Natural element decor how to apply bamboo to your home

There are some possibilities that you can take to bring the natural elements to your home decoration and one of them is by using bamboo. Bamboo is a cheap one but can be really beneficial. Let’s say that the bamboo has a warm impression when looking from the source. Then, bamboo comes in varied sizes so it has many possibilities to be made into varied decoration items. Also, bamboo material is sturdy and cheap enough compared with other natural element materials. So, there is nothing that we can recommend more than bamboo.

Talking about the application of bamboo to your home decoration, you’ll be amazed because it is surely varied as we mentioned below:

Interior Part: Bamboo material can be used for the ceiling, wall, and floor. Each application of the bamboo should be adjusted. It means that if you want to use bamboo as the flooring, you should make sure that the bamboo is already clean and free from fine thorns so that it won’t hurt your feet.

Furniture: It is amazing how bamboo can be used to make different kinds of furniture such as tables, chairs, racks, cupboards, etc. You can add colors, coating, or patterns to the furniture based on the decoration impression you want.

Home Accessories: The rug or lampshade can be made by using bamboo material. Or, you may also have the window blinds in bamboo material. Here, the bamboo will be split and flaked so that it has the flexibility to be shaped.

Ornament: The bamboo can be dynamic and supple so you can surely use it for the ornament. Just like rattan material, bamboo can be juggled into an artistic ornament.

We have an extra for you that will consist of images to give you references about applying bamboo in some decoration parts in the house. Get the ideas below!


The bamboo might not be mild enough when being used as the floor. Your feet won’t be comfortable at all. But, it will be great when you apply this as your outdoor floor. In this case, bamboo is used for aesthetic reasons. Also, the bamboo can be used to cover the soil or the wet spot so that your feet can stay clean and dry. Bamboo Floor from @paisagismodecorarquitet


The patio is commonly not covered enough with the roof. We prefer to use a shade so the sunlight can still enter the space under. You can see from this reference that bamboo can be proper enough for your patio shade. It can create a cool atmosphere during the summer and let the sun enter the patio at the same time. Patio Shade from @house_on_the_crescent


You will need a big bamboo for this planter. The good thing about it is that you can make it yourself. It will be really simple where you just need to cut the bamboo in the proper size and then create holes for the plants to grow. To hang it, you can use any possible material, but here, the planter uses metal material as the hanger. Bamboo Planter from @crea_ria


Although only in a small area, applying bamboo to the ceiling can create a certain warm impression in an aesthetic look. We recommend you install it in the main spot of the room. This bedroom is an example since the main spot in the bedroom is the bed, then the bamboo is applied on the ceiling right over the bed. Bamboo Ceiling from @zebodeko


If you need a privacy fence in the garden with a low budget, then bamboo is the answer for you. It is great how the bamboo comes in varied heights so that you can have it as tall as you want. Using bamboo as your garden fence material is so much beneficial. It is cheap, functional, and aesthetic. Garden Fence from @_suite_paradise


When the wind already blows around, then having a wind chime is such a must. You can have it in bamboo material that will be proper and cheap. The bamboo can provide a loud and calming sound as it comes from nature. It is really worth it to have a bamboo wind chime. Go get one! Wind Chime from @thegardenermag



Look at how aesthetic this cupboard can be. It uses bamboo material with some stain that becomes a random pattern to bring the aesthetic side of the cupboard. If you want to have a sleek one, you can simply apply the coating. But, if you want to have it as natural as possible, then just let it be with its a little bit rough surface. Cupboard from @em.gurner


The bamboo will also be beautiful as the frame material. It means that you can have it for a mirror frame, painting frame, or any picture frame. The design will also be varied since the bamboo can be flaked so that it can be flexible enough to be shaped into any form. Bamboo Frame from @life_at_the_hedgerows


This bamboo rack looks really aesthetic with its design. It has an old-era design but is still proper enough to be applied to any decor concept you have for your house. It doesn’t have too many details but looks adorable. This rack is not only concerned with aesthetic value but also with function. You can see how the rack can be used to store many different kinds of stuff. Bamboo Rack from @bellybaila

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