Spruce your old wooden chairs to look new

Actually, an old chair is like a treasure that can be something valuable if we make some touches, especially for the wooden chair. You can’t imagine how artistic the old chair can be and able to beautify your home decoration. Even when there is only one chair there, the vibe allows you to have a focal point in the room.

For this, you should apply some treatments to the chair based on its condition. If the chair is broken, then you can repair it since the material is wood so it is still possible for you to repair it. Then, if the problem is about fading, then you can repaint it or apply the coating. There will be surely many more things that you can apply to the chair that we will show you below. So, are you ready to bring an old century into your house beautifully?

Adding Pad

The pad is about comfort. Also, it can block the flaw in case the chair has a flaw that can’t be repaired on the seating spot. It is quite interesting to deal with the pad since there are many pad designs with a pretty look that you can choose. Make sure to choose the fit pad for the chair so that everything can be seen as harmonious and comfortable, for sure.


Yellow is a vibrant color that will make you cheerful. Here, the yellow color is combined with the white color in the striped pattern so that it doesn’t make the pad look boring. The yellow theme of the pad looks harmonious with the chair. It blends really well and fits. Yello Stripped Pad from @lushomes.in


The pad in this chair is not only placed for the seating spot but also for the chair back. It will be so much worth it for the comfortable reason. When talking about the material, the floral pattern is perfect with the wood chair material since those two are from nature. Then, you should also see the color applied where the light grey chair looks really harmonious with the white fabric background material in a purple and blue flower color pattern. Floral Pattern Pad from @tecstiliauselina


Not only comfortable, but this chair pad is also aesthetic. The pad is in grey color without any pattern or details that make it simple. The unique chair shape and rattan material added for the back chair allows the pad to calm down the design not to be seen as too much. Simple Unique Pad from @nicchris.furniture

Changing the Color

If you want to have a big change for the chair, then the solution is to change the color of the chair. You can even change the design impression of the chair without changing the shape of the chair or do some massive changes. For example, if you want your old wooden chair in rustic impression to be proper enough for your teenage bedroom, then you can simply change the chair color into vibrant colors like yellow, orange, red, etc. Here are other references for you.


This round chair comes from 1950 and looks new and modern by simply adding a red color to the chair seating part. Other parts of the chair are added with brown yellow color to calm down the red color. This chair can be such a good addition to your kids’ study room. Red and Yellow Chair from @chair.only


Fun and cheerful are the impression of this chair. Your kids must be loving it. Although there are many color combinations applied to the chair, this chair doesn’t look too much at all with the white chair color applied as the main color of this chair. You should also look at the wheels applied there to make it easy for you to move it here and there. Colorful Wheel Chair from @chair.only

132212011_740689763226229_2492242866940449079_n (1)

This old chair is decorated with new vibrant colors here and there. Each pallet of this chair has a different color. Well, although there are many colors applied there this chair doesn’t seem too crowded because of the right color choice. You can learn it from here where the color choice is something important especially if you want to combine many colors at once. Vibrant Color Scheme from @chair.only

 Applying Coating

The coating is not something that will change the look of the chair massively. The shape of the chair won’t change, the color, and even the details won’t change at all. Here the coating is only functioned to make the chair look sleek and not faded. You can also make the chair look bright and clean.


This wood and rattan chair gets a higher value after the coating is applied. It is applied to the wood and rattan material at once. You can see from this image that there are some shining spots on the chair that can be seen just by simply applying the coating. Wood and Rattan Chair from @chair.only


In black color, this chair can also be seen as shining with the application of the coating. With the leather pad, this black shining chair looks expensive and valuable. It is true that the chair design is really old but look at how it works really well to make your house look expensive. Leather and Wood Chair from @charles_zana

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