How often have you stepped into your house, wishing it was like that neat and clean one you saw on Instagram? Even if you invest in expensive home-décor items and interior design elements, it is unlikely that your house will look clean; why? Clutter. 

Everyone has stuff lying around, but if you keep piling up on things you don’t need, you won’t solve anything. Moreover, thinking about moving things out of the house won’t do much unless you actually do something about it. 

Those extra lamps, chinaware, and toys you kept from childhood must either be donated or stored somewhere safe.

Want a clutter-free home to come back to? Here are seven tips that will help.

1. Invest in a Storage Unit

According to Roofstock, over 2.3 million people reside in Houston, and the numbers are growing. Because of the population surge in the city, developers are adding more homes and apartments – smaller than before. 

As real estate gets more and more expensive, people aren’t able to buy or rent bigger places, so naturally, they’re short of space, especially if it’s a family. 

This is where investing in a storage facility makes sense. As a resident of Houston, you can rent a self-storage facility to move all your things and keep them safe till you have space. 

Too attached to your stuff but don’t have space? Look up self storage Houston on any popular search engine to find a storage facility nearby.  

2. Purge Often

The first and probably the most important tip to keep your house clutter-free is to purge often. There’s a reason influencers like Marie Kondo stressed the importance of purging and letting go of things you won’t use. 

Another way you can purge is by setting a schedule. You might do it right before the holidays, over the summer, and during the winter. Your purging schedule depends on your availability and comfort, so decide what you can sell or donate. 

3. Dedicate a Place for Everything

This tip might seem cliched, but it is an effective way to keep your home clutter-free. 

Dedicating a place for your things helps keep stuff organized and makes more space. This way, you can store more stuff without getting rid of things you need. 

For instance, you could always invest in a chest of drawers or a filing cabinet to keep things organized around the house. Similarly, find other storage solutions and label them to make finding things easier. 

We suggest you start with small, manageable spaces. Tackle a single drawer, a shelf, or even just a corner of a room. This approach allows you to see progress quickly, which can be incredibly motivating.

4. Keep a Junk Drawer

Every house has a junk drawer in their home where we store miscellaneous things. It could be a keychain, an extra pen, or pieces of newspaper. 

Having a junk drawer means you have a place to be cleared out first. You will only have things in it that you don’t need, so you can empty it without worrying. 

A junk drawer makes organizing things easier, as it is the ‘one to be cleared out’ before anything. Once you empty it, you can store more items that can be emptied every few months. 

5. Adopt the Habit of Putting Away Things

Many of us don’t bother picking up scattered toys or clothes when busy, making a mess that is hardly ever cleared. Not only is this stressful, but it also impacts your well-being negatively. 

When you get into the habit of putting away things, you will find the place much less cluttered. Try to keep yourself organized and use baskets to drop off clothes you’re not wearing and those that need washing to make the area more tidy. 

6. Store Things Nearby 

This is probably one of the most important tips to get a clutter-free home – keeping things you use most nearby instead of walking across the hall to get them. 

This will help make your home more organized by reducing clutter and making it easier to grab things without wasting time looking for them. 

7. Stop Impulse Buying

Where do you get all the extra items in your home? You get them as gifts, or you buy them, right? When you stop impulse buying, it can significantly reduce the amount of useless things in your house. 

Here’s a checklist that can help you to control your habit of impulse buying:

  • Do I really need this item?
  • Do I have a similar item at my house?
  • Where will I keep this item at home?
  • Am I buying it for something important?

When you ask yourself these questions, you scrutinize yourself and your house whether it can accommodate new things or not. 

Moreover, commit to the idea of living a simpler, more organized life and understand that decluttering is an ongoing journey, not a one-time task.

Final Words

You’ll love coming back to your house if you keep it clutter-free. However, it is easier said than done. We often buy things we don’t really need and then notice we don’t have enough space in our house – which is why we must either sell things or donate. 

Remember, the accumulation of unnecessary items and overflowing closets can harm our mental and physical well-being.

Self-storage is a viable solution, but it won’t matter if you’re in a habit of buying things you don’t need. You must be organized and change yourself to have a home that is not only free of clutter but also cleaner and more spacious. 

We hope you learned something from this article; if we missed something, please tell us in the comments below. 


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