How the wood can turn into pretty vases

We are familiar with the wood products that are used in any home decoration. It comes in the form of furniture and interior touches. But, it is quite rare for us to use it for the vase because of its impossibility to fill with water.

Here, we want you to know that the wooden vase will still be proper for the vase material whether you want to fill it with water or not. If you want to fill it with water, you can simply put a glass tube inside the vase and then fill it with water. Otherwise, you can use the wooden vase without using a glass tube which is by using dried flowers or foliage. If you want a more durable one, you can use artificial flowers. It’s all about choice but the point is that there are some possible ways that you can take.

The wood comes in varied shapes and forms. With this, you will get varied wooden vase variations also which is interesting. From the sleek one to the unfinished one, all are possible and have their own impressive side.

Perfection in Imperfection


This wooden vase is made of imperfect wood with natural flaws. You will see how the imperfect wood shape can bring beauty to an artistic finished product. This vase also doesn’t have too much polish. It is just as simple as this but as artistic as an artwork. Damage! Flaw Wood Material from @faisalmalikdesign

Natural Finish


The use of stem in this vase is in a real natural finished product. You can see the wood bark with its wrinkle and indentation that looks really natural. This vase also doesn’t add the coating to make it as natural as possible. If you have a rustic or farmhouse home decor concept, this kind of vase will be perfect to beautify your decoration. Natural Finish Wood Vase from @soulmadegoods

Wood Stick

90323539_199895981295122_4011989761901645998_n (1)

Simple yet aesthetic! That will be the expression to characterize this vase. It is made of wooden sticks that are arranged with gaps to make the wood stick exposed well. Although simple, it doesn’t mean that the vase is less beautiful than the other designs. Remember that less is more in some cases. This vase is an example of that where it is used to put white flowers that will be really harmonious with its simplicity. Wood Stick Vase from @zweidesign

Cube Vase


It can be said as the most basic shape of the wooden vase. You can even make it yourself. The design is really simple and easy to build. It can be used to balance the look. It means that if you want to put colorful flowers in different sizes and varieties, then this vase will be a great choice. The vase will calm down the crowded impression of the flowers to make it looks balanced. Cube Vase from @koyalwholesale

Resins Vase


Combining the wood with the resin can be a good idea. You can make it yourself or purchase it. In case you want to make it yourself, you should find not symmetrical wood with holes or indentations that will be filled with the resins. You can see this vase that is filled with resin and flowers inside to make it looks pretty. We advise you to use this kind of vase to put simple plants or flowers in neutral colors because the vase already stands out. Resin Vase from @insiandsoak

Black Finish Wood


Your modern home or industrial home can also be added with the wooden vase. This black finish wood is an example of that. It is using white oak wood that is added with black color and finished out with Danish oil. This vase looks masculine, minimalist, and sleek at once. Black Finish Wood Vase from @hulas_woodworks

Combination Design

359825463_18014306977663835_7403088611047792392_n (1)

This vase has a combination of fierce black color with an aesthetic natural pattern in wood color. Those two have different characteristics but look at how they can blend really well. This vase is even be seen as an artwork that can beautify your home decoration and can take a role as an ornament. Combination Design Vase from @rizos_wood_crafts

Fresh and Stylish


For teenagers or if you want to have a fresh and cute one, this vase design is the one that we recommend. This vase might not be seen as a wooden one but it is wood for sure. It is painted in white color and blue in the heart shape to make it looks cuter. Such an interesting one for a vase. Fresh and Stylish from @wood.and.whimsy

Round Shape


The round shape woods are stacked to make it looks like a caterpillar can be a unique vase designed to beautify your home. It comes in natural wood color without added with any coating to make it fits with any of your home design. It can be rustic, farmhouse, Boho, and even modern. Round Shape Vase from @fab.signature

Sleek Jar Vase


The wood vase can also be seen as luxurious with a sleek coating. The addition of vibrant colors makes your room looks more fresh and cheerful. The jar shape of this vase is also interesting as it minimizes the rigid impression of the vase. This vase is for you who love something dynamic, fun, yet luxurious, this one is the best choice for you. Sleek Jar Vase from @montvillewoodsgallery


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