Easy to follow ways to make grass look greener than ever

Summer is upon us and people will spend much more time outdoors. Make sure your outdoors looks green and refreshing. Especially make your grass look greener with some proper maintenance.

Feed The Lawn

Fertiliser is essential for keeping a lawn lush and green. Feed the lawn an average of one to two feeds a year in spring and autumn. Do the spring feed with high nitrogen to kick-start the growth of new grass. Besides, in the autumn, feed should be high in potassium and phosphorus to toughen the grass up for winter. You can choose lawn fertilizer that is made from natural ingredients and ensure the plants and grass stay strong and healthy.

Keep The Attention For Yellow Patches

When the grass blades are turning yellow near the bottom, you can conclude your grass may have an iron deficiency. You can fix this problem with a liquid iron supplement to improve the color and strength of the grass to prevent issues like moss.

Never Throw Away The Grass Clippings

When you do get back to cutting the grass, you are advised not to throw away your clippings. You can leave them on the lawn instead of bagging them up and throwing them away. This step will add nutrients back into the soul naturally.

Try For Hand Composting

Composting is the best way to add nutrients and organic matter to your lawn. Start to fill the compost bin with a 50:50 mix of green materials like leaves, grass clippings, and old food scraps. For brown composting, you may try brown materials like scrunched-up paper, woody stems, and mulched cardboard. This step will ensure you get the perfect blend of nitrogen and carbon in your compost. Besides, keep the compost covered and dry for the ultimate result.


Overseeding is one of the easiest ways to follow to get a dense and lush lawn. You can start by removing any brown and deed grass before raking up the thatch and loosening the topsoil. Then, sprinkle good quality grass seed over your lawn and water it. After that, minimize traffic overseeded area for one to two weeks and wait for the result. So when the new grass sprouts, your lawn will be thick and green.

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