Bathroom color scheme possible earth tone colors application

The earth tone colors can be really effective to warm up the house when being applied as the color scheme of the decoration. I do believe that you are already familiar with applying the colors to your living room or bedroom. But now, what if you apply it to your bathroom? With the warm atmosphere from the color scheme choice you apply, you’ll really enjoy your bathing times, especially during winter when everything is frozen out there.

The earth tone colors won’t be only brown or green color, it will be surely more than that. Here are the earth tone colors that you can choose for your bathroom.

  1. Brown
  2. Grey
  3. Green
  4. Orange
  5. Red
  6. Blue
  7. Beige
  8. Bronze
  9. Purple

Those colors include the varied tones for each color. For example, the green color will include olive green, jade green, deep forest green, etc. Now, for the application to the bathroom, you can check the following ideas. Also, you may combine different colors in one decoration as long as the colors match well and fit.


This bathroom uses a beige color scheme with green undertones. Then, there is a blue color for the vanity and wall part to echo the varying shades in Zellige. The mixing color of these two is classy and playful. Blue and Beige Scheme from @jessielaneinteriors


This color somehow is like white but has a green hint that we call light jade green. The color applied to the wall looks really soft and blends well with the green scenery outside the window. The white bathtub and great floor and rug look perfect as the combination color. Light Jade Green Scheme from @homewithchrissym


This color can be a choice for you who prefer to use a darker color scheme. The olive green color has a dark tone but is still not too dark so that your bathroom won’t be seen as gloomy. Look at how warm the color especially when it is combined with the brown rug and red brick bathtub color. Olive Green Scheme from @emiliefournetinteriors


It can’t be doubted that the wood color will be surely able to bring warmth into the room. This bathroom uses the real wood color with the real wood material in some parts of the decoration. Such a great one! The wall and floor are in a light grey color to calm down the wood color that is applied in a big portion. Warm Wood Color Scheme from @aarman.decor


The black color is not something that you should avoid for your bathroom decoration. It can be the color to create a masculine and fierce impression. You don’t need to be afraid that the room will be seen as gloomy because you can calm down the black color using a lighter color just like what this bathroom does. The black color is combined with the natural stone color and light grey color. There is also a glass door installed not to make the room look narrow and gloomy. Black Scheme from @aarman.decor


The red brick color is also a color that you can find in nature. This bathroom looks warm and pretty at the same time with the color choice. There is also a wood mat under the shower and gravel to strengthen the earthy impression. This bathroom looks warm and cozy for sure. Red Brick Scheme from @aarman.decor


The grey color that is applied here is able to create a minimalist decoration without losing its warm atmosphere. The color is combined with black color and the wood color that becomes the key for the warm earthy decor concept. This bathroom looks peaceful and pleasant. So, are you interested in copying this decoration? Grey Scheme from @tilezza

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