Get a cozy house with a lodge design style

The lodge decoration concept is about bringing a warm and cozy feeling into the house. If you want to have it for your home decoration, there are some things that you should master about bringing the possible things to create the proper home atmosphere. Here are the basic things that you should provide for a lodge house decor:

  1. Wood material: The wood won’t only be provided for the furniture but also for the house building parts or interior such as walls, ceiling, and floor. Here, the lodge uses wood as a material in a massive way.
  2. Natural Stone: Just like the wood, the natural stone will also be applied to the house building parts but won’t be as much as the wood. Natural stone is commonly used for the fireplace wall or one side of the wall to create a certain impression.
  3. The Existence of Art: In this case, the artwork products will be related to nature whether it is from the material or the finished product that characterizes the figure from nature.

It is true that there are some limitations in bringing the lodge decor concept to the house if you want to have an authentic one. But, you should not worry because you can still have complete home parts and facilities just like another home decor concept. Even more, in a limitation, you can get the cozy home atmosphere inside. Take a look at the ideas of the lodge decor concept in the images below.


This living room uses a fieldstone base for the wall to bring an accurate natural atmosphere to the room. There are also tree branches placed on the fireplace mantel to strengthen the warm earthy ambiance. You should also see the deer over the mantel for an aesthetic impression. The furniture and the rug look harmonious and warm to add to the comfort of the living room. living room design from @hospitalitydesign


The combination of natural wood with a white color scheme makes this bedroom has a cozy and clean impression. The grey blanket and headboard give another accent not to make the decoration looks boring. You should also see the flowers in vases that are put on both side table that make the room looks fresh. Bedroom Design from @bethlindseyinteriordesign


The dining room uses a wooden table with deer antlers as the centerpiece which is really artistic. There is also a ‘walking rock’ table runner to make it looks masculine. The chairs provided there are not in wood material but provided in wood earthy color so that the table and chairs are harmonious. Don’t forget the pendant lights that will expose the beauty of the centerpiece. Dining Room Design from @woodsidegoods


The outdoor part of the lodge will be like a common patio design where there will be some seating and a coffee table. This lodge has a simple design with harmonious earthy furniture color to the house. There is not too much detail added to the decoration. The things that are provided are the things that really needed. Patio Design from @owlethideaway


Although the lodge is known for its humility, you can still have a pool there. However, don’t forget to bring the lodge characteristic there. This pool uses wood as the wall material to create privacy around the pool. Also, the outdoor wall is also in wood material that will strengthen the lodge characteristic around the pool. Private Pool Design from @owlethideaway


This lodge bathroom uses natural stones and wood as the main materials. The combination of those two materials can be great where the spot that will be too humid is built by using the natural, then the vanity that will be less humid is provided in wood material. This bathroom is able to characterize the lodge design without losing its main function by considering the right material used for each part. Bathroom Design from @lemiragenamibia


This lodge kitchen looks really complete and well-arranged. Look at how this kitchen can maximize the space to have a countertop, kitchen island, cabinet, and even a big refrigerator space. Most of the material used in this kitchen is wood with some metal applications as an addition to strengthen the furniture. Kitchen Design from @lakeshorewoodslodge

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