Trigger your inspiration with these top 7 reading nook design

From an unattractive space to taking advantage of the design, we will take your look into many ways of creating your reading nook. Not only it will blend perfectly with most of your home design, but it will feel comfy and cozy for your reading time.

1. Glass Window

The combination of modern steel and glass windows gives the illusion of a floating reading nook above the forest and makes your reading time feel more cozy and comfy. For the reading nook, a large rug and light textiles will do the trick.

2. Built-in Storage

This reading nook was designed by Rita Koenig and Schafer III. The nook has its secret drawer under the cushion to store your favorite book.

3. Use Your Favorite Things

Lauren Nelson shows us that our favorite things will be perfect materials for our reading nook. Look how Lauren Nelson chooses a purple color throughout the entire color and plum fabric for swivel chairs that look comfy and cozy. And if you have a favorite fabric, color, or other material, then don’t be afraid to use them for your reading nook.

4. Combine With Dormers

Nicole Dohem finds unused space on the stair landing with a gorgeous dormer above, and without wasting any second, she directly transforms it into this amazing reading nook. With such a dormer, reading will be more comfy and cozy.

5. Take Advantage of Weird Layouts

If you also have this kind of weird layout in your apartment, then just transform it into your reading nook. Build a custom bench, add a cushion, and throw a bunch of pillows, then your reading nook is ready to be used.

6. Install Mind Blowing Artwork

This nook was originally an entryway, but looking for such a perfect place and artwork, Andrew Flesher transformed the Entryway into a perfect reading nook. The pixilated and zoomed-in painting is the perfect backdrop to read a book such as Waterland, or The Waves.

7. Look Into the Scale

A normal-looking space can also be a perfect place to create a reading Nook. Look how this empty stair landing, although there is nothing attractive about this space, with these sling chairs, the space looks fun and comfy enough to read your favorite book.

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