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When decorating a bathroom, make sure that you have equipped it with proper features. From bathroom hardware, mirrors, lighting, storage, and surely accessories that not only offer aesthetic but also functional. Also, providing bathroom supplies is the first thing you should think about. Besides soap, shampoo, toothpaste, and toothbrush as essential items in the bathroom, toilet paper is also very much needed in the bathroom.

Usually, many homeowners have a few rolls of toilet paper in stock. They will store it in a cabinet or shelf. But they or you may not have thought too much about how to put your toilet paper in the bathroom aesthetically and stylishly. Well, in this case, you need a toilet paper holder. This fixture has actually grown rapidly in recent years to meet the storage needs of toilet paper rolls. Some of them are designed to be rust-resistant, waterproof, and easy to install.

It’s not something you think about often, but how important is a toilet paper holder in the bathroom? It’s certainly an indispensable household item. Thus, you have to choose the right toilet paper holder for your bathroom. A good and right toilet paper holder choice makes it easy to change rolls with its innovative and ergonomic design. Whether you’re looking for a stylish design or a useful holder, keep reading for tips on choosing the right toilet paper holder for your bathroom.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Toilet Paper Holder

Choosing the right toilet paper holder might seem like an insignificant bathroom accessory, but it’s one that can make your home feel more organized and functional. There are several factors to consider when selecting your ideal holder.


It’s a simple fixture that isn’t often given much thought, but the toilet paper holder is one of those bathroom fixtures that’s important to get right. A good one will keep the roll within reach and out of sight, be easy to use on a regular basis, and match or complement other bathroom fixtures and decor. Some are made of metal, plastic, stainless steel, ceramic, or wood that’s been treated to withstand moisture.


The design of your toilet paper holder might not be the most impressive part of your bathroom, but it still plays an important role in how you use your space. Whether you prefer a sleek, minimalistic model that blends in with your other fixtures or a bold statement piece to add personality, there’s a holder for every decor style. Look for options with a curved bar to prevent rolls from sliding off, as well as storage compartments or a pivoting post that makes it easy to load and change the roll.

If you’re limited on space, opt for a wall-mounted holder that attaches to the wall or cabinet and doesn’t take up the floor area. It can be a great solution for small bathrooms or guest rooms. Other models feature a shelf for additional storage of items like hand sanitizer and cleansing wipes. You might also consider a freestanding holder, which holds multiple rolls and may have an axle that pops out for dispensing.


Toilet paper holders can be mounted in a variety of ways, including wall-mounted and freestanding. Decide which option works best for your bathroom layout and decor style. Also, consider the ease of installation and upkeep when choosing a new toilet paper holder.


When choosing a toilet paper holder, consider how much convenience it offers. If your bathroom has multiple people using it regularly, look for a model that accommodates multiple rolls and can easily be loaded. Also, think about how easy it is to install and maintain the holder.

If your home has four-legged family members, you might want to invest in a holder with a cover that can keep the roll protected from water splashes and dust. Some covers have a bounce switch design that keeps pets at bay from reaching for the roll and attempting to swat or pull it, making this the perfect option for pet-friendly homes.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Despite being one of the most utilitarian bathroom fixtures, toilet paper holders are not without aesthetic appeal. They come in a variety of colors, designs, and materials to complement your bathroom’s decor. Look for ones that are aesthetically pleasing, durable, and easy to clean.

Toilet Paper Holder Ideas

Whether you are looking for a free-standing or wall-mounted option, there is a creative toilet paper holder to suit your needs. Some have a theme that accentuates your decor, while others offer an element of humor or simply stand out visually.

Tic Tac Toe Holder

Make toilet paper not so boring when you display it with this fun tic-tac-toe holder. The holder features Xs and Os that you can fill in with your own toilet paper rolls for a decorative and functional element to your bathroom.


This toilet paper holder is made of real wood and comes with instructions for easy assembly and mounting. It is suitable for storing standard or jumbo-size toilet paper rolls and can also be used to hold other items like crystals, small plants, decorative towels, and more. Tic tac toe holder from @crissy.metz

Farmhouse Wooden Box

Add some shabby chic to your bathroom with a stunning farmhouse wooden box for toilet paper holders. This handmade wooden box is a great addition to your bathroom. Put the wooden box on top of the toilet to make it easy to reach. This wooden box has enough space to place two to three rolls of toilet paper. If you want a more attractive appearance, you can combine it with other decorations such as plants or signs into a wooden box.


