Design-forward ideas ways to incorporate a built-in planter in your home

As homeowners embrace the benefits of biophilia—the love of greenery and natural elements—they’re moving past flowerpots and stands and looking to built-in planters to make a statement in outdoor rooms. These sleek, sculptural fixtures offer a modern alternative to traditional garden containers and can create a live wall or act as a living divider. Whether constructed of concrete, wood, terra cotta, or metal, the built-in planter ideas can transform the space around a deck, porch, patio, backyard, rooftop, or other outdoor room into an integral part of the home.

Maybe all this time a built-in planter is associated only with outdoor use. But did you know that a built-in planter can be incorporated into home decor? It can be a design-forward idea to help you incorporate beautiful and lush greenery into your home.

Built-in planters

This indoor grande plant is completed with an inner pot to keep the outside look of the planter clean. The inner is completed with handles for easy planting and maintenance. It is also created with holes within the inner pot to prevent over-watering. The drainage holes help the moisture to flow into the substrate from a water tank. No need to worry about the material because it uses a high-quality material for long use.

When homeowners looking to bring more greenery into their homes are going beyond simple flower pots and plant stands. They’re embracing built-in planters that actually feel like they were made into the space and freestanding plants that look like they’ve been there all along. It is such a great idea to get a close connection to nature inside your home. There are genius ways to incorporate a built-in planter that looks seamlessly with the interior design. Some of them are below. Let’s check it out!

Built-in Planter

Even though a planter box, window box, and flower box are already known, the built-in planter can give a different look. The sleek and sculptural features will bring a modern look. The built-in planter is a perennial garden favorite that can be positioned against a blank wall, in a corner of the patio, or at the edge of a deck. A simple, symmetrically centered design makes a strong visual statement. It is also can serve as a space-saving solution rather than pots and stands. Fill it with ‘Diamond Frost’ euphorbia, ‘Supertunia Vista Bubblegum’ petunias, geraniums, or other plants.


Using metal material, this floating wall planter is strong, durable, and lightweight. It is not breakable and can be used for many years. The design is minimalist in black color that will easily match any kind of plant and the decoration style. Anyway, although this product is supposed to be hung you can also put it on the table as the centerpiece or use it as the window box.

Make it a Seating Area

Turn a sturdy brick built-in planter into extra seating by adding a cushion and tucking in a small pillow or decorative fabric. You can also paint the planter or add a wood bench top to match your home decor.


One way to incorporate a built-in planter into your home is by using it as a booth backrest for the seating area in the dining room. It can create a great feature and add dimension to the dining room. Make it look more interesting by completing it with some colorful throw pillows. You can plant some ferns on the built-in planter. Using ferns as a feature behind the seating means you have created a green area in your space. Booth backrest from @kimlucian

What to Plant

In addition to ferns, snake plants also can be added to the built-in planter. Peace Lilies and philodendrons are other low-maintenance indoor plants that can be chosen from. The important thing is to choose plants that can live in low-light conditions.

As a Partition

Incorporate a built-in planter as a room divider to make your indoor space feel more natural. It is a unique way to add greenery to your home and it looks very nice as well. Choose from different styles of room divider planters to suit your style. For example, wooden room divider planters create a beautiful rustic look and are ideal for indoor use. On the other hand, a planter with a concrete look is suitable for an urban and industrial design.


Another way to incorporate a built-in planter into the home decor is by using it as a room divider planter. Inserting the built-in planter into a room divider can add visual interest to the room. This divider separates between the kitchen and living space. You can plant some Peace Lilies to add color to the room. Room divider planter from @housethateveryonebuilt

What to Plant

Almost all indoor plants can be planted in a built-in planter. But choose indoor plants that are dominant to grow upright to make it look attractive and add dimension to the room. You can plant snake plants, ZZ plants, or Peace Lilies.

Bathroom Bench

If you’d prefer a simpler, cleaner look, you can still get the same functionality with a DIY bench that doubles as a planter for bathroom decorations. For this project, you’ll need plywood to create molds for the bench seat and planter, a quick-setting concrete countertop mix, and a stain to complement your decor.


Adding new features in the bathroom can add an interesting look. You can add indoor plants to your bathroom. Instead of using pots or stands, better for you to incorporate a built-in planter. It will save space and add an architectural look to the bathroom. A floating bench that merges with the built-in planter is a great addition and modern features in your bathroom. Built-in planter and bench from @play_wilder

What to Plant

Some houseplants thrive in the warm, humid conditions of a bathroom, and help keep the air clean and smelling fresh. The plants include snake plants, ZZ plants, or ferns that can live in low light levels.

Staircase Decoration

Adding a built-in planter to your staircase decor adds visual interest and offers the perfect spot for plants that prefer cooler temperatures. The planters can be simple or adorned with greenery to create a statement.


The wood built-in planter box brings an aesthetic look to your home decor. The built-in planter will soften the look of the staircase area with a variety of plants that can be added, such as these snake plants. It will create a statement look into your home decor. Staircase decor from @havenbuilders

What to Plant

When choosing plants for indoor staircase planters, consider their light requirements and maintenance requirements. Snake plants, ZZ plants, and peace lilies can thrive in low-light conditions; philodendrons are another low-maintenance option that can adapt to many climates.

Vines Feature

Vines come in a wide range of colors, textures, and scents. They are popular because they add vertical dimension to any space, and enhance the decoration. However, wild vines can quickly become unruly and suffocate other plants. And then the built-in planter gives you control over where they are placed.


Built-in planters that can be used to grow vines can provide a visual accent in many areas of your home. Whether you want to add color to your home or soften its appearance, the built-in planter can be your option. Install the built-in planter at the top of the stairs to get an attractive look. Vines planter from @dirtqueennyc

What to Plant

You can plant some ivy plants with different types and colors or other vines. More varied more attractive.

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