymore in a house. We all already feel enough with our mobile phones. But, it is not something wrong to have it in the house. You can put it in the living room and enjoy watching Netflix with all the family members. We still need the television so that we can keep a connection with each other by spending time together.

Having the television means that you should have the spot to put it properly. From all the possible items, we recommend you have the TV divider so that you can have more functions. What is meant by a TV divider is a room divider that is designed so that there is a spot to put the television. You can also have one with other additional specifications where there is some storage for you to put some books, ornament, etc.

We have gathered some TV divider designs that you can choose for your reference. These TV dividers will be perfect for you who live in a small home space so that you don’t need to build a wall that will make your house seen as narrow.

Multi-Task TV Divider

The multi-task TV divider is way more effective, especially for your narrow home space. This one can be a solution. You can see this from the following TV divider. It has a TV panel (which is the most important one), some storage to put ornament and accessories, and a rack to put greenery. This one is in the form of a partition to divide the room, for example, the living room and the dining room.


Multi-Task TV Divider from @bonsai.interiors

Luxurious Design

Without any doubt, this one is an example of a luxurious TV divider. You can see from the panel that has a marble pattern in gold color. It looks simple but effective to create a luxurious impression. There is also a gap on the edge of the panel not to make the room looks narrow. It also has a cabinet for varied utilizations.


Luxurious TV Divider from @eurocasajhb

Eccentric Design

What makes it looks eccentric is the lines that cover the space between the TV. This one also makes the divider doesn’t seem as empty but still able to create a spacious impression. It can be said that this one is a splendid way to divide a space. Then, you should also see the storage that is provided so that you can use it to store things to help you deal with a messy house.


Eccentric Design from @homeblissindia

All-White Design

This all-white design can be functional for your small house because the color will create a spacious room impression with its bright color. However, although the color is all white, this TV divider is not boring at all. Look at the lighting that is installed there. Such an aesthetic one! This TV divider is also multi-function with all the storage and rack provided.


All-White Design from @1interiordesigns

Fireplace TV Divider

What a perfect one for you who live in four seasons country. This one is a TV divider with a fireplace completing it. The fireplace can be accessed from both sides which is great. You can put it in your living room and feel the warmth from the fireplace in another room behind.

10362143_219739841569270_806224722_n (1)

Fireplace TV Divider from @voiartis


Swivel TV Divider

Although only in a small one, this TV divider is really worth it to buy. The TV panel is kind of swiveled so that you can watch the television on both sides. For example, if you use the TV divider to divide the living room and the dining room, then you watch the television from those two rooms. You just need to simply rotate the television. Such an interesting one!

Earthy Design

The earthy design is known for its ability to bring a welcoming home impression. This TV divider has an earthy impression from its warm color scheme choice and the material which is wood that surely comes from nature. Such a perfect combination! You can also see how this TV divider is really functional from the cabinet and storage provided with some aesthetic lamps installed.


Earthy Design from @pushpainteriors

Bookshelf Swivel TV Divider

This TV divider is in the form of a bookshelf with a TV panel provided. The bookshelf has a hole which is created without any wall to make it possible for you to access the books from both sides. The TV panel is also swivel so that you can watch the television from two sides.


Bookshelf Swivel TV Divider from @eurocasajhb

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