Add a classic and timeless decorative piece to your home with this farmhouse wooden box. This is a multifunctional item that works well for many things. This wooden box can be used to hold your toilet paper roll. And looks great when paired with other farmhouse decor pieces like this reclaimed hanging wood ladder shelf. You can repaint the wooden box in white color to get a new look. Farmhouse wooden box from @heandshedesigns

Industrial Design

A toilet paper holder is essential for keeping your bathroom well-stocked, but it also serves as a way to show off your style. From sleek, modern designs to more rugged styles influenced by industrial elements, the industrial toilet paper holder will complete your bathroom’s decor.


This industrial toilet paper holder that is installed at the end of the vanity table creates an aesthetic look. This holder is made from pipes and a small wood plank. The lower part is to hang the toilet paper roll while the upper is a shelf that can be used to put a bar of soap. It is really functional and looks aesthetic at the same time. Industrial toilet paper holder from @hellojennabee

Hanging Design

If your bathroom is in need of a toilet paper holder, there are plenty of options available. For those who prefer to keep things simple but functional, a hanging toilet paper holder can be your option. This is often a great choice for smaller bathrooms where space is at a premium. You can use rope or macrame to hang the toilet paper. All you need is a hook to hang the rope or macrame. It will create a unique look for your bathroom.


Adding a unique toilet paper holder to your bathroom can present a creative touch. If you are aiming for a rustic theme, try this hanging rope toilet paper holder that is simple enough to hang the toilet paper roll. A rope toilet paper holder offers a similar design but is functional for sure. It has multiple hook color options to match your bathroom’s decor. Hanging rope toilet holder from @kaorubali59

Modern Holder

A modern toilet paper holder can make your bathroom more organized and visually appealing. These holders offer a range of styles and sizes to match your bathroom decor. They are available in various materials including metal, glass, resin, and wood. You can also choose from freestanding or wall-mounted options. These holders make a good choice for small bathrooms since they take up minimal floor space. You can also find a number of models with shelves that you can use to store other bathroom items like soap dispensers, toilet brush holders, or a plant.


Metal offers durability and is easy to clean, which makes it a great material for a modern toilet paper holder. This one is sleek and stylish, and the design protects the roll from falling. Some minor assembly is required, but the process is simple and quick. This holder also accommodates jumbo toilet paper rolls, which can help you avoid frequent “help, I’m out of toilet paper” cries. Metal toilet paper holder from

Leather Pull

Keep a spare toilet paper roll handy without cluttering up the room with a unique and decorative bathroom storage solution. A leather pull holds the roll and tucks it neatly under the shelf to keep the space clean. This Scandinavian-style holder features a sleek profile and complements many bathroom decor schemes.


A minimalist design with a recessed mounting is perfect for contemporary bathrooms. This leather pull feature for a toilet paper holder works well with dark or modern bathroom designs. This simple shape of toilet paper holder idea that adopts a Scandinavian style is suitable to create a sleek appearance. Leather pull from @keyaiira

Funny Design

The toilet paper holder may be one of the most practical and functional elements in your bathroom, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a focal point in its own right. It can feature humor or a funny theme with a unique shape. For example, you can use an animal shape or other unique shape for the toilet paper holder. It will bring a fun flair to the bathroom.


Animal lovers will love this cool toilet paper holder that features a sheep. It’s a great addition to any kid’s bathroom and can also work well in a nature-themed home. This holder offers more space to hold some toilet paper. So you don’t have to worry about running out and screaming “I’m out of tissues!” Sheep toilet roll holder from @malice_in_wonderland_x

Curvature Toilet Paper Holder

Add a playful touch to your bathroom with the curvature toilet paper holder ideas. Part of the cool curvature toilet paper holder is crafted in solid brass with a sleek matte finish. The organic hook design juxtaposes the playful wavy forms with the solidity of the brass to create a unique balance of form and function. The holder matches perfectly to create a sophisticated look and adds uniqueness to the bathroom.


This toilet paper holder offers a balanced shape and functionality to bring both an elegant and playful touch to any bathroom design. The holder is crafted from coated solid brass, which gives it its sleek matte finish. The unique shape of the holder, adds a uniqueness to the bathroom. Curvature holder from @fermliving

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