Most common mistakes to avoid when buying a curtain

Curtains have practical benefits. Therefore, you should pay attention to putting the curtains in the right place.

Curtains Clash The Rest Design

Your curtains should work to bring the space together without matching too closely with other materials or patterns used elsewhere. Choosing sheer curtains in a bold room full of strong colors will disrupt harmony. Likewise, bright patterned curtains in a neutral color scheme room will be garish and overwhelming. You may go with a plain fabric to tie with other home decor.

Wrong Kitchen Hardware

Choosing the right hardware that fits with your curtain design and overall style of a room is important. When you enjoy plenty of bright and bold colors, you may try painting a wood curtain pole in a bright teal, pink, or orange. Then, when your room has an industrial feel or black steel, or a more modern look, you may go with brass hold-backs. Besides, it is also important to choose a pole or rail that can hold the weight of the curtains.

Curtains With Wrong Length

Ordering the incorrect length of the curtain is one of the most common mistakes. People do the wrong way by choosing too long or short curtains. At worst, people may choose curtains that block out light efficiently. Therefore, it is a must to choose the best lengths of the curtain for the right. The curtains you choose have you touch the floor to add a touch of luxury. After that, let the curtains pool slightly onto the floor by allowing an extra couple of inches for your measured drop.

Wrong Height Position

When you place the curtains in the wrong position or incorrect height, your room may look not ideal. People often misjudge the space between the rod or pole and the top of the window frame. Therefore, have your curtains fixed several inches above the top of your window frame. So when there is a radiator near the window, the curtain length may need to be altered anyway.  This idea is a matter of balancing your room atmosphere. If you are worried about getting the position right, you may hire a professional fitter.

